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EASIAHOME is an ISO 9001-2015 and IAFT16949 ISO9001 certified manufacturer. Since its creation, the company has become a trusted name in the foundry industry, providing high quality investment casting services to various industries. Our reputation for quality is based on our experienced staff and continuous investment in the latest technology.

Our main products are lock and door window castings, infrastructure castings, machinery and work (mold) castings, high-precision automotive and motorcycle machinery castings, power tool parts, stainless steel marine hardware, stainless steel pipe fittings, pump valve parts, stainless steel architectural hardware castings, machinery and equipment parts, various copper alloy precision castings, with an annual production capacity of 3,000 tons of fine castings, the products are basically exported to the United States, France, Germany,Japan, Australia, Korea, Britain, Italy and other countries, the total export amount accounts for more than 80% of the company’s total sales.

The company has built a central laboratory with relatively complete testing equipment, including a direct reading spectrometer, tensile testing machine, three coordinates, projector, metallographic microscope, roundness meter, etc. Strict control standards have been established from material inspection, process control, and finished product inspection to supplier evaluation, and the quality of products is tested and controlled throughout the process.

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According to the production process, our company has set up product development division, mold and tooling division, casting division, machining division, storage and logistics division, and in addition to the design and production units of the above entities, there is a quality control division independent of each division, which conducts strict quality control on the production and manufacturing process of each ministry. Now it has become a whole process of design, production, and testing manufacturing platform integrating customer demand identification, technology development, mold design and manufacturing, product modeling, precision casting, and machining. The product development division now has more than 30 development and design personnel, all of whom are experienced and have advanced design concepts, and have been cooperating sincerely with customers from various countries for many years to solve various problems in the product development stage.

Under the jurisdiction of the Mold Division, we have more than 30 sets of three-axis and four-axis machining centers, gantry-type machining centers, EDM, wire cutting, and other types of processing equipment, with an annual output of more than 2,000 sets of various types of molds and tooling production capacity, effectively guaranteeing the product development and order progress of the Foundry Division and Machining Division.


Tons of castings per year


Three-axis and four-axis machining centers


 sets of molds & tooling annual capacity


CNC lathes and CNC machining centers

Machining Workshop


The Casting Division has more than 300 employees and advanced casting production lines, with more than 20 sets of various wax injection machines, 4 sets of automatic shell making robots, 3 shell drying lines, 5 sets of medium frequency melting furnaces of various specifications and various supporting equipment, as well as complete production and manufacturing processes such as ceramic core, heat treatment, alkali explosion and metal surface treatment, and complete testing equipment, with an annual output of 5,000 tons of precision castings. The production capacity of 5000 tons of precision castings per year can meet the different needs of various customers.

The Mechanical Processing Division has more than 80 sets of advanced processing equipment such as CNC lathes, CNC machining centers, turning and milling machines, multi-axis machining centers, boring and milling machines, and 2 automatic cleaning lines.

EASIAHOME is built on the concept of efficiency, excellence, and quality, coupled with a professional team and the latest technology to ensure that your project runs perfectly. Whether you need to produce high-end parts visualized by EASIAHOME or just want to showcase your product in the final stage of the market, EASIAHOME can assist you with everything.

At EASIAHOME, we communicate and cooperate with an open and honest attitude. We have a professional customer service team to provide you with one-on-one service.

In addition, EASIAHOME has mature precision casting technology, which is a leader in the industry. We can customize precision castings according to your needs, such as glass brackets and hardware fittings in glass railing systems, and other products in the precision casting industry. Choose us and you will be successful! Looking forward to cooperating with you!


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Trustworthy, smooth transaction, timely manner and easy process. I highly recommend everyone who is hesitant to deal with this business. Thank you for your dignity, honesty and straightforward business.

Leonardo Goodman

EASIAHOME is excellent! You and your team at ESIAHOME have done a great job! I can’t find any other fastener supplier that makes them so very perfectly. Best of all, EASIAHOME offers expedited service for perfect part manufacturing and delivery!

Emilia Porter
Purchase Marketer

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