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Door and window hardware determines the life of doors and windows

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In daily life, the hardware in doors and windows may be ignored by many people, but the quality of hardware will greatly affect the normal use of doors and windows. In this article, we will discuss how they affect the life of windows and doors.

window hardware

What is door and window hardware

Door and window hardware is a general term for various metal and non-metal fittings installed on the doors and windows of buildings, and plays an auxiliary role in the opening and closing of doors and windows. The surface is generally plated or coated, and has the characteristics of firmness, durability, flexibility, economy, and beauty. Door and window hardware can be divided into building door locks, handles, stays, hinges, hinges, door closers, handles, bolts, window hooks, anti-theft chains, induction opening and closing door devices, etc.

Door and window hardware directly affects 3 aspects of windows

1.The quality of door and window hardware will directly affect the life of the entire window

The quality of door and window hardware also has a certain impact on the life of doors and windows. Generally speaking, the service life of anti-corrosion and anti-rust hardware is 10 years, which is enough for the use of normal building doors and windows. Experts pointed out that good hardware should look thick, with good surface gloss, dense protective layer, no scratches, and the most important point is that it should be flexible to open.

2. Door and window hardware will affect the physical properties of doors and windows

The durability of physical properties of doors and windows is directly related to the structure and performance of door and window hardware. After new foreign windows such as inward-opening and inverting windows and flat-hung revolving windows entered the door and window market in my country, due to their good performance, this type of window has been gradually recognized by the Chinese people and has been continuously used in the field of new buildings. Facts have proved that windows such as inward-opening and inverting windows and flat-swinging revolving windows have good airtightness and watertightness. Even in thunderstorm weather, they can still shield the room from wind and rain very well. At present, domestic hardware is also gradually in line with international hardware, using unified standards. The door and window hardware of the system can realize the three-dimensional adjustment of the window sash relative to the window frame, ensuring the best performance of the doors and windows to the greatest extent.

3.Door and window hardware will affect the economic performance of doors and windows

There is also fierce market competition in the construction door and window industry. One of the important ways to get rid of single price competition and create a benign market environment is to continuously enrich product functions and expand product profit margins with technological advantages. The important link that can enrich the functions of door and window products is the door and window hardware. At the same time, hardware parts with the same opening method have different structural forms and corresponding profiles. Products of different materials also provide multiple choices for the market due to their different prices.

Door Handles

How to maintain the door and window hardware?

It can be said that door and window hardware is the core of the entire door and window, including handles, lock cores, hinges, etc., and each component plays a major role. The key to the service life of doors and windows lies in the maintenance of “hardware”.
1.Clean Regularly – Whether you have wood, metal, or plastic hardware, cleaning it regularly is important. Use a damp cloth to wipe away any dirt or dust that may have accumulated. If necessary, use a mild soap to remove any stubborn dirt or stains.Stainless steel handles and other stainless steel “hardware” can be scrubbed with a cleaner to increase the brightness.

2.Lubricate Moving Parts – Many door and window hardware pieces have moving parts that need to be lubricated periodically. Hinges, hanging wheels, casters and other moving parts may reduce their function due to dust adhesion during long-term movement. One or two drops of lubricating oil can be used to keep them smooth every six months.This will help reduce friction and ensure smooth operation. Be sure to use a lubricant that is suitable for the material of the hardware.

3.Inspect for Damage – It’s important to periodically inspect your door and window hardware for signs of wear and tear. Look for signs of cracking, rusting, or any other signs of deterioration. If you find any damage, it should be repaired or replaced immediately.

door lock

4.Tighten Loose Screws – It’s important to check all of the screws and nuts on your door and window hardware periodically. If any are loose, tighten them with a screwdriver or a wrench. Pay special attention to the direction of the handle rotation and stretching, and avoid using dead force. In particular, children should be taught not to hang and sway on the doorknob, which is prone to danger and may cause harm to the inner door.

5.Protect from Corrosion – If your door and window hardware is made of metal, it is important to protect it from corrosion. This can be done by applying a coat of wax or paint to the surface. This will help prevent rust and ensure the hardware looks its best.

6.When the rotation of the lock cylinder is not sensitive, scrape a small amount of black powder from the pencil core and gently blow it into the lock hole. This is because the graphite component is an excellent solid lubricant. Do not drop lubricating oil, as this will make it easier for dust to adhere.

Maintaining your door and window hardware is an important part of keeping your home or business safe and secure. By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your hardware will last for many years and continue to perform at its best.

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