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Modern Windows: Trends and Window Colors for 2024

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Windows of today are not just transparent, but they also prevent heat and cold from penetrating inside the house as well as noising. We want to tell you about new trends in windows.

Statistically, windows only need to be replaced after 48 years. Of course, with proper care and maintenance, they can last considerably longer. However, it’s unlikely that components from older windows would meet today’s standards, let alone be energy-efficient.


Definition: What are modern windows?

Better living comfort, higher security, energy savings through insulating glass and thus saving you on heating costs in winter, these are the most important criteria that modern windows should meet. New technologies and high-quality materials that you can configure to the manufacturer according to your wishes.
For example, complete electronic systems provide coordinated interaction
-Alarm system,
-Electronically supported opening and closing mechanisms for lifting and sliding structures
– Automatic control of heating during ventilation.

How are modern windows constructed?

When it comes to installing new windows, the first question you’ll likely have is what material should be chosen. The current types of windows include plastic, wood, aluminum, steel and wood-aluminum profiles. Amongst the latest designs there are seen to be more advanced ones like plastic windows and wood-aluminum windows that apart from giving the homeowner a great view and plenty of natural light come with a number of other benefits.

Window Colors: Key Trends

The term “window color” refers to the hue of the window frame. Windows should always be in line with the overall aesthetic of the house. According to the Window + Façade Association (VFF), two key trends determine the color of modern window frames: the natural wood look, as well as other colors, particularly for plastic windows.

Natural wood windows
According to the VFF, “Oak was in particular demand, which has many nuances of natural color and has a unique, beautifully grained surface.”


Window Color Trends

Tinted plastic windows are gaining immense popularity and have already achieved a market share of more than 30% in a short period of time, according to the Quality Association for Plastic Window Profile Systems (GKFP). Although there is a wide range of color and design options available, anthracite and various shades of gray are the most popular color choices.

If you don’t want to go with the traditional whites and grays, cream, green, gray and blue are the current trends in window colors, depending on the material of the frame. Foils are a popular choice for plastic windows, while metal windows can be finished with powder coating and wood windows with paint or glazing.For those looking to create an optical contrast (which is also a window trend), the VFF experts recommend wood-metal windows.

Modern Windows: 5 Current Trends

1.Vacuum insulated glass for thermal protection

Vacuum insulating glass is a type of glass that insulates better than triple glazing. The vacuum glazing here means that the cavity between the window panes contains a vacuum. When there is no air or gas in the room heat or sound cannot get through from inner to outer glass.

2.Panoramic panes and sliding windows provide air and light

Floor-to-ceiling windows are now a common sight in new homes, but the trend of the future is window walls. Panoramic windows let you enjoy a clear view and a refreshing breeze, improving the quality of life. Big sliding doors and panoramic windows with lateral sashes are becoming increasingly popular on balconies and in gardens.

Sliding windows are the window trend of recent years. They provide more space in the room and are just as effective in terms of thermal insulation and anti-theft as the more conventional lower-hung windows.

The same goes for folding sliding systems with multiple glass blades. Here, elements can be moved up and down the track like a giant accordion.Don’t worry about the large windows being difficult to open and close. Just like drawers, panoramic windows now come with soft-close technology, making it easy to move the large window fronts and close them almost silently.


3.Minimal window frames for maximum visibility

All manufacturers seem to be on board with the trend of “more glass, less frame” these days. Slim window frames provide the largest possible view while still subtly blending into the structure of the building. This nearly frameless, transparent design allows for the glass to be securely fixed in place. Glass composites and facade systems, which were once reserved for commercial and multi-story apartment buildings, are now slowly becoming a popular choice for private residences.

Particularly, all-glass corners are gaining recognition for their unique and eye-catching look, making them a real highlight of a home’s facade. The only downside is that these windows cannot be opened for ventilation; instead, the fresh air must be supplied through controlled living space ventilation. Systems with heat recovery, however, have long been part of comfortable living, and are often standard features in low-energy and passive houses.

4.Window innovations with smart technology

Smart technology can provide you with increased comfort. For instance, patio doors can easily be opened and closed with the press of a button on the exterior control panel or through the use of a smartphone. Sun protection can also be managed with ease – if the window is opened forcefully, an alarm will be triggered by a glass break detector integrated in the pane or a lock and open detector in the frame.

5.Smart window glass

The newest trend in windows is smart window glass which has some pretty cool stuff included in it. Solar control glass like one that darkens on its own when exposed to sunlight. And if you do not want to spend your time cleaning windows self-cleaning glass would suit you best! According to VFF automatic doors reduce energy use by homes. In autumn and winter, sunlight warms up rooms and this process is automated by system’s heaters camouflaged within blinds’ cases. With an interactive screen equipped with WiFi and Bluetooth interface people can surf internet right on their window now!

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