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In a variety of different material style types of railings, glass panel railings are now very popular, because it looks more high-end atmosphere than ordinary material railings, while convenient maintenance and maintenance. While glass balustrades do have many advantages, they also have associated disadvantages. Before choosing a glass balustrade, make sure that the following details are clear. Its advantage is that the shape is very beautiful, convenient and simple installation, the disadvantage is easy to produce stains, although there are certain defects, but in the range of affordable.

The balcony is braced with high permeability railings 

5 Questions About glass panel railings

1.what types of glass panel railing?

1. Railings with glass filler panels
In this type of railing, the main body of the railing (top rail and balustrade) should be designed to withstand the load applied to the top rail, and glass should be used to form the filler plate. However, it should be noted that the glass does not provide support for the main engine.
2. Independent glass protective railings
In this type of glass balustrade, the glass is intended to withstand the design load. Therefore, each pane of glass should be securely clamped to the structure along its bottom edge, handrails connected to the top edge of the glass, and there should be no railing. If freestanding railings without handrails are provided, each panel shall be able to withstand the entire appropriate design load.
3. Bracket system
These systems are an extension of bolt-fixing systems, in which bolts are part of supports attached to the floor or concrete slab, steel or wood structural surface.

2.What is the width of a glass railing panel?

We usually recommend a glass panel width of about 1.0m. Installing a large glass panel or a series of wider panels feels like a good move. After all, a piece of crystal clear glass with no pillars in the way will give you a clear view of the outside world and add that elusive element of surprise to your building. But is using wider glass panels the only option?
Unlike systems that are interrupted by regular posts, the premium balustrade option gives you the option to install a border made up only of glass panels. There will be small gaps between the panels, allowing for expansion and contraction tolerances, but with well-maintained, well-installed glass, these gaps will hardly be noticeable.

Stainless steel structure with glass panel railing

3.The cost of glass panel railing

Glass deck railing is the ultimate choice when the view is too good to block, but this view comes from the highest deck railing cost of any material. Whether you install the glass balustrade on a set of stairs, the edge of an elevated balcony or the edge of an outdoor deck, it’s a modern look that stands the test of time and offers sweeping views from beyond. Your glass options are all-glass panels or glass railings that extend from one post to another, with gaps between them to improve airflow.
This glass deck railing cost estimate includes the cost factors of the glass porch and deck railing, the cost of retail materials taking into account DIY, and the cost of the project submitted by the homeowner after the installation of the glass deck railing.
The general recommended installation cost is $140 to $270 per linear foot, but the range of materials considered is narrower, with some glass costing $270 per foot if you don’t factor in the cost of posts, LIDS, glazings and brackets.

4.Are glass panel railings hard to keep clean?

Many people are attracted to the appearance of the frameless glass railings on decks and courtyards because they are visually stunning. But they also worry about the difficulty of keeping the glass railing clean.
Like everything else in your home, glass railings need some maintenance, but it’s not hard to keep clean. In fact, rimless glass railings are easier to clean and maintain than most other options, especially when they are made of quality glass that is stain – and mildew – resistant. They require less maintenance because they don’t have grooves or corners where dust and mold tend to accumulate. Glass doesn’t rust or corrode like other materials, and it’s easy to remove any stains or chips.

5.How to inspect the quality of glass railings?

Glass industry has its unique requirements for glass measurement can meet these requirements. There are edge inspection, broken glass detection, glass thickness calculation and film thickness, spectral reflectance, absorption, color (L*a*b*) measurement requirements.
Using state-of-the-art lasers, light sources, machine vision technology, and other tools, a solution can be developed to measure your specific needs for glass inspection. This leads to better quality control, which in turn makes the end user more satisfied and increases production. The glass industry continues to evolve and create new products that are more energy efficient and provide a healthier environment for building occupants, such as dynamic glass. Each panel is accurately measured for color, reflectance, and other attributes, resulting in the best final product possible.
Every glass maker or manufacturer has its own set of manufacturing problems on which they wish to improve production or quality. So it is very important to test the glass panel.

Outdoor balcony glass railing

Thickness of the Glass panel railing

The glass railing system provides unobstructed views while maintaining a high level of security for nearly all homes. Whether you choose rimless or framed glass railings, it is important to understand the safety requirements associated with them. For glass railing systems, the glass panels must meet minimum thickness requirements to ensure durability and safety. To determine the thickness of glass railings, it is a good idea to read local bylaws and safety regulations. This will ensure you get the accurate information you need for your home.
In most cases, framed glass railings must be at least 1/4 inch (6 mm) thick, however, this standard may vary by area and the location of the railings. For example, glass railing systems for stairs tend to have higher requirements. It should be noted that most glass-based systems are not designed for use on stairs. Any toughened glass railing system is required to withstand certain load requirements.
At Easia home, each of our framed and rimless glass systems is made of durable tempered glass that meets these standards, ensuring compliance with all national building codes. This means that you can always get a safe and high visibility solution with each glass railing system.

The types of glass panel railing

Tempered glass or tempered glass is the most common type of glass balustrade panel and is made by hardening glass through a heating and quenching process. Finally, laminated glass is the pinnacle of any glass balustrade. It is two toughened panels joined together with an ethylene base layer in between, which gives the panels unparalleled strength.
1. Tempered glass panels are very strong. To make the panels, annealed glass is cut to size and heated to more than 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit. When the panel is fully heated, it is quenched immediately, or cooled quickly by high airflow around it. The tempering process is often used to help give extra strength to metal alloys such as steel. Once the panel has been quenched, it is considered tempered. The tempered panels are very strong and perform well in the glass railing system.
2. Laminated glass can be made of different glass materials, but the general concept is a panel consisting of two glass panels glued together with a vinyl sandwich. Laminated glass balustrades are the strongest option because the middle layer allows the panels to bend and absorb tremendous force.
While there are different laminating options, such as PVB, EVA, or SGP, it is generally recommended to use EVA for indoor projects and SGP for outdoor projects. The SGP is incredibly resistant to UV and moisture damage, and can even withstand hurricanes. Laminated glass railings are most commonly found on coastal exterior decks or commercial grade projects.

Glass panel railing installation

Stylish, modern and practical, it’s a great way to enjoy an unspoiled view: the glass panel railing does it all without compromising safety. Expand your horizons with a deck that looks twice the size of the original and feel part of the magnificent summer landscape in which you built your deck! Installation is simple; The results will exceed expectations.
1.Determine the post layout
2.Install the mounting bracket, the height of which depends on the track system
3. Install handrails and bottom rails
4. Insert the glass panel
5.Secure all posts

Glass railing for a scenic deck

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