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Brass, an alloy of copper and zinc, is ductile, highly corrosion-resistant, polishable, and an accessible material. These properties make brass a versatile metal for machining parts.

Brass for CNC Machining

Brass for CNC Machining

As a widely used alloy material, brass is commonly used in various fields, especially in CNC machining, because of its good machinability, corrosion resistance and mechanical properties. There are many models of brass, but not all of them are suitable for CNC machining. Below, I will list some brass models ideal for CNC machining and explain their characteristics and why they are suitable for machining.

Copper Alloy 260 (Brass 260)

  • Characteristics: Also known as 70-30 brass, containing 70% copper and 30% zinc, with good cold working properties.
  • This material’s flexibility and cold working properties are excellent, ideal for manufacturing precision cold working parts, such as radiators and decorative parts.


C360 Brass

  • Characteristics: C360 brass has excellent machinability due to its high lead content. This alloy has good corrosion resistance, moderate strength, and superior welding and forming capabilities.
  • C360 brass is ideally suited to CNC machining, especially in applications that require high-speed cutting and the formation of fine features. Its excellent cutting properties mean higher machining speeds can be achieved without sacrificing surface quality, resulting in significant productivity gains. In addition, C360 brass excels in manufacturing complex shapes and precision parts such as electronic parts, small gears, valves, fittings and more.


H62 Brass

  • Characteristics: H62 brass contains 62% copper. The rest is zinc and trace elements. It has good mechanical properties and thermoplasticity, as well as high strength.
  • Because of its good plasticity, it is suitable for hot and cold processing, especially excellent processing performance on CNC lathes, which makes it ideal for creating complex shaped parts.


C28000 (Muntz metal)

  • Characteristics: It contains about 60% copper and 40% zinc and has good strength and corrosion resistance.
  • Its mechanical properties and corrosion resistance make it suitable for machining marine and chemical equipment and CNC machining. It is particularly suitable for machining parts that require a certain degree of strength and corrosion resistance.

Finishing and post-processing technology of brass


Removing minor surface depressions and imperfections by physical or chemical means enhancing the part’s lustre. Polishing can be categorized into mechanical polishing, electrochemical polishing, etc. The purpose is to obtain a smooth surface.


Plating the surface of brass with a layer of other metals or alloys, commonly used plating materials including nickel, zinc, chromium, etc., to improve the corrosion resistance and appearance of the parts. Plating can also provide additional resistance to wear.


Removal of grease, stains and oxides that may have been generated during processing. Cleaning is usually the first step in post-processing, ensuring the part’s surface is clean and ready for subsequent processing.

Colouring or Coating

Forming a thin film on the surface of brass by chemical or physical means to change its colour or increase corrosion resistance. Common treatments include colouring and anodizing to give the part more decorative and protective qualities.

Heat Treating

Altering the microstructure of brass through heating and cooling processes to increase its hardness and strength or improve its other mechanical properties. Heat treatment can increase the durability of a part.

Sandblasting or Beadblasting

Cleaning and roughening surfaces by spraying sand or tiny beads at high speeds to improve coatings adhesion or achieve a specific surface texture.


Chemical solvents are used to locally etch the surface of a part to create patterns, text, or other decorative effects.

Why Use Our Brass Machining Service

1. Our engineering team has years of experience in multiple industries and can handle even the most complex projects.

2. We manufacture parts for the aerospace and medical industries and can guarantee high precision and tight tolerances.

3. We have efficient, state-of-the-art CNC machines for the best price.

4 No MOQ and efficient shipment.

These are some of the machined brass parts we produce.

Brass Pipe

brass CNC machining

Product name: Precision thin-walled brass tube

Material: Brass

Machining type: CNC turning

Brass Alloy: H59


  • Water piping, hot water systems and chilled water systems.
  • Refrigerant transportation piping.
  • Bearings, radiator tubes.
  • Architectural decoration, lamps and artwork.

Brass Probe

CNC brass parts

Product name: Precision brass probe

Material: Brass

Machining type: CNC turning

Function: Conductive

Brass Alloy: C3604

Application: Bluetooth headsets, smartphones, intelligent eye masks, cameras, smart mugs, drones, medical devices

Transmit Frequency Coaxial Connectors

customized brass CNC turned parts

Product name: Electronic components-Precision brass connectors

Material: Brass

Machining type: CNC turning

Application: Communication equipment

Customization: Support non-standard customization



Product name: Brass hinges

Material: Brass

Machining type: CNC turning

Finishing: plating

Customization: Support non-standard customization

Application: Industrial and military hardware

Brass Valve Stems

Brass Machining Service

Product name: Valve Stems

Material: Brass

Machining type: CNC turning

Finishing: plating

Customization: Support non-standard customization

Function: Non-return

Application: Globe Valve Fittings

Make Machined Brass Parts with EASIAHOME

CNC metal machining utilizes various metals as raw materials for fabrication. Before machining a brass project, it is important to carefully understand the properties of multiple brasses and brass alloys to improve the machining possibilities.

Our factory has 17 years of experience as a machining team, and we undertake all kinds of metal machining projects externally and support parts customization. The production cycle is short, the batch price is more favourable, and there are professional account managers for one-to-one after-sales service.

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