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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is all the activities behind the delivery of products, i.e. the process of supply chain management is the whole process from raw materials to the final arrival of products to customers, this process includes purchasing and ordering, manufacturing, transportation, warehouse management, etc.

The first step in the supply chain management process is to understand the market trend and gain insight into the type, quantity and delivery time of products required by customers.

Then, the supply chain management has to enter the sourcing, production and logistics process. The supply chain process is extremely complex and interlinked, and all partners are an integral part of the process, and together they form a closely coordinated system that responds quickly to relevant needs. This is the only way to improve the efficiency of the supply chain and ensure that products are delivered on time.

Supply Chain Management

In today’s era, the use of supply chain management is everywhere in life, and its importance cannot be overstated.

Whether in life or at work, everything depends on the supply chain. Hundreds of millions of jobs around the world are dependent on supply chains, from small, inexpensive everyday consumer goods to large, expensive equipment resources, everything is maintained and run by the supply chain.

Although supply chain management is at the heart of the global economy, the supply chain technology used by many companies today is still stagnant, and supply chain processes and machines are no longer adapted to the needs of modern market management.

The construction of enterprise supply chain must meet the requirements of the core enterprise strategy, supply chain management emphasizes the overall optimum of cooperative enterprises, and the overall optimum standard is set by the core enterprise, so the supply chain should choose the strategic requirements of the core enterprise.

The selection standard of the enterprises in the chain is to see whether it is in line with the strategy of the core enterprise, and the information control, logistics planning and capital flow in the chain should be designed under the guidance of the overall strategy of the core enterprise.

importance of supply chain management

Companies can transform their business by optimizing their supply chain management.

By minimizing waste and oversupply, reducing costs, and increasing efficiency, companies can also improve their competitiveness.

They can provide exclusive, unique, and personalized logistics services based on customers’ individual preferences, thus expanding the consumer market, increasing customer loyalty and, of course, the scope of the audience.

In addition, companies can automate processes, improve efficiency and speed, and create a smart supply chain.

We at EASIAHOME attach importance to supply chain management and to the quality of raw material products.

The main advantages of focusing on supply chain management are:

First, it substantially improves the efficiency of the company’s work.With the help of the company’s enterprise asset management system and predictive maintenance mechanism, it is possible to improve the operational efficiency of machines and systems across the board, thus breaking bottlenecks and increasing productivity.In addition, when companies automate their processes, they can also speed up transportation and shorten delivery times.

Second, to reduce supply chain costs, companies use predictive analytics tools to eliminate guesswork, saving costs and reducing the risk of supply shortages.

Third, to improve the agility and resilience of the supply chain, international market trends change rapidly, EASIAHOME company can be flexible to respond to any situation that may arise, the supply chain leader can rationalize the planning of machines and employees, constantly optimize the workflow, timely understanding of customer feedback and take appropriate measures.

Fourth, to improve product quality, customer feedback is provided directly to the R&D team, and when team members design and develop products, they can fully consider customer needs and expectations to improve product design with precision.

Fifth, optimize customer service, the practical operation of supply chain management must be customer-centric and have good adaptability and responsiveness.

Nowadays, the market is extremely competitive, EASIAHOME company focus on modern supply chain management methods, in order to stand out in the same industry, and the supply chain throughout the process, including from the design, manufacturing stage, all the way to the final logistics delivery stage.

Of course, enterprises pay attention to procurement management, improve procurement methods, and improve the relationship with suppliers, which is also an important part of the enterprise supply chain, and is of great importance to enterprises to enhance their core competitiveness.

Good procurement management mechanism can shorten the delivery time. From the customer’s point of view, shortening the delivery time means improving the level of service to the customer.

The length of the delivery period depends on the existing inventory status of the product, the production cycle, the time required for outsourcing, the frequency of delivery, etc. Strengthening supply management, simplifying the procurement process, and reducing inventory levels can greatly shorten the delivery time.

Total Quality Procurement is a new procurement concept that focuses on improving product quality with customer needs as a precursor and drives quality performance by striving to improve the quality of the entire procurement process in order to achieve the goal of customer satisfaction. Thus Total Quality Procurement at EASIAHOME is actually a company-wide effort to engage in logistical process improvement activities to meet customer needs.

We EASIAHOME company in the 14 years of continuous development and growth process, and the majority of customers to establish a mutually beneficial relationship, we will continue to provide customers with the best products and the best service, will strictly control the supply chain management, to ensure the normal operation of production, to meet customer demand for products, and to establish long-term cooperation with the companies.


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