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Capsule Houses: A New Wave of Hospitality Experiences

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Over the years, the hospitality industry has made a significant change in itself, fitting itself to changing needs and tastes of modern travelers.Waiting for you in this article is that kind of capsule house which evokes thoughts of an astronaut’s living quarters.However here, capsule houses refers to a small, modular movable space offering people a room of one’s own for spending nights or staying for awhile.

Mobile Capsule House

What is Capsule House?

The capsule house is a movable modular house used in B&B, guest room and also hotel scenarios.It is found in major scenic spots, farms, resorts, parks, etc. It is not limited by geography and can be placed in any place. The internal structure of the capsule house is complete, including dining room, washroom, bedroom, balcony, entry door, etc. It is a kind of miniature movable house with diverse space.

Frame composition of the capsule house

Steel Structure Frame

The capsule B&B is welded with steel frame, the outer shell is made of aviation aluminum plate and imported weather-resistant, and the inner polyurethane is added as the heat preservation layer.


Thermal insulation panoramic window system

The glass window system adopts fully closed tempered glass, which makes the whole window body heat insulation and sound insulation.

Meanwhile, it adopts professional materials and accurate measurement system. The effective combination of bonding layer, thermal insulation layer and protective layer finishing layer makes the building watertight, wind pressure resistance and airtightness reach the national standard.


Environmentally friendly interior

Top and wall surfaces are made of fire-resistant, weather-resistant, formaldehyde-free surfacing materials and safety-certified flooring.


Professional curtain wall system

An integrated wall panel system consists of moisture proof layer, corrosion resistant layer, heat insulation layer, thermal insulation layer, flame retardant layer and waterproof layer.

Surface Layer Installation: Fixed by aviation aluminum high strength composite material with waterproof and anti-fouling property and anti-corrosion performance so that the building exterior surface can maintain new forever.


Lighting System

The lighting system consists of: the whole body is mainly warm light source and equipped with ambient light strip as embellishment, lighting lamps are used first-line brand products.


Intelligent control

The whole house adopts intelligent control system, including intelligent audio, intelligent switch panel, projection equipment, etc.

prefabricated Capsule room

Advantages of space capsule house

High safety


  • Adopting advanced seismic design to enhance structural rigidity and ductility.
  • Firm connection between components and reasonable force transmission path.
  • Use of high-quality earthquake-resistant materials to ensure material performance.
  • Workmanship was carried out as per seismic code.



  • Non-combustible materials or those with flame resistant properties are employed as principal building materials.
  • Strict zoning of the building and installation of fire separation measures.
  • Installation of complete fire fighting facilities, such as sprinkler, smoke exhaust, etc.



  • Adopt high-quality waterproof material and structure for basement and foundation.
  • Adopt reliable waterproof layer and waterproof system for roof and external wall.


Wind resistance

  • Structural design takes into full consideration of regional wind load standards.
  • Adoption of wind-resistant shapes to avoid large-area planes from being exposed to wind.
  • Use of reliable stabilization systems, such as wind-resistant braces, etc.
  • Use of special structural glass for glass curtain walls to improve wind resistance.
Capsule house
Sfety factor table

Wind resistance

≥12 Grade

Seismic capacity

≥8 Grade

Load-bearing capacity


Fire resistance

Class A (non-combustible building materials)

Moisture resistance

Unaffected by humid weather

Lightning protection ability

Certified to national lightning protection standards


Grade 4


Grade 3-5

Fully equipped

  • Inhabitants of these flats have available living areas and basic facilities like sleeping zones, lounges as well as bathrooms which provide for day-to-day activities.
  • Each bedroom has big double beds and closets for keeping things that are important in life; large windows ensure lightness and ventilation while curtains can be adjusted according to natural light intensity.
  • The living room is spacious enough with large windows placed so that the furniture can be comfortably arranged within it.
  • Sofa sets, TV cabinets, coffee tables are among the basic household furniture items found in this room called a living-room.
  • The bathroom has a clear separation between wet and dry areas, with a shower room and a sink; the floor is made of non-slip and waterproof material, and the drainage system is smooth.


Panoramic view

  • The 270° panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows keep the heat in. As if sleeping in the landscape, you can enjoy the pure pleasure of nature.


Integral prefabrication for quick installation

  • The materials for the capsule require only a 60-day production cycle. After the material is transported to the designated location, it can be used after only 2 hours of installation, without the need for on-site construction and decoration.


Unlimited terrain

  • No foundation is required to install the capsule. It can be installed in areas such as peaks, dense forests, and mudflats, regardless of the terrain. Not destroying a single grass or tree, no construction waste, protect the environment.


Highly sustainable

  • The container is a whole structure with frame and steel plate walls.It can be moved and relocated as a whole and recycled according to business requirements.
prefabricated Capsule room


1. B&B

– Utilizing the unique appearance of the capsule to attract tourists

– The interior is compact and comfortable, providing short-term living experience for tourists.

– Using environmentally friendly and energy-saving materials to realize the concept of low-carbon living.


2. Hotel

– Innovative design of the capsule as a hotel room.

– Provide customers with a unique accommodation experience.

– Reliable, convenient and fast assembly, shorten the construction period and reduce the cost.


3. Information Kiosk

– Provide travel advice and services in public areas.

– Small and compact, does not take up too much space

– Sturdy structure, wind and rain resistant, suitable for long term use.


4. Booths

– Used as exhibits or booths in exhibitions, fairs, etc.

– Eye-catching shape, showing the image of innovation and technology

– Quickly dismantle and build up, convenient for transportation.


5. Office

– Convert the capsule into a mobile office

– Centralized office facilities in a small space

– Suitable for field construction, emergency rescue and other outdoor work.


6. Post

– Use the capsule as a post, toll booth, etc.

– Robust and durable, can withstand bad weather

– Internal integrated power supply, heating and other ancillary facilities


7. Store

– Convert the capsule into a temporary store.

– Can be quickly set up and operated in hot spots

– Compact and portable, flexible in terms of site mobilization

Container Houses


Capsule housing is a new form of housing that combines modern technology with innovatively designed living spaces, often characterized by their compact, efficient and functional nature.Are you excited about this space capsule house?

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