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Thread testing

The thread inspection methods are mainly as follows:

1、Visual inspection method: The appearance of the thread surface is observed by the naked eye to check the integrity of the thread and to check whether there are defects such as stains, chips and hard swarf in the thread.

2、Technical inspection method: The threads are measured by measuring the aspect ratio, diameter, thread number, depth, pitch and other parameters to determine if the thread size meets the standard requirements.

3、X-ray inspection method: X-ray technology is used to detect various defects on the thread surface, such as cracks, shallow defects, corrosion, etc.

4、Ultrasonic testing method: The ultrasonic technology can detect various internal defects on the thread surface, such as cracks, corrosion, cavities, etc.

5、Machine vision inspection method: Machine vision technology can quickly and accurately detect various defects on the thread surface, such as cracks, corrosion, voids, etc.

Thread Analysis

Disadvantages of manual thread inspection

At present, many manufacturers are using manual thread inspection methods, but manual inspection has many disadvantages:

1. Low efficiency: manual thread inspection takes a lot of time and is less efficient;

2. Poor accuracy: the accuracy of manual thread inspection is relatively low, especially when testing small threads;

3. Easy to make mistakes: Because of manual operation, errors can easily occur during the inspection process, thus affecting the accuracy of the threads;

4.Small detection range: manual thread detection is limited by manpower and site limitations, and the detection effect is somewhat affected;

5.Labor consumption: manual thread inspection requires labor, which affects the productivity of the enterprise;

6. High inspection cost: Manual inspection of threads requires payment of high inspection fees, which is a relatively large cost expense for the enterprise.

Thread detection

Today, we share with you a new 2023 semi-automatic thread inspection method that can save more than 80% of the manual inspection time. This manual thread inspection instrument can be customized for single-position, double-position and multi-position inspection, and the card can be customized for inspection in a variety of ways, including head models and chuck models. The hand-operated and efficient thread inspection greatly saves manual time, improves work efficiency, reduces inspection costs, improves product quality, and meets customer needs. In addition, the instrument also has the advantages of higher reliability, higher accuracy and longer service life.

Our self-developed new 2023 semi-automatic thread inspection instrument with patented trademark can have vertical and horizontal ways, plus a cantilever thread inspection with flexible operation.

This thread inspection instrument uses the latest inspection technology and can inspect a variety of thread shapes, such as trapezoidal threads, prismatic threads, etc. It automatically identifies and measures the shape of the thread, as well as the three-dimensional geometric characteristics of the thread, including the axial position, diameter, and depth of the thread.

In addition, it can detect the surface condition of the thread, including the surface roughness, deformation, and curvature of the thread. This thread inspection instrument is easy to operate, fast and accurate, which can effectively improve processing quality, reduce processing costs and guarantee product performance.

Thread Evaluation

Advantages of the dynamic spiral tester:

1. Low cost: the manual spiral tester sells for between $300 and $1,000, which is obviously not much more expensive than other spiral testers;

2. Easy to operate: manual spiral detector is simple to operate and does not require power or complex equipment;

3. Easy to maintain: manual spiral detector does not require regular maintenance, only periodic inspection and replacement of parts;

4. High accuracy: manual spiral detector detection accuracy is high and can meet the requirements of industrial accuracy;

5. Rapid detection: manual spiral detector can be quickly detected, a week can be returned;

6. Efficient analysis: the manual spiral tester can be efficient and can effectively analyze the structure of the thread;

7. Portable equipment: the manual spiral tester is small and portable, and can be put into the toolbox to simplify the inspection process.

It is the best choice for precision parts processing manufacturers, mechanical thread processing products and automobile parts manufacturers, in order to improve your work efficiency.

Thread Inspection

Our EASIAHOME thread testers are designed to outperform your competitors, improve efficiency, reduce costs and gain more opportunities.

First and foremost, our thread tester has the high accuracy to detect minor defects and ensure the quality of your products. It is a non-contact, which can effectively reduce the loss and input. It also has good stability and can work stably for a long time, saving you a lot of time and money.

In addition, EASIAHOME produces the thread tester with the advantage of serving customers honestly and reliably, and has a professional team in technical support, which can solve customers’ problems at any time.

So, if you are looking for a high quality and economical thread tester, then our products made by EASIAHOME will be the right choice for you, and we can provide the most comprehensive technical support and service to meet your requirements.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you!


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