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Fixing Point For Glass Railing & Balustrade

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These days, glass railings and balustrades have been quite common and uplift the interiors of every commercial and residential space.

However, the glass railings and balustrades look very appealing and have some installation details that need attention. The fixing point of these railings and balustrades proves to be something very significant, and while installed, it is important to consider numerous things about them in detail.

If you are also looking forward to installing glass railings and balustrades, read the article below, as it will help you learn many things about the fixing point. So, let’s go through the guide below.

Fixing point for mounting glass panels

What is a fixing point?

The fixing point is a metal fixture holding the glass railing. The metal-based fixing points are ideal because they are versatile enough to be used indoors and outdoors without wear and tear. Moreover, they can allow fixing of railing without causing dominance to the design and maintaining its simplicity and classy look.

These fixing points for the glass railings offer an opportunity to secure the railing in a way that neither moves from its place nor has a chance to fall. The bolt passes through the glass aperture and secures it tightly to its current position.

Types of Fixing Points

There are different kinds of fixing points for the glass railings, each with a purpose to serve. These different fixing points are discussed below:

  • Fixing point for mounting glass panels

Glass panels can be used for various purposes, sometimes as a stair railing, sometimes as a divider between two spaces, and sometimes as a balcony outlay structure. However, the most important thing about installing glass panels has the right fixtures in place.

The fixing point for mounting glass panels is stainless steel fixing points which can easily be used to let these glass panels fix so that they hold a secure position. These fixing points allow the glass panel to secure its position tightly without falling off.

These fixing points are offered in a variety of styles, and mostly they are opted in a circular layout and can easily be fixed with the glass panel aperture causing no damage to the structure of the panel.

  • Fixing points with standoff for small displays such as billboards, name signs

Display boards are also being fixed with the help of fixing points. However, these fixing points consist of standoffs, also known as sign locators.

Standoffs are made using aluminum mounts that easily screw to the ceiling or wall when attached to acrylic or any other signboard. The attachment of the signboard is carried out by drilling the holes in the board so that it fixes with the standoff fixing point. It allows gripping the corners of the acrylic boards tightly when used for displays.

The standoff fixing points used for sign boards are made using a cap, barrel, and a screw that fixes with the signboard and ensures that the signboard is a little standoff from the wall and is not totally attached.

  • Hanger Bolt

The hanger bolts are such kinds of bolts with a headless structure, and they consist of one side with a lag screw thread and the other with a machine screw thread; these bolts also have a blunt tip.

These bolts can hold the glass railings quite efficiently and ensure the strength and security of these railings. They can quickly fix the railings and secure the railing at their relevant positions without being too apparent.

  • Adjustable point fixing bolt

Adjustable point fixing bolt, as the name suggests a point fixing used to hold glass railings, balustrades, and some other things like whiteboards.

It is made from stainless steel and is adjustable; these bolts usually hold up to 60 kg and are perfectly shining bolts that ensure holding the panels in place and not being apparent.

Fixing Point For Glass Railing & Balustrade

Typical applications of fixed point

There are multiple applications of the fixed points when it comes to holding objects, and some of these applications are as follows:

Capable of holding signage

Sign Boards are used for the advertisement of numerous things, and apart from this, restaurants, stores, and every commercial place also has a sign board outside their premises. In this case, opting for something capable of holding the signage perfectly is essential.

These days with the evolving changes, the use of acrylic sign boards is getting quite popular, and when point fixing bolts are used for holding these boards, they stay firm on their location and look pleasing. These fixed points are very subtle, and despite being there, they do not appear visible much.

Capable of stair step holder: 4 types

The fixed points are very commonly used for holding the railings on the edge of the stairs; different kinds of railings may be used for the stairs; hence, the use of fixed points also varies accordingly.

Stair glass railing
The sides of the staircase always need coverage, and when a glass railing adds coverage, it also adds a very contemporary look. However, the fixing points are needed to allow the stair glass railing to be installed so that it is held tightly at its location and doesn’t move.

Frameless glass balustrade
A frameless glass balustrade is a glass balustrade that has no edging or framing. It is plain thick glass that is installed with the help of fixing points. These fixing points ensure the glass balustrade is held upright and tightly without losing its place.

These balustrades are used at many locations indoors as well as outdoors, like in a gallery or just as an indoor balustrade that can be used in a double-story house to create an indoor gallery.

Standoff glass railing
Standoff glass railing is also used for the staircase to give an edging to the stairs, comprising standoff fixing points. These standoffs are circular fixing points with a little upright layout, and they are used to hold the railing in place. When the glass railing has been fixed with the standoff, it looks delicate without appearing as obvious fixing points.

Decorative glass
Glass can be used for decorative purposes in homes, offices, or commercial spaces and looks good. However, fixing that glass is very important to ensure security since glass is sensitive. Fixing point metals are used to do that, and they are available in multiple sizes and styles to go well with the decorative glass.

PV solar fixing point
Solar panels have gained much popularity these days, and fixing them on the roofs requires using the fixing points. These fixing points may easily allow setting the solar panels, and since they are made with stainless steel, they do not wear out even when exposed to environmental impacts like rain and sun.

Fixing points with standoff

Features and Advantages of using balustrade fixing point

Balustrade fixing point has multiple advantages and features which make them suitable for fixing glass panels and stair railings; some of the benefits are discussed below:
1.Minimal fixing point support, quick assembly
The balustrade fixing point is very straightforward and offers a quick assembly process. The best part is that there is no need for heavy and excessive support points. In fact, with very minimum point support using these stainless steel fixing points, the railings and balustrade made of glass may quickly fix.
2.Meet aesthetic design and aesthetic requirements
Since it has a minimalistic design, the aesthetic beauty of the interiors can be preserved. These are such delicate and less apparent fixing points that they maintain the purpose of having glass railings and balustrades in the first place.
3.Strong support for glass panels to meet the safety standards of railings
Despite the fact that they are minimal in size, they offer very strong support. The glass railings you installed using these fixing points will always be safe and won’t cause any issues. The biggest stress people have is the chance of falling and moving railings which doesn’t happen using fixing points.

How to connect to the glass panel with fixing points

Connecting glass panels with the fixing points is relatively easy and rather is a simple process. If you are looking forward to learning it, please read the guide below:

  • Hole point fixing style of glass staircase step fitting

In fixing the glass staircase step, the most important thing is the accuracy of dimensions. Ensure you have measured the glass staircase and then opted for the glass.

Mark down the positions from where you will fix the glass; after marks are made, drill the holes and allow the fixing point to pass through the aperture, tightening it with force.

Fixing Point

  • Clamp fixing style of stair glass railing holder bracket

You can even clamp the glass railing along with your staircase; for this, you have to attach the clasp, which acts as a fixing point to the posts of stairs. The glass panel is then slid into these clams, and you must tighten the screws to secure its position.

  • Sunk head style of stair step holder

The staircase might have a step holder attached for added security, and this case easily be mounted with the help of screws. The points at which the step holder will be fixed need to be marked and drilled very carefully into the glass panels used for the staircase. The step holder is then fixed with the help of screws on the glass panel.

If you are looking for the finest glass railing system followed by fixed-point accessories, you must contact EASIAHOME. You will get the utmost quality at an affordable price, so contact us today for an excellent experience.

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