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Cutting Tools

According to the form of workpiece processing surface can be divided into five categories:

  1. Processing all kinds of external surface tools, including turning tool, planer, milling cutter, broach, file, broach, etc.;
  2. Hole machining tools, including drill, reaming drill, boring cutter, reamer and inner surface broach, etc.;
  3. Thread processing tools, including tap, die, automatic opening and closing thread cutting head, thread turning tool and thread milling cutter;
  4. Gear machining tools, including hob, gear shaper, shaving cutter, bevel gear and broach, etc.
  5. Cutting tools, including inlaid circular saw blade, band saw, bow saw, cutting cutter and saw milling cutter, etc.

In addition, there are combination cutting tools.

According to the mode of cutting motion and corresponding blade shape, cutting tools can be divided into three categories:

  1. Universal tools, such as turning tool, planer, milling cutter (excluding forming turning tool, forming planer and forming milling cutter), boring cutter, drill, reaming drill, reamer and saw, etc.;
  2. Forming tool, the blade of this kind of tool has the same or close to the same shape as the workpiece section, such as forming turning tool, forming planer, forming milling cutter, broach, taper reamer and various thread processing tools;
  3. Special tool, processing some special workpiece, such as: gear, spline and other tools. Such as, shaper cutter, shaving cutter, bevel gear planer and bevel gear milling cutter, etc.
Machine working tool

Measuring tool classification

  1. Standard measuring tool

A measuring tool used as a standard for measurement or verification. Such as measuring block, polyhedral edge, surface roughness comparison sample block, etc.

  1. Universal measuring tools

Also known as universal measuring tool. Generally refers to the universal measuring tools uniformly manufactured by measuring tools factory. Such as ruler, plate, Angle block, caliper and so on.

3, special measuring tools

Also known as non-standard measuring tools. It is a measuring tool specially designed and manufactured for testing a certain technical parameter of the workpiece. For example, the internal and external groove caliper, wire rope caliper, step gauge and other measuring tools are fixed form to reproduce the value of measurement instruments, characteristics are as follows



  1. Type

There are many kinds of mold, according to the processing object and processing technology can be divided into: ①processing metal mold. Including stamping die (such as punching die, bending die, deep drawing die, turning die, shrinkage die, undulating die, bulging die, shaping die, etc.), forging die (such as die forging die, upsetting die, etc.), extrusion die and die casting die, etc. ②Processing non-metallic and powder metallurgy mold. Including plastic mold (such as injection mold, pressure mold and extrusion mold, etc.), rubber mold and powder metallurgy mold. According to the structural characteristics, the die can be divided into a flat punching die and a cavity die with space. The mold is generally single piece, small batch production.

  1. Classification

According to the different materials formed, the mold can be divided into metal mold and non-metal mold. Metal mold is divided into: casting mold (non-ferrous metal die casting, steel casting), stamping mold and forging mold; Non-metallic mould is also divided into: plastic mould and inorganic non-metallic mould. According to the different materials of the mold itself, the mold can be divided into: sand mold, metal mold, vacuum mold, paraffin mold and so on. Among them, with the rapid development of polymer plastic, plastic mold and people’s life is closely related. Plastic molds can be generally divided into: injection molding molds, extrusion molding molds, gas-assisted molding molds and so on.

Mass production of non-sheet metal steel – cold heading, die forging, metal die, etc.

Sheet metal discharge — hot rolling, cold rolling, hot rolling, cold rolling sheet metal processing — deep drawing, finishing, bending, punching, blanking non-ferrous metal — die casting, powder metallurgy plastic parts — injection molding, blow molding (plastic bottle), extrusion (pipe fitting) mold Other categories:

Alloy mold, sheet metal mold, plastic mold, stamping mold, rubber mold, casting mold, forging mold, extrusion mold, die casting mold, automobile mold, rolling mold


A device used in mechanical manufacturing to hold an object in the correct position for construction or inspection.

Fixture types can be divided into:

①Universal fixture. Such as machine vise, chuck, sucker, dividing head and rotary table, etc., have great versatility, can better adapt to the processing process and processing object transformation, its structure has been finalized, size, specifications have been serialized, most of them have become a standard machine tool accessories.

② Special fixture. It is specially designed and manufactured for the clamping needs of certain product parts in a certain process. The service object is specific and highly targeted. It is generally designed by the product manufacturer. Commonly used are lathe jig, milling machine jig, drill die (guide the tool in the workpiece with drilling or reaming holes), boring die (guide boring rod in the workpiece boring fixture) and accompanying jig (for the combination of machine tool automatic line on the mobile jig).

③ Adjustable fixture. Special clamps in which components can be replaced or adjusted.

④Combination fixture. The fixture consists of standardized components of different shapes, specifications and uses, suitable for new product trial production and frequent replacement of the product single piece, small batch production and temporary tasks.

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