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Glass stair railings


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  • Stylish and sturdy glass balustrade systems can fit a variety of styles of stairs.


  • Glass railings will give a very modern feel and upscale feel and can blend in with any interior design.


Which glass is best for stair railing?

The best kind of glass for staircases is tempered laminated glass with a minimum thickness of 21.5 mm or 27/32 inches. This glass is used for both the steps and handrails or balustrades.

How thick should the glass stair railing be?

Framed glass railings must be at least ¼” (6mm) thick, however, this standard can vary based on region and where the railing is located. For example, glass railing systems for stairs tend to have higher requirements.

Are glass railings hard to keep clean?

Like everything else in your home, glass railings will require some upkeep, but they are not hard to keep clean. In fact, frameless glass railings are even easier to clean and maintain than most other options, especially when they are made with high quality glass that resists stains and mildew.

Types of glass railing systems


Stainless steel Standoff Glass Railing

  • The advertising nail style glass railing system uses advertising nails to hold the glass panels in place.


  • The glass panel needs to have holes punched according to the size of the advertising nails, and the glass panel is fixed to the vertical surface of the stairs and floor with the advertising nails.


  • The nails need to be of quality standard, able to support sufficient weight of the glass panel and remain secure.

Clamped Glass Railing

  • A glass clip-on glass balustrade is a system where glass panels are held in place with glass clips mounted on posts or occasionally on balusters or shoes.


  • This system has the option of using wood or steel posts, which for some is a very attractive style.
Stainless steel structure with glass panel railing

Circular Staircase

The moment you step onto the circular staircase, it is like ascending to the opulent feeling of a palace. The existing steel structure is painted white and blends perfectly with the white floor.

Curved glass balusters were installed along the stairs, bringing in more natural sunlight without obstructing those beautiful ocean views.

As you walk up the stairs, you will see a stainless steel handrail mounted directly on the glass panel. The strong, stylish and generous design concept gives a very spacious and comfortable feeling.

Circular Staircase

Glass with multiple cables

Glass structures with multiple cables typically involve using high-strength steel cables to support the glass panels.

These cables are anchored to sturdy support points, often with tensioning systems to ensure the glass remains in place and can withstand the required loads.

Glass with multiple cables

Aluminum stairs

It is one of the most ubiquitous designs that one can find in various Indian structures.


The glass sheets used in making the staircase glass railings are secured using aluminium bannisters that serve as the basic substructure required to attach the glass sheets and help create a hapless design.

aluminum stairs

Pattern-based glass staircase

There’s always a space for incorporating a creative element in the construction of stair railing design with glass.

The one we’re discussing over here comprises rectangular panels positioned equidistant, which results in a well-defined pattern.

Pattern-based glass staircase

Frosted glass stairs look

Even though the utilisation of transparent glass for making glass stairs railing is quite prevalent, there are specific issues associated with its longevity.

Frosted glass srairs look

Floating glass

As mentioned earlier, floating stairs have an extravagant vibe. And a minute addition of transparent staircase glass railings to the same can multiply that effect.

Floating stairs

Glass steps for glass railing

To make your glass stairs more charismatic, you can incorporate an aluminium base into them.

glass steps for glass railings

Wooden stairs with glass

Another fusion of glass stair railings can be done with wooden steps. This merger of wood and glass staircase railing will add an essence of paradox to the design, thus making it more appealing to the eyes.

Wooden stairs with glass

Glass railings for stairs

Thus, the resulting structure serves the dual purpose of a railing and guards the panels thus formed.

glass railings for stairs

The best features of glass railings for stairs

  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Safe and durable
  • Great views
  • Add to the resale value
  • Get expert glass railing installation for the stairs

A variety of materials, both metal and wood, have been used to make stair railings and have proven to be quite successful in terms of quality and design. However, as we all know, design and decoration are constantly evolving and have now gravitated towards glass balustrades.

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