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Guidelines for Properly Maintaining Railings or Handrails

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Railings provide safety for stairs, and proper maintenance of the railings can prolong the service life as much as possible and maintain the appearance of the railings as much as possible.Carefully read and follow the care instructions below for each material to maintain your railing.

glass railing

Stainless Steel Cleaning and Care Instructions

Due to its hardness and corrosion resistance, stainless steel is an especially popular material and is used in a variety of fields. Stainless steel railings look chic and elegant—but how do you clean them properly? Follow these tips and your stainless steel railing will look like new again.

Cleaning of stainless steel

Fingerprints and light stains can be easily removed with warm water and a microfiber cloth, but be sure to use a cloth that has never touched other metals. If you need to improve cleanliness, you can add dish soap in small amounts, but make sure it is not harmful to the material. There are also cleaners on the market that are designed to leave behind a protective film. It is important to avoid any agents (such as detergents) that may scratch the stainless steel. For the case of using detergent, the material should be treated with clean water. Use demineralized water to prevent the generation of limescale marks. Finally, it needs to be dried with a clean microfiber cloth.

Homemade Cleaner Method for Cleaning Stainless Steel

Baking Soda: Simply mix 2-3 scoops with 1 scoop of water and pour over the paste. Let it work for a short while, then wipe the whole thing off with a soft cloth and clean water. No baking soda at home? Streaks on stainless steel can also be easily removed using baking powder.

Citric acid (or cola): A mixture of citric acid and water helps remove limescale quickly and easily. Can also be used to reliably remove rust films from stainless steel surfaces. We recommend wearing gloves to protect your skin when using this method.

Vinegar: You can also use vinegar to quickly remove limescale. To do this, mix 3 scoops of water with a scoop of vinegar and spread the mixture. After about 30 minutes of exposure, you can remove the mixture with a cloth and water.

stainless steel railing

Unsuitable cleaning agent

The following reagents should be avoided as they are corrosive to stainless steel. If you accidentally use one of these agents, rinse it off with plenty of water.

Chlorine-containing cleaners: Stainless steel is not resistant to chlorine-containing substances. Therefore, cleaning with chlorine-based cleaners can cause corrosion, which can damage the product.

Bleach: Bleach, such as chlorine-based cleaners, is very aggressive and will attack stainless steel surfaces.

Abrasives: Hard abrasives can cause scratches. Salmiak based wash milk is better.

Steel wool: Never use real steel wool to clean stainless steel railings. This may damage the stainless steel alloy.

Polished stainless steel

Your stainless steel is cleaned, but how do you restore its luster? All you need is some olive oil or a potato.

Olive Oil: Simply apply a few drops of olive oil to a soft cloth and use it to polish stainless steel surfaces in the direction of the grain. Then this will glow without any streaks.

Potatoes: Similar to olive oil, the starch in potatoes can help your stainless steel shine again. Simply cut a potato in half and use it to polish the stainless steel surface.

Maintenance stainless steel

After a thorough cleaning, your railing will be sparkling. However, this condition usually does not last long. External environmental influences come into play here. To keep your stainless steel railing or handrail looking great for years to come, we recommend using a care product like Stainless Steel Care Spray. This sits on the surface like a chemical, corrosion and weather resistant protective film.

stainless steel

Remove rust film on stainless steel

Due to its oxide layer, stainless steel is particularly weather and temperature resistant. However, external influences, etc. can cause a rust film to appear on the surface of stainless steel, such as stainless steel railings.

The rust film on the steel surface has not been attacked too much, you can use special cleaners containing phosphoric acid available from specialist retailers to remove it. Alternatively, you can use household cleaner (for stainless steel), lemon juice, cola, and stainless steel polish. Apply appropriate cleanser to the affected area with a soft cloth, expose to the sun for half an hour, and then wipe with a soft cloth. If there is still a slight rust, this treatment will make your railing shine again.

Cleaning and maintenance of glass railings

Not only are glass balustrades very modern, but they also showcase an open and spacious design, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the view to the fullest. However, to avoid annoying dirt and even scratches, you should follow these tips on properly caring for your glass panels.

Once the glass panels are installed, they should be cleaned with a soft cloth and regular window cleaner. If your property is still under construction or there is still some work to be done near the railings, you must ensure that it is avoided as a matter of urgency from contamination by any type of corrosive substance such as plaster. However, if an accident does occur, it should be applied immediately Clean up with plenty of water and a suitable glass cleaner.

General cleaning tips for glass plates

To enjoy the permanent beauty of the glass railing, you should wash it regularly with hot water and a soft microfiber cloth. Make sure the cloth you use is clean and free of dirt particles to avoid unnecessary scratches. Common household cleaners or aggressive detergents that contain abrasive particles should be avoided! Stubborn dirt can be removed with a little alcohol or vinegar. When finished, dry the treated area with a soft cloth to ensure long-lasting cleaning results.

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