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Lathe Machine Parts –A Practical Guide

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What are the different types of lathe machines?

Center lathes

A central lathe is a mechanical machine tool that uses a tool to cut on a fixed workpiece. It operates on the principle that the tool is mounted on the spindle of the lathe and then rotated to turn, transferring the speed of rotation to the tool at the appropriate rate for the tool to cut on the workpiece. Lathes are usually used for machining complex shaped parts and very precise parts.

Turret lathes

Turret lathe is a multifunctional CNC machine tool, its shape for the upper and lower parts of the structure, the upper part is divided into turntable, the lower part is divided into tower bed. It is characterized by the upper turntable can move up and down, can be turned, drilling, boring, milling, tapping and other processing functions together, is a high efficiency, multi-functional automatic machine tool.

Multispindle lathes-cnc machines

Multispindle lathes-cnc machines is a kind of CNC machine tool to produce more complex parts. The structure of Multispindle lathes-cnc machines is generally composed of two parts, one is the machine body, including bed, spindle, feed system and positioning system; The other part is the control system, which consists of controllers, software and sensors mounted on the machine tool.


What are the main parts of lathe machine?

        The bed is the body of the machine. All the major parts are bolted to it.
       The Headstock is the main component placed on the left side of the bed. It is used as a fixed device for gear chains, spindles, driving pulley, etc.
       The gearbox in the spindle box provides multiple speed geometric ratios via moving levers.
       It is located between the headstock and the tailstock and is used to fix and move the tool holder along the bed towards or away from the headstock.
        It is an “H” shaped casting mounted on a lathe rail that supports a cross slide board that provides movement to the tool rest.
       ·Cross Slide
       The cross slide is a part of the bracket that allows the tool rest to move at right angles to the bed guide rail during machining.
       ·Tool Post
       It is bolted to the bracket at the top of the composite slide and is used to secure the tool firmly in the correct position.
        All control and moving mechanisms of the trolley are fixed to the saddle by means of a feed mechanism which provides automatic feed for the bracket.
       It is an important tool for gripping and rotating work pieces.
       ·Lead Screw
       It is made of high quality alloy and made of trapezoidal thread for thread cutting.
       It is the main component of a lathe and is used to hold and rotate chucks. It is made of high quality alloy steel after heat treatment.

How will you differentiate the parts and uses of lathe machine?

Lathes are commonly used in many trades. It is used to shape and form different types of materials. Lathes are made up of many different parts, each of which serves an important purpose. The main parts of the lathe include: bed, headstock, frame and tailstock.

What are the most difficult materials to machine using a lathe?

Super alloy. These materials are based on nickel, iron or cobalt, with various alloying elements added. Parts made of these alloys have excellent mechanical properties, accuracy and repeatability, but are also some of the most difficult parts to process.


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