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Explosion-proof communication monitoring system solutions

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We have been at the forefront of the world in the field of explosion-proof communication monitoring, so there are a lot of explosion-proof communication monitoring products, so what are the explosion-proof communication monitoring products? Explosion-proof communication monitoring system solutions are how? The following is to say.


What are the explosion-proof communication monitoring products?

There are many explosion-proof communication and monitoring products, specifically:

Explosion-proof explosion-proof electrical control cabinet; dust-type explosion-proof electrical control cabinet; positive pressure explosion-proof control cabinet; explosion-proof air conditioner; explosion-proof communication monitoring category; explosion-proof fan category; explosion-proof three-phase asynchronous motor; explosion-proof camera; explosion-proof other categories.

Several types of explosion-proof cameras

In the field of explosion-proof, explosion-proof research in China has always been at the forefront of the world, the country has developed a series of explosion-proof standards. Explosion-proof grade has corresponded to the world’s major countries’ explosion-proof grade standards, and many parameters higher than those in Europe and the United States; China’s management of explosion-proof equipment, is also very strict. For example, explosion-proof product design review after passing the issuance of explosion-proof certificate, explosion-proof product production must hold the production license and so on.

Most of the explosion-proof monitoring field is faced with harsh environments, remote locations, harsh installation conditions, wide range of monitoring and other issues. Traditional split explosion-proof camera due to the size of the huge, complex installation and commissioning, function is simple, slow speed of the head and other restrictions, its explosion-proof protection level and operational stability and other technical performance are subject to corresponding restrictions, and set the head, shield, decoder, standard with the heater, fan, sunshade, wiper and other all-weather accessories explosion-proof integrated camera can solve many of the above problems. Most of the manufacturers interviewed said that the head, camera, decoder, infrared lights combined together explosion-proof integrated camera is very popular with users.

explosion manufacture

Explosion-proof products from the explosion-proof type are basically divided into the following three categories.

First, Class I mining methane in coal mines (mining explosion-proof): intrinsically safe, its explosion-proof mark for Exib

Ⅰ. explosion-proof type, its explosion-proof mark for Exd Ⅰ.

II . Class II explosive mixed gas in chemical, oilfield, tank, petrochemical, refining, military, aerospace, and other plants with (gas explosion-proof): commonly used explosion-proof type, whose explosion-proof mark is Exd ⅡA, ⅡB, ⅡC.

Note: Product technical standards GB3836.22000, electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres Part II: Explosion-proof d This is the most common case, the following non-specific refers to all gas explosion-proof class explosion-proof

Third, Class III explosive dust and fiber in grain processing plants, grain stores, and other dusty environments generally use dust explosion-proof electrical equipment, its explosion-proof mark ExDIP.DT.T13.

Explosion-proof communication and monitoring system solutions

  1. all explosion-proof communication monitoring products should be set up with equipment files, from equipment installation, commissioning, operation, and maintenance, until the equipment explosion-proof downgrade, and scrap. All different periods of various skills data should be collected completely, packaged and filed, and numbered on the equipment one by one.
  2. in the blasting risk, places to stop the maintenance of electrical equipment and lines with electricity, to stop about the time to send power, power outages. And should be hung at the power outage “someone work, stop the switch” warning sign. Repair, such as explosion-proof monitoring to a safe area for dismantling, the site of the equipment power cable should be done explosion-proof disposal, and power is strictly prohibited.
  3. explosion-proof monitoring of the inlet, it is necessary to seal the rubber seal, stop filling with sealant mud, asbestos rope, and other methods instead; stop filling the cavity with any material. Loss of explosion-proof function; stop for the convenience of articulation, the inlet port out of the seal and the matching compression nut abandoned; stop multi-strand single conductor merged by a single hole elastic seal into the inlet port. The oil on the rubber seal should be wiped clean to avoid aging and metamorphosis.

Through the above, we have learned what explosion-proof communication monitoring products are, it can be seen that there are many types of explosion-proof communication monitoring products, EASIAHOME specializes in industrial special explosion-proof monitoring equipment, research, and development, production, sales, and service in one of the industrial explosion-proof manufacturing enterprises.

explosion-proof camera

The explosion-proof TV monitoring equipment designed and developed by the team (explosion-proof infrared integrated camera, explosion-proof integrated camera, explosion-proof dome, explosion-proof camera, explosion-proof electric head,) and other series of products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, coal, military, natural gas, pharmaceutical, aerospace and other special fields, and have successfully participated in the construction of large projects such as CNPC, Sinopec, CNOOC, space launch site, China Coal Group. In addition to Class I and Class II explosion-proof monitoring series products, we have also developed different special monitoring equipment for different site requirements of industrial monitoring. Corrosion-resistant series products and high-temperature-resistant series products mainly made of special engineering plastics and stainless steel products have been widely used in shipbuilding industry, seaside, steel mills, boiler plants and other environments that require corrosion and high-temperature resistance.

Welcome to have the explosion-proof product customization needs, you may consult us!

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