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Yes, glass stairs can be strong enough to support the weight of a person. However, they must be built with strong and durable materials, such as tempered glass, and have a strong supporting structure such as steel or wood. Additionally, glass stairs must be properly installed and maintained in order to remain safe and secure.

Staircase handrail is actually a support part of the staircase guardrail, glass staircase handrail refers to the staircase guardrail is made of glass, the support bar is not just glass, there will be stainless steel, solid wood and many other materials. In entertainment malls, high-end community, glass stair handrail is a very common type of stair handrail. Glass stair railings are beautiful and accepted by young people nowadays.

glass stair

The size of the glass stair handrail

Generally speaking, the height of the stair handrail, that is, the sum of the height of the stair riser and the height of the handrail surface should be controlled between 0.85 meters and 1 meter. Then is the angle of the handrail, the greater the angle of the stair handrail, the greater its height. If the angle is between 15 and 30 degrees, then the height of the handrail should be 0.85 meters, such as say 30 to 45 degrees, the height of the handrail should be 0.9 meters. Handrail height and floor height is also closely related, the higher the floor in order to ensure safety, the greater the height of the handrail should also be. And then the length, the horizontal length of the handrail is more than 0.5 meters, the glass stair handrail should be at least 1 meter, and the outdoor stair handrail should be at least 1.05 meters.

The proper glass for the glass stair handrail

1. Tempered glass: features high strength, high thermal impact strength, good security, even if broken, first appearing mesh cracks, broken into pieces without sharp edges, safer than ordinary glass.
2. Laminated tempered glass: laminated tempered glass is a safer safety glass, it is made of two or more pieces of tempered glass embedded between the transparent plastic sheet, hot pressed into a flat composite glass products.
3. Wired glass: wired glass is also known as shatterproof glass and steel wire glass. It is the ordinary flat glass heated to a red hot softened state, and then the pretreatment of wire or wire mesh pressed into the middle of the glass made. When the glass is subjected to impact or temperature change, so that it is broken but not missing, cracked but not scattered, the heat blast can still maintain a fixed state, the role of fire isolation, so also known as fireproof glass.

glass stair4

Features of glass stairs and their classification

Safety: If fully in accordance with the formal design scheme, the thickness and layers of the material of glass meet or exceed the specified specifications. Glass stairs are very safe, and their safety anti-vibration and anti-slip properties are even better than other materials.

Permeability: It gives people a unique feeling of being different from other materials, and this visual sense of psychological safety should not be considered as the physical safety performance of glass, because it is also one of the visual effect attributes that make glass stairs distinctive.

Classification by component materials.

All-glass stairs: the load-bearing parts of the stairs such as treads, pillars and structural beams and handrail fences are all made of glass, with only a few metal fixtures or no fixtures installed.

Part of the glass stairs – can be specifically divided into: steel structure glass stairs (structural pillars or beams using see metal structure + glass tread surface + glass handrail fence). Wooden structure glass staircase (structural pillar or beam adopts see wooden structure + glass tread surface + wooden handrail fence). Glass stairs of other structures (structural pillars or beams are made of any other non-glass materials such as aluminum or concrete structures + glass tread surface + wooden handrail fence). Glass stair components (only one part of the handrail or tread surface is made of glass).

glass stair2

Important things in installation process

Because of the tempered glass railing this material stair handrail need to be in use to bear a certain amount of load, so in the design, must be strictly and carefully in accordance with the relevant national design specifications of the operational requirements, the glass railing of each part of the key and node for the pre-design and calculation, good on this basis to determine the choice of glass stair handrail and related accessories!

General glass balustrade, do not set up a rod, but if it is outdoor glass staircase handrail, due to the flow of people is more secret, so to prevent the occurrence of accidental unsafe events, it is best to add metal material column.

Glass staircase handrail if it is a multi-layer runner corridor glass type of railing, then the height of the handrail design should be in line with the requirements of the architectural design code, control between 1.1-1.2m.

In general, during the processing of glass stair railings, the peripheral parts of the glass must be polished and chamfered, while ensuring that the cut part of the glass periphery must be flat, so as to avoid or reduce the occurrence of glass spontaneous explosion problems.

Glass staircase handrail base or column below the not for design, it is best to use pre-buried parts or pre-buried bolts way to improve the stability of the use of glass railings. Expansion bolt way should be used sparingly.

The maintenance of glass handrail

Stainless steel staircase glass handrail maintenance when the first thing to pay attention to is not to impact climbing, railings installed on the side of the stairs have a certain protective role, but not necessarily withstand climbing or impact. These actions may lead to damage to the railing handrail, and even the need for protection can not play a protective role, resulting in injury to personnel.

If it is a stainless steel column plus beam composed of handrail, it should be a period of time to wipe the railing surface, keep the railing handrail neat and clean. If there are some rust stains with a rag can be wiped off, after wiping off to wipe on the anti-rust oil, especially in the stainless steel column and handrail beam intersection, such details are the easiest place to appear rust stains, must do a good job of anti-rust work.

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