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Stainless Steel Hardware Accessories

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Is it OK to mix brass and stainless steel?

Not possible. Electrochemical reaction will occur and brass parts will be corroded first. Because brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, the two shared in the tap water pipe, to meet the conditions of electrochemical reaction, zinc, iron, copper, any two contact with tap water can occur electrochemical corrosion.

Can you have gold hardware with stainless steel appliances?

Can be, copper hardware: this material has a high strength, not easy to deformation under the influence of external forces, damage, etc., but also inhibit the growth of bacteria, corrosion resistance in the air is also good, with a long service life. Can be electroplated can not be electroplated, such as copper material native color bias to casual, retro, or even slightly rough style. Stainless steel hardware: stainless steel refers to resistance to air, steam, water and other weak corrosive media and acids, alkalis, salts and other chemical leaching media corrosion of steel, both the original color of steel, can also be gold-plated, silver-plated, excellent texture, extremely durable, high value, so basically high-end bags, high-end watches and clocks must choose, excellent production process, comprehensive performance in all aspects are better than other types of hardware.

How do I protect my door hardware from salt air?

Salt spray on the corrosion of metal materials, mainly is the conductive salt solution into the metal internal electrochemical reaction, the formation of “low potential metal – electrolyte solution a high-potential impurities” microcell system, electron transfer, as the anode of the metal dissolved, the formation of new compounds that corrosion. Salt spray corrosion damage process plays a major role is the chloride ion, which has a strong penetrating ability, easy to penetrate the metal oxide layer into the metal interior, the destruction of the metal blunt state; at the same time, the chloride ion has a very small hydration energy, easy to be adsorbed on the metal surface, replacing the oxygen in the metal oxide layer of protection, so that the metal is damaged. The rust prevention method is to take preventive measures against the causes of metal rusting. Since metal corrosion is caused by humidity, high temperature, oxygen, sulfur dioxide, chlorides, dust and other factors, rust prevention should avoid or slow down the effect of metal corrosion caused by these factors.

The rust prevention methods currently used include: adding certain elements to metal smelting to improve the metal’s ability to resist external media erosion; corrosion-resistant surface treatment of metal products to form a surface transformation layer or add a surface cladding; cathodic protection, i.e., the use of rust inhibitors, vapor phase corrosion inhibitors, peelable plastic, sealing and other methods to temporarily isolate the metal surface from the external environment (a temporary rust prevention method, in the case of metal products). These antirust materials can also be removed smoothly when the metal products are used. The rust prevention period of this method can be several months to several years, and the application is more common.

What is the difference between grade 1 and grade 2 door hardware?

The difference between the material of Class A fire door and Class B fire door is that the thickness of the built-in fireproof rock wool board inside is different. The thickness of rock wool board of Class A fire door is 52mm, and the thickness of rock wool board of Class B fire door is 46mm, so in this way, the thickness of Class A fire door door is 54mm, and the thickness of Class B fire door door is 48mm. Fire doors are generally different in the places where they are used. Fire doors are generally used in different places. Grade A fire doors are generally used in important fire escapes and places where flammable and explosive materials are stored, such as engine rooms, oil depots and warehouses. And B grade fire doors are generally used in ordinary fire escapes. So the B grade fire doors are used in many more places than the A grade fire doors.

Stainless steel tube

What are the grades of door hardware?

The thickness of the steel plate determines the strength of impact resistance. The thickness of the cold-rolled steel plate of the door frame: A, B, C and D are 2 mm, 2-1.8 mm, 1.8-1.5 mm and 1.5 mm. The thickness of the outer plate of the door: A, B, C, D, respectively, 1 mm, 1 mm, 0.8 mm and 0.8 mm. Door thickness: A B C D level 1 mm, 1-0.8 mm, 0.8 mm and 0.6 mm, respectively. Burglar lock is the most important part of the door, the security lock performance is directly related to the security of the door. Security doors produced by legitimate manufacturers, in the upper left corner of the door will have a Song embossed “security level imprint”.

A brand of security door sales store sales staff told reporters that the level of security A security door locks for B level, that is, the senior protection level; and B, C, D security door, the level of security locks for A level, that is, ordinary protection level. Anti-damage time because of the different levels and there are obvious differences. Grade A is not less than 30 minutes, grade B is not less than 15 minutes, grade C is not less than 10 minutes, grade D is not less than 6 minutes. At the same time, observe the number of locking points between the door frame and the door, A, B, C, D level security doors should be no less than 12, 10, 8 and 6, respectively.

Can barn door hardware be used on any door?

Can not, because the barn door does not have a door lock, and the combination with the wall is not a tight fit, so it is suitable for non-confined space, the sound insulation, security requirements are not so high places, such as the kitchen, storage room, laundry room, checkroom, or to do a partition, and is very suitable for partition. The main hardware of the barn door is to hang the door body hanging rail and the ground stop, that is, the floor rail. Wooden doors are required to install the stop-swing device, glass doors can be upset. The quality of the track determines the safety factor and the use experience of the door, so it is very important to choose a good quality track, more critical than the door itself.

Do you put hardware on both sides of barn door?

Not necessarily hardware on both sides, as a home use, the advantages of barn doors: simple and generous appearance, more space-saving than the common sliding doors, practical and good-looking style; when your home has a large doorway, install barn doors to be more economical than installing sliding doors. They can be used in storage rooms, master bathrooms, kitchens, walk-in closets, areas with high mobility, and are also ideal for partitions. Cons: Barn doors are not very airtight and soundproof, so try to avoid installing them in private spaces such as bedrooms and bathrooms. Barn doors are fixed to the wall by hanging rails and driven into expansion screws, so they can only be fixed to strong walls like red brick and concrete.

What hardware looks best with stainless steel appliances?

Cabinet hardware with attention

For the two types of functional hardware and decorative hardware, the matters to be noted are not the same. The following are the basic differences.

A, functional hardware with attention

1, in the purchase of functional cabinet hardware, must ensure that its surface is smooth, switch sensitive and no strange noise.

2, to select the hardware products of manufacturers with long operating history and high reputation, which can effectively guarantee the qualification of the raw materials of the hardware purchased.

3, for consumers with conditions, try to pick the hardware manufactured by regular manufacturers, which can ensure high precision, good dimensional consistency and standard processing technology.

Cabinet pulls – decorative hardware pulls

Second, decorative hardware with attention

1, decorative cabinet hardware accessories, such as cabinet pulls, etc., should consider and furniture color, texture and coordination issues;.

2, cabinet handles should not use solid wood handles, otherwise in a humid environment, the handle is prone to deformation;.

3, to buy decorative hardware that can go well with the cabinets.

Stainless Steel Panel

What metal goes with stainless steel?

The basic parameters of stainless steel metal hose or matching

Where the tube is spiral or round wavy thin-walled stainless steel tube, plastic mesh bag outside the tube is prepared by stainless steel wire or strip according to certain basic parameters. Plastic tube on both sides of the interface or with the interface of the customer pipeline or compatible. High quality flexible tube in industrialized pipeline. Metal hose in which the tube is a spiral or round thin-walled stainless steel tube, the plastic mesh bag inside the tube is prepared by stainless steel wire or strip steel in accordance with certain basic parameters. Metal hose plastic tube on both sides of the interface or with the customer pipeline interface or in line. Corrugated hose with all-metal structure, suitable for all kinds of metal material chips CNC lathe and milling CNC lathe to prevent high temperature iron pin damage to your switch power and water steam pipeline. Manpower is made of stainless steel plate as the key raw material.

Generally used for conductive soft connection. Specific raw material grade is likely to have a large difference in performance. If some raw materials counterfeit, or no reasonable protective layer and decorative color, they are not as good as the shape and service life of plastic tubes. Metal hose is made of carbon steel wire and stainless steel wire. In theory, the carbon steel raw material is easy to rust, but the pressure is not much different from the stainless steel plate. Corrugated hose has good flexibility. Can be connected in any direction in the pipeline, with payout temperature and vibration absorption, noise reduction, change the direction of material transport, remove the middle of the pipeline or pipeline and machinery and equipment in the middle of industrial equipment to move and other roles.

Metal hose is especially suitable for flexible with offset and vibration of all kinds of pumps and gate valve connection head. Stainless steel metal conductive flexible connection, all by stainless steel pipe plus one or two layers of rigid wire or plastic mesh bag with steel, containing the connection head or both sides of the head, to transport a variety of material flexible components; the key difference between the two depends on the material of the surface rigid wire preparation layer.

What metals should not be used with stainless steel?

Stainless steel and carbon steel potential is different, if laminated together, in a humid environment between carbon steel and stainless steel will form a primary battery reaction and corrosion of carbon steel, similar to the cathodic protection of sacrificial anodes – the magnesium rod connected to steel, so that the magnesium rod instead of steel first corroded off. At this point, it is the carbon steel accelerated corrosion, while the stainless steel no problem.

In addition, if the carbon steel and stainless steel welding, stainless steel rust resistance will be destroyed by the carbon steel, we call it “intergranular corrosion”.

However, specifically to a product, if a part is not working in a very wet, the surface is often water film, or between the carbon steel and stainless steel have reliable insulation (such as carbon steel tightly wrapped or painted), can not consider the corrosion caused by the original cell reaction.

And in some cases where the stainless steel rust resistance is not required (for example, the concentration of chloride ions in the container is very low), carbon steel and stainless steel direct welding is also possible. After all, the general boiler piping and heat exchangers directly with carbon steel manufacturing, and may not rust damage quickly.

What finish goes best with stainless steel?

Double finish cabinets, also known as melamine board, Aigle board, MFC, is a kind of cabinet made of double finish door board, the substrate of this door board is MDF, particle board and other man-made board, the outside is pasted with melamine impregnated with a variety of colors and patterns of decorative paper, high temperature hot pressed and bonded, the inside and outside are decorated, is widely used in the production of cabinets. It is widely used in the production of cabinets. The double-finish cabinets made of it have good performance, fine decoration, double-finish structure of impact resistance, scratch resistance, economical, favored by many consumers.

Household common stainless steel

How do I protect my door hardware from salt air?

1 Choose the suitable storage place

The place where metal materials are stored, no matter inside or outside the warehouse, should be clean and dry, far from the factory workshop which produces harmful gas and dust, not mixed with acid, alkali, salt and gas, powder and other substances, should be classified and stored in batches; when different kinds of metal equipment are recommended to be put in the same place, there should be obvious interval distance to prevent contact corrosion. General hot-rolled steel can be stored in the shed or with thatch pad; all magnesium alloy, small steel, sheet, steel strip, precision equipment, metal products and non-ferrous metal materials should be stored in the warehouse, the conditions can be stored in a special warehouse.

2 keep the warehouse dry

Ensure that the relative humidity in the warehouse is below the critical humidity, and generally the relative humidity should be controlled at about 70%. Manage the temperature and humidity of the warehouse, keep track of weather changes, avoid typhoons and rainstorms, and use ventilation methods to cool down the temperature and humidity. Desiccant placed in the warehouse can also play a role in reducing moisture. Keeping the warehouse dry is an important condition to prevent or reduce rust and corrosion of hardware goods in the warehouse.

3 Proper palletizing, matting and sealing

Proper palletizing and matting is also one of the links to prevent moisture and damage to hardware goods. Palletizing is required to be reasonable, firm, quantitative, neat, and save warehouse space. Sealing isolates metal materials from outside air and reduces the influence of moisture on rusting. The metal materials to be sealed and preserved must not be damped before sealing and the quality is intact.

4 Oil spraying method for rust prevention

In the hot and humid areas in the south, metal equipment stored in the open air can not achieve the expected purpose of rust prevention by using thatch cover only, and can be sprayed with oil at the same time to prevent rust, but this method cannot be used for construction steel and steel that needs cold milk and cold-drawn steel that are not suitable for spraying with oil.

5 Protect the protective layer and packaging of the equipment

In order to prevent metal products from rusting, the factory has generally made anti-rust treatment, such as chemical treatment to generate protective film, coated with anti-rust agent or anti-rust packaging. In handling, loading and unloading, and storage operations, it is necessary to prevent damage to the rust-proof outer layer and packaging, and to prevent damage, injury and deformation by pressure. Damaged packaging should be repaired or replaced, moisture should be taken to dry treatment, rust-proof oil dirty or dry should be removed and re-oiled.

6 Keep the warehouse and equipment clean

To prevent metal products from rusting, pay attention to the environment of the warehouse on a daily basis, clean the equipment and the hygiene of the warehouse on a regular basis, and it should not be too humid.

7 Strengthen the inspection system and deal with problems in time

During the storage period of hardware commodities, the inspection system should be implemented and daily, regular and irregular inspections should be conducted so that problems can be found and dealt with in a timely manner. Hardware commodities of various anti-rust measures can only play a role in slow corrosion, so storage should be a certain period of time, should implement the principle of first-in, first-out, rotating delivery.

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