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5 Benefits of Installing a Hydraulic Door Stopper

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A door stopper is a key type of door hardware accessory, whose main function is to ensure the door remains firmly closed. The common type of door stopper is the magnetic door catch, which maintains the door in a closed position through the attraction force between a magnet and a metal plate.

However, the hydraulic buffer door stopper developed by EASIAHOME provides a more gentle and steady movement during the door-closing process. Compared to traditional magnetic door stoppers, it exhibits superior performance in enhancing safety and reducing noise. This article will elaborate on the advantages of the hydraulic buffer door stopper.

Hydraulic Door Stopper

What is hydraulic buffer door stopper?

Hydraulic door stoppers have also undergone major innovations in terms of installation methods. They are often easier to install than traditional hardware products, saving labour and installation time. The hydraulic door suction has a buffering function and contains a built-in spring structure, which cushions the door when it is closed and closes gently.

Hydraulic Door Stopper vs Normal Door Stopper

Hydraulic door stoppers and traditional (normal) door stoppers serve the fundamental purpose of holding doors open or preventing them from slamming shut, but they differ significantly in their design, functionality, and application.

Normal (Traditional) Door Stoppers

  • Design and Operation

Traditional door catches are simpler in design and functionality. They come in many forms, including wedge stops that are placed under the door, wall-mounted stops that prevent the door handle from hitting the wall, and floor-standing stops that hold the door open in a fixed position.

  • Installation

Installation is usually complicated and requires drilling holes with screws on the ground or wall for installation.

  • Uses

Can be used in both residential and commercial settings, but is especially common in homes. Their purpose is to prevent the door from closing due to drafts, or the door handle from damaging the wall.

  • Cost

Traditional door clamps are generally less expensive than hydraulic models, making them a cost-effective solution for simple door-securing needs.

normal door stopper

Benefits of Hydraulic Door Stopper

1. Long service life

The product is designed with durable materials that can withstand repeated use without being easily damaged, reducing the frequency of replacement and providing consumers with long-term use protection. Its extended warranty provides additional peace of mind so users don’t have to worry about product maintenance and replacement for an extended period of time.

2. Silent noise reduction

The noise reduction function designed using ergonomic principles effectively reduces the noise generated by the sliding movement of the door. Especially in places that require a quiet environment (such as libraries, bedrooms, conference rooms, etc.), it can significantly improve the comfort and comfort of the environment. Effectively prevent violent collision between door and wall.

3. Strong wind resistance

The hydraulic buffering technology used in the product allows the door catch to resist strong wind interference even in a non-magnetic state, ensuring that the door can remain stable even under severe weather conditions. It is suitable for use outdoors or in windy areas to prevent the door from being opened and closed frequently due to strong wind. , causing damage or accidents.

4. Two installation methods

To adapt to different installation needs and occasions, this product provides installation methods without drilling holes, including floor-mounted and wall-mounted installation methods. No need to drill holes for installation, fixed with strong glue to avoid damage to walls and floors. It also simplifies the installation process, providing convenience for tenants or users who do not want to damage the structure of their home.

5. Resistant to pressure and corrosion

The use of high-quality zinc and aluminum alloy materials gives the product excellent corrosion resistance and hardness. These materials can withstand high pressure without deformation, maintain stable performance even in environments with frequent moisture or chemical contact, and extend the service life of the product.

hinge pin door stop

Comparison table between traditional door stopper and hydraulic door stopper


Traditional door stopper

Hydraulic door stopper

Mechanism of Action

Easy-to-use magnetic closure

Hydraulic buffer

Durability and Maintenance

Short service life and requires frequent replacement

Strong pressure resistance and corrosion resistance

Noise Level

Loud noise

Low voice, quiet, Reduce noise pollution


Easy to pinch hands

Soft closing to prevent fingers from being pinched.

Ease of Use

Drill holes for installation and destroy the wall

Floor-mounted, Wall mounted


An excellent door stopper can make your home environment quieter, tidier and more comfortable.EASIAHOME has 17 years of dedicated experience in the field of door and window hardware, and has accumulated rich technical knowledge and industry experience. The new hydraulic door stopper is more suitable for home use.

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