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The Ultimate Guide to CNC Milling Machine Technology

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CNC Milling Machine is a kind of machine tool used for processing metal or other materials, using numerical control technology to control the tool stroke, to achieve positioning, setting, quantitative processing of the machine tool. It can realize a variety of complex anisotropic surface processing, with high machining precision, high degree of automation, high processing efficiency.


What are the best cutting parameters for milling aluminum 6061?

 The optimal cutting parameters are as follows:
            Cutting speed: 150-200m/min
            Cutting depth: 0.2-0.3mm
            Feed speed: 0.1-0.2mm/r
            Tool: double blade milling cutter
            Cutting fluid: Water-based cutting fluid

What is the difference in speed when cutting different materials on CNC milling machines?

The cutting speed of CNC milling machine depends on the properties and thickness of the cutting material. Lower cutting speeds are usually required for soft materials, such as wood, and higher cutting speeds for hard materials, such as steel. In addition, the thicker the material, the lower the cutting speed required.In addition, as the cutting depth increases, the cutting speed also needs to be reduced accordingly to prevent deformation of the material or abnormal cutting.


How is the tool longevity when running at these speeds?

How long the mechanic wants the tool to last is another important factor in determining cutting speed. This will include consideration of variables such as tool cost and tool cost compared to the number of parts produced. If variables like these are favorable, then high speed may be the way to go. Different materials cut at different speeds, cutting too fast or too slow will affect the life of the tool. Too fast cutting speed will aggravate tool wear and shorten tool life. And too slow cutting speed will reduce the cutting efficiency of the cutting tool, resulting in reduced tool life. The right cutting speed allows the tool to last longer, thus saving money.

What is the method of chip removal on a milling machine in a factory?

In most cases, chip removal requires a well-defined industrial process:

1. Turning: A processing process by chip removal in which a single-blade cutter removes material from the surface of a rotating part;

2. Milling: It is an extremely versatile process, low productivity, the need for professional and specialized labor;

3. Grinding: designed to eliminate any deformation in the production process, high machining accuracy, surface finish is comparable. It’s an expensive process that requires skill and specialization;

4. Drilling: Drilling is a process used to create circular holes in the workpiece, usually using a cylindrical rotary tool with two cutting edges on the surface, called a drill bit.
Chip removal is the process of shaping a work piece using tools that can remove excess material. This machining process can achieve surface finish and dimensional accuracy of metal parts, especially when the shape is complex and cannot be effectively implemented by other technologies. The type of processing can be varied according to the need to use automatic parts cleaning machines or high pressure manual equipment.

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