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Building a house is a daunting task that requires careful consideration and planning. There are several factors you need to consider about your new home, and while it may seem overwhelming, the results are worth it.
One of the big decisions you need to make early in the process is what type of materials you will use. This paper summarizes the types and choices of building materials, the energy-saving options of building hardware classification and the main aspects to be considered when weighing the choice. Of course, you can always consult your contractor or home builder for help, but keep the following in mind.

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What are the best home building materials?

The best building material for your new home depends on a variety of factors. While wood may be perfect for one person to help create their cozy, inviting dream cottage, concrete forms may be the ideal material for another. Ultimately, the best home building materials depend on your situation: where you live, your budget, the soil on site, and several other factors.
Historically, workers used traditional materials to build houses, such as wood, stone, brick and clay. While most of these materials are still common in home construction today, many are no longer used the way they once were.

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The material of choice for home construction, wood has been featured in shelters and structures for thousands of years. Although many synthetic materials and other alternatives are available today, many building projects still use wood as an integral element. Compared with other materials, wood is relatively cheap, lightweight and easy to work with. You can easily attach drywall and siding to it. Regardless of the type of building, it provides a degree of insulation that helps pull warm air in and cool air out.


Concrete is a common element in new homes, whether it’s the foundation or the walls and supports. It is low maintenance, strong and durable, effectively controlling the weight of the top structure while controlling the moisture in the surrounding soil.
Workers pour concrete into formwork of shaped structures to create concrete foundations or houses. Inside the support is a steel mesh that adds extra strength to the mud. Concrete combines cement and water to harden into a very durable material. Once the material dries, workers remove the formwork, leaving the newly formed structure. In general, using concrete forms to build your home will cost you $5 to $8 more per square foot than a metal or wood frame home.

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Another standard building material is steel, which is fire resistant and has incredible strength without being too heavy. Given its nature, builders often use steel to construct large multi-story buildings, as well as industrial facilities and manufacturing plants. Steel has many benefits as it is not susceptible to moisture, fire, or termites (unlike wood). It can last for centuries and easily accommodated large, open floor plans without compromising the structural integrity of the building. In addition, steel is malleable, allowing architects and designers to construct unique and unconventional building shapes.

Stone cladding

Although stone is no longer often used to support houses, ancient civilizations used it to build the walls of huts. These huts often feature thatched roofs over stone walls. Today, home builders often use the stone to create the illusion of a stone wall. The material is durable, attractive and comes in different colors, shapes and sizes. While natural stone provides a beautiful facade to your home, extra labor is required during the installation process, as the weight of the stone will make the installation process a little longer.


Masonry has been a popular building material for centuries. The ancient Egyptians built tall pyramids out of huge blocks. The ancient Greeks built beautiful temples out of brick and marble. Today, masonry is still a popular building material. It can be used as a load-bearing material for several floors and comes in different shapes, colors, sizes and materials. This gives homeowners more opportunities to get creative in their new homes. Masonry can include a variety of building materials, including clay bricks, stones, and concrete blocks. Since the masonry of your building project can refer to different materials, the cost will vary.

Type of building hardware

Building hardware or simply building hardware is a group of metal hardware used specifically for building protection, decoration, and convenience. Building products do not form any part of a building, but support them and make them function. It usually supports fixtures such as Windows, doors and cabinets. Common examples include doorknobs, door hinges, deadbolts, latches, numbers, letter plates, switch plates, and door knockers. Building hardware is usually made of brass, steel, aluminum, stainless steel and iron. Well-known building hardware suppliers mainly exist in China, India, Mexico and the United States.
While builder hardware is categorized by providing at least one of the three properties listed above, it is usually categorized by location or usage.
1. Bathroom hardware
Bathroom hardware includes products used to build and maintain the appearance and decor of a bathroom. Sanitary products include faucet, shower, shelving, bathtub, shelving, mirror, etc.
2. Door hardware
All products used for door decoration, maintenance or any other function are classified as door hardware, such as door handles, fasteners, hinges, hooks, license plates, door knockers, etc.
3. Furniture hardware
Furniture hardware are those products used to support the appearance, design, and durability of furniture. Furniture hardware products include furniture frame, furniture legs, furniture handrails and so on.
4. Safety and security hardware
Buildings, goods and their occupants need protection from fire, intruders and other external factors. Appropriate protection systems include fire safety systems, home monitors, smoke detectors, locks, window guards, etc.
5. Pipeline hardware
Plumbing hardware products are used to supply water to the entire building using hoses, pipes and pipes. These hardware products ensure a correct and consistent water supply. Because water is always flowing or retained in these products, the materials used in these products are required to be highly resistant to corrosion and to withstand extreme temperatures. The most common materials are copper, aluminum, steel and PVC.
6. Cabinet hardware
The products used to make the cabinet work properly belong to the cabinet hardware, such as cabinet fasteners, supports, latches, hinges, handles, locks, etc. Cabinet hardware is the small component that makes the cabinet function. These products are made of materials such as plastic, metal and possibly glass.
7. Window hardware
Window hardware does not include the window itself, but smaller parts used to install, secure, and protect the window, such as window squeezes, fasteners, handles, hinges, locks, and so on.
8. Curtain hardware
Curtain hardware includes hook, curtain ring, curtain top decoration and other products. These products are used to hang curtains on doors, Windows, balconies, etc. Curtain hooks and rods are used to handle and move curtains. Curtain hardware products are made from a variety of materials, including metal and plastic. Aluminum and iron are mainly used to make rings, hooks, rods, and rods.

Manor hardware & construction supply

Are you thinking about building a new home, or are you working with a builder on your dream house? Building a new home can be quite a long process, full of close attention to details large and small. The options seem endless and in many cases it can be quite a stressful situation. We wanted to shed light on the door hardware selection process and hopefully make it easier for you to find something that looks great and, more importantly, keeps your family safe. You’ve invested a lot in your new home, but protecting your family is your most important investment. Deadbolts are your first line of defense when it comes to exterior hardware. EASIAHOME Mechanical deadbolts and smart locks have the industry’s best safety, durability and finish. Their superior safety and premium metal construction give you peace of mind whether you place them on the front door, back patio or garage entrance. When you choose our Smart deadbolt, you’ll get keyless convenience and remote access from anywhere. We help make your smart home a safe home.
EASIAHOME makes decisions easier, and you never have to sacrifice style, thanks to a variety of design and finish options. We offer indoor and outdoor door hardware that perfectly complements every area of your home. This is the perfect way to capture the details of your personal taste and make a statement. Keep in mind that you can choose the same finish for all of your hardware, from the front door to the back door and everywhere in between. The right finish and design for your door hardware can help you achieve a cohesive look that makes your home feel complete. Whether you are building a home with contemporary architecture or a more traditional feel, we have something for you.
Don’t forget to ask your builder about other finishes that may only be available to professionals. When it comes to interior door hardware, it’s easy to overlook hardware among all the other decisions you’re making about a home building. But when you consider doorknobs, levers and deadbolts as well as other fixtures in your home early on, such as when choosing doors, kitchen faucets and bathroom hardware, you can ensure that the entire home has a consistent design. Our style selection tool can help you determine what look looks good on you and choose products that match your design tastes. Visit our EASIAHOME page and tell us about the house you’re building or find inspiration on Pinterest.

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