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Item No: EAX1 - SERIES

EASIA Hydraulic Door Stopper


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  • Code: EAX1
  • Name:  Hydraulic door stopper
  • Material: Zinc alloy/Aluminum
  • Positioning force: 50N-70N
  • Trigger force: 15N-20N
  • Maximum impact force bearing: 300-600N
  • Rebound speed: About>0.4m/s
  • Lifespan: ≥100,000cycels
  • Application: Interior wooden doors

Product Features

The hydraulic door stopper has the advantages of preventing the door from hitting the wall, protecting the door and the wall, reducing noise, and preventing hand pinching.

1. Long service life: long service life, safe use and long warranty.

2. Silent noise reduction: Artificial noise reduction design eliminates the noise trouble caused by pushing and pulling doors.

3. Strong wind resistance: Hydraulic buffer type non-magnetic ground suction, stronger wind resistance.

4. Two installation methods: drilling/no drilling.

5. No-punching: It adopts a no-punching design and is fixed with strong glue to protect the wall and floor.

6. Anti-pressure and anti-corrosion: Made of zinc and molybdenum alloy, it is corrosion-resistant, has high hardness and has strong pressure resistance.

Product Model Selection

Item No.Specification ModelModel DescriptionOptional features
EAX1DEAX1D-S-CPlastic base + Carbon steel suction headGold,  Silver, Black, Grey, and Other customizable
EAX1D-S-YPlastic base + Zamak suction head
EAX1D-J-CMetal base + Carbon steel suction head
EAX1D-J-YMetal base + Zamak suction head
EAX1QEAX1Q-S-CPlastic base + Carbon steel suction head
EAX1Q-S-YPlastic base + Zamak suction head
EAX1Q-J-CMetal base + Carbon steel suction head
EAX1Q-J-YPlastic base + Zamak suction head

Product Operation Principle Diagram


1. Initial status


2. In the process of use, the door suction due to external force hit the roller fixed in the bottom of the door suction head, the latch inside the door suction will get out of the locking state, meanwhile damping rod will absorb the large impact, reach a buffer effect.


3. Due to the damping effect of the damping rod, the latch will only slowly deflect, thus playing the role of silent suction.

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