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The important status of Canton Fair China 2023

Canton Fair, also known as China Import and Export Fair, is a comprehensive international trade fair in China.
Canton Fair is an important platform for various trade methods and an important channel for enterprises to develop international markets. The Canton Fair has been widely concerned by the global business community and all sectors of society.

With the optimization and adjustment of China’s epidemic prevention and control policy, Chinese and foreign enterprises have the conditions to participate in the exhibition offline, and from this year’s Spring Fair, Canton Fair will fully resume offline exhibition. The Canton Fair will provide the traditional offline pair of sample negotiation method in addition to the online exhibition communication method. This year’s Canton Fair will be held on April 15 – May 5, 2023 online and offline integration.

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Guide to The 134th Canton Fair in Autumn 2023

Canton Fair China

The Canton Fair China 2023 exhibition arrangements

Holding time Spring Canton Fair 2023 (133rd Canton Fair)

Exhibition Venue

China Import and Export Fair Complex (No. 380, Read River Middle Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou)

China Import and Export Fair Complex (Canton Fair Complex), also known as Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center or Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center.

China Import and Export Fair Complex is located in Pazhou Island, Guangzhou, China. It is the largest modern exhibition center in Asia. It has a total construction area of 1,100,000 square meters, with 338,000 square meters of indoor exhibition space and 436,000 square meters of outdoor exhibition space.
Zone A has 1,300,000,000 square meters of indoor exhibition space and 300,000,000 square meters of outdoor exhibition space.
Zone B has 1,280,000,000 square meters of indoor exhibition space and 136,000,000 square meters of outdoor exhibition space.
80,000,000 square meters of indoor exhibition space in Zone C.

Canton Fair China 2023

Phase I: April 15-19, 2023

Exhibition scope: large machinery and equipment, small machinery, bicycles, motorcycles, auto parts, chemical products, hardware, tools, vehicles (outdoor), construction machinery (outdoor), household appliances, consumer electronics, electronic and electrical products, computers and communication products, lighting products, construction and decoration materials, sanitary equipment, etc.

Phase II: April 23-27, 2023

Exhibition Scope: Kitchen and dining utensils, daily ceramics, craft ceramics, home decorations, glass crafts, furniture, weaving and rattan and iron crafts, garden products, iron and stone products (outdoor), household products, etc.

Phase III: May 1 – 5, 2023

Exhibition Scope: Garments, sportswear and leisure wear, fur and leather down and products, garment accessories and fittings, home textiles, textile raw materials fabrics, carpets and tapestries, food, medicine and health care products, medical equipment, consumables, dressings, sports and travel leisure products, office stationery, shoes, luggage, etc.

The advantages of Canton Fair

International Contact

Canton Fair is the largest trade fair in China with more than 200,000 participants from more than 200 countries and regions. This provides companies with great international exposure and the opportunity to connect with potential customers, suppliers and partners around the world.

Comprehensive Coverage

The Canton Fair is held twice a year and covers a wide range of industries, including electronics, textiles, machinery, auto parts, medical equipment and food. This allows companies to get an overview of the market and discover new opportunities.


The Canton Fair provides a great opportunity for companies to make contacts and discover new opportunities without incurring significant costs. Travel and lodging costs are usually kept to a minimum, and Canton Fair offers a wide variety of activities free of charge.

Trade Negotiations

The Canton Fair also provides an ideal platform for companies to engage in trade negotiations. This allows them to secure favorable deals and establish long-term partnerships. 5.

Pre-fair services

Canton Fair China 2023 provides a series of pre-fair services, such as business matching, product promotion and market research. This helps companies prepare for the Canton Fair and maximize their chances of success.

In addition, this year’s Canton Fair will also provide a variety of exhibition activities and trade services, hold the second Pearl River International Trade Forum in high profile, organize nearly 400 trade promotion activities, and promote the integration of exhibitions.

Canton Fair China 2023

EASIAHOME will be exhibiting at Canton Fair – Booth NO.9.3L11

EASIAHOME has mature precision casting technology, which is a leader in the industry. We can customize precision castings according to your needs, such as glass brackets and hardware fittings in glass railing systems, and other products in the precision casting industry.

The company has built a central laboratory with relatively complete testing equipment, including a direct reading spectrometer, tensile testing machine, three coordinates, projector, metallographic microscope, roundness meter, etc. Strict control standards have been established from material inspection, process control, and finished product inspection to supplier evaluation, and the quality of products is tested and controlled throughout the process.

Our booth is No.9.3L11, we will expect you at our booth on April 15, 2023.We provide one-stop sourcing service for you.

Canton Fair

Canton Fair Accommodation Tips

Recommendation 1:Shangri-La Hotel
Shangri-La Hotel, Guangzhou is the official five-star hotel of the Canton Fair. Located just a 3-minute walk from the Canton Fair Complex, the hotel is the ideal place to stay for visitors attending any trade fair in Guangzhou, China.

Recommendation 2: The Westin Guangzhou
Located in Area C of the world-renowned Canton Fair Complex in Pazhou, with a panoramic view of the Pearl River and the city, this is a hotel with direct access to all Canton Fair halls via the sky-link.

The hotel is conveniently located at Poly Plaza, just 10 minutes drive to Canton Fair Complex and near Wanshengwei Metro Station.

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