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Auto Parts – What To Look For When Maintaining Your Car

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What are the main auto parts?

1. Engine: Engine is the most important part of the automobile, is the core parts of the automobile operation, mainly including the engine cylinder block, piston, piston ring, crankshaft, connecting rod, etc.

2. Transmission: Transmission is the transmission component of the output power of the automobile engine, mainly including the fixed speed device, gearbox, shift lever, etc.

3. Brake: Brake is a vehicle deceleration, stop running parts, mainly including brake cylinder, brake disc, brake pump, etc.

4. Suspension system: Suspension system can improve the comfort and control of the car, mainly including spring, rod, shock absorber and so on.

5. Wheels: Wheels are the main carrier of cars, including wheels, tires, bolts and so on.

6. Electrical system: Electrical system is the main control component of automobile, including engine controller, vehicle electrical appliances, automotive lighting system, etc.

7. Fuel system: Fuel system is the oil circuit components of automobile engine, mainly including fuel tank, oil pump, oil nozzle, oil pipe, etc.


Which parts need special attention when it comes to car maintenance?

1.Windshield fluid: Liquid used to clean the windshield of vehicles and other vehicles. A container, usually contained in the engine compartment, is used with a pump driven by a driver’s button that sucks out a nozzle from the hood and sprits onto the windshield, while the wipers turn to clean the glass.

2.Windshield wiper: It is used to brush and scrape the rain and dust attached to the windshield of vehicles, so as to improve the visibility of drivers and increase driving safety.

3.Engine Oil: Oil replacement is an important link in automobile maintenance. We should pay attention to the use of the correct oil model, and the interval of oil replacement should also be determined according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

4.Oil Filter: The replacement filter is also an important part of car maintenance, to replace the filter regularly, if the filter element is not replaced for a long time, it will affect the flow of oil, thus affecting the normal operation of the engine.

5.Tire Air: Tires are the “feet” of the car, maintenance of tires should pay attention to check the tire pressure, to ensure the safety of normal driving.

6.Cabin Air Filter: It’s recommended that you replace your filters every one to two years, or roughly every 12,000 to 20,000 miles.

7.Engine Air Filter: You can check the air filter yourself when you usually use the car. If you find it dirty, you can remove it or replace it.

8.Coolant: Coolant is a fluid that flows through or around a system to prevent it from overheating. It uses or consumes heat by conducting the heat generated by this system to other systems.

Worldwide car parts
Worldwide car parts

Can I use diesel as rust preventive oil in auto parts?

In general, it is not recommended to use diesel oil as rust prevention oil. Diesel typically does not protect against rust and tends to damage the coatings and coatings on car parts, making them more prone to rust. Therefore, it is recommended to use professional anti-rust oil, which can effectively prevent rust on the surface of auto parts, while not damaging the coating and paint on the surface of auto parts.

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