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Classification of building materials

Table of Contents

Building materials are the basis for building buildings. They are of various types and can be divided into many types according to different classification standards.


Classification by material

1. Ferrous metal

Pig iron  Cast pig iron, iron alloy  Steel  Steel  Square steel, Flat steel, Channel steel, Angle steel, I – beam, Hexagonal Angle steel Reinforced  Garden steel, Rebar, Wire  Pipe  Seamless pipe, Welded pipe, The steel plate, Thin steel plate, Medium thick steel plate, Wire rope, Twisted wire, Steel wire rope, Steel strand, Galvanized steel strand

2. Non-ferrous metals

Aluminium and aluminium alloys  Copper and copper alloys

3. Cement

Ordinary cement  Ordinary Portland cement  Volcanic ash、slag Portland cement fast hardening high strength cement  Fast hardening Portland cement  Bauxite cement  Corrosion resistant cement  Fluid resistant acid cement  Sodium silicate type acid-resistant cement  Expansion cement  Silicate expansion cement   Gypsum bauxite expanded cement

4. Wood

Log  The wood  Plank  Bamboo  Bamboo  Wood based panel

Wood working board  Hard fibre board  Plywood sheet

5 .Welding Materials

Electric welding rod  Structural steel electrode  Cast iron electrode  Copper and aluminum alloy electrode  Electroslag welding wire  Carbon steel welding wire  Alloy steel welding wire

Stainless steel welding wire  Non-ferrous metal welding wire Copper and aluminum alloy welding wire  Gas welding powder

Copper and aluminum welding powder  Cast iron welding powder

Brazing solder  Copper and aluminum filler metal  Tin lead solder

Aluminum brazing fuse

6. Block and tile

Block  Steam raised fly ash silicate block brick  Ordinary clay bricks  Clay hollow brick  

Watts  Clay clay tile  Asbestos shingle  Glass steel tile  Glazed tile tile

7. Stone, sand and grey

Stone  Stone  Granite rock  Marble  Artificial marble  Terrazzo products  The stone  Gravel  Gravel  Meters of stone  Stone powder  

Sand  Ordinary sand  Net sand  Coarse sand  Medium sand  Fine sand  

Grey  Quick lime  Quicklime (lump ash)  Hydrated lime  Hydrated lime, slaked lime  Lime paste stone ash paste

8. Building Hardware

Door and window fitting  Door lock  Hold hands and hold hands

Hinges  Bolt  Automatic door closers  Nail  Garden nails  Flat head nail  Nail  Corrugated nail  Asbestos tile nails  Wood screw  Countersunk head wood screws  Semi-countersunk head wood screws  Wood screws with half round head

Classification list of building materials

There are six categories as follows:

1- Home/Building decoration category;

2- Structural enclosure protection category;

3- Construction equipment and facilities;

4- Outdoor venue municipal garden landscape;

5- Intermediate category of raw materials for production and processing;

6- Other comprehensive classification. 

  • Home/Building decoration category

◆The kitchen  Ambry | Integral kitchen | Kitchen fittings | Kitchen appliances/equipment | Cookers | Tableware | Service | kitchen equipment | Smart Kitchen Equipment | Cooking utensils | Household kitchen items

◆ Sanitary ware  Integral bathroom | Bathroom furniture | Water heater | Sanitary fittings | Sanitary equipment | Sanitary appliances

| Sanitary Ware

◆ Interior furniture  Furniture for living | Public building furniture

| Office and school furniture | Commercial furniture | Special purpose furniture | Furniture hardware | Furniture Department accessories | Other furniture | Paint/paint | Interior wall paint/paint

| Exterior wall paint/paint | Floor paint | Other

◆ Electrical materials  Switch | The socket | Other

◆ Radiator

◆ Indoor lamps/decorations

◆ Door/window  Interior door | Door and window supplies

| Door curtains and accessories | Door to entry | Exterior window/balcony | Door and window fittings hardware | Other

◆ Household Articles  The ladder | Cloth/fabric | Other | Gardening at Home

◆ Decoration materials  Mortar/gypsum/putty | Building adhesive

| Special purpose plate | Wood/wood-based panels | Outdoor preservative wood | Decorative glass material | Decorative stone

| Finish up panel | Wrought iron | Non-ferrous material

◆ Wall floor material  Interior wall brick | The floor | Carpet/floor mat | Wallpaper/wall cloth/decorative cloth | Interior floor tile

| Wear resistant floor | Exterior wall brick | Outdoor floor tile/floor universal wall/floor tile | Other wall floor materials

◆ Decoration/decorative parts   Ceiling/suspended ceiling | 

Shade/rain cover | Decorate doors, Windows/partitions | 

Decorative staircase | Handrails/railings/rails | Decorative finished goods | Sign/sign/light box | Mail box

◆ Building hardware  Nail/hook | Metal mesh/plate mesh| Screws/bolts | Locks

◆ Household appliances  Air conditioner | Humidifier/purifier

| Water dispenser | Other

◆ Pipe fittings

◆ Ceiling/ceiling material

◆ Cleaning and maintenance Cleaning/cleaning materials | Dust cleaning apparatus  | Maintenance of special equipment  | 

Landscape maintenance/maintenance | Cleaning equipment and tools | Other

◆ Recreation, sports and fitness  Recreation, recreation and sports equipment/facilities | Sports equipment/field facilities

2- Structural enclosure protection category

◆ Basic building materials  Cement/plaster/lime | Steel | Commercial concrete/mortar | Concrete admixture | Sand/aggregate | Wood/timber | Stone/stone material | Aluminium and aluminium alloys | Non-ferrous metal | Plastic/rubber | Asphalt and products | Building enclosure and separation | Wall wall material | Roofing material | Doors, Windows/partitions | Building curtain wall | Glass materials for construction

◆ Building parts  Air exhaust duct | Joint of deformation | The stairs

◆ Building structure  Concrete construction | Construction of steel

| Masonry structure | Wooden construction | Aluminium alloy structure | Structure of membrane | Reinforcement of structure

| Anchorage connection| Building isolation and vibration reduction

| Pile and pile technology | Special materials for building foundation

◆ Building protection waterproof materia

Moisture-proof/rust-proof/anti-corrosion material | Fire resistant material | Building insulation material | Heat insulation heat preservation/prevent dewing | Other protective materials | Air defense basement protection | Sound insulation/sound absorption/vibration reduction

3- Construction equipment and facilities

◆ Elevator and transport equipment  The elevator

| Escalators/walkways | Transmission belt | Lift elevator | Equipment parts and components

◆ Water supply and drainage system  Water supply plant

| Intermediate water/wastewater/sewage equipment | Water supply and drainage pipe/fittings | Water supply and drain valve/instrument | Special water supply and drainage equipment

| Fire fighting equipment and apparatus | Water supply and drainage muffler/vibration isolation equipment | Water circulating equipment | Special water supply and drainage equipment for air defense basement

◆ HVAC refrigeration  Ventilation/smoke control and exhaust equipment | Cold and heat source equipment | Heating equipment

| Air conditioning equipment | Air purification/treatment equipment

| Hvac pipe/fittings | Hvac valve/instrument/pressure vessel

| Special ventilation and air conditioning equipment for air defense basement

◆ Electrical system   Power systems and transformers | High voltage power distribution unit | Low voltage power distribution unit | Transmission and distribution equipment | Electrical instrument | Switch/socket/converter | Lighting and dimming equipment | Electrical fire and alarm system | Lightning protection and grounding device | Safety protection system | Intelligent building system | Electrical signal and display equipment | Communication network system | Building radio/television system

◆ Building gas system  Gas pressure regulating equipment | Indoor gas installation | Gas safety device | Gas valve/instrument

Gas piping/fittings | Digital information building products | Digital products smart devices | Building safety protection | New energy for building | Building solar energy systems and equipment

◆ Mechanical parking equipment

4- Outdoor venue municipal garden landscape

◆ Landscape Architecture  Landscape vignette | Garden facilities

| Garden plants

◆ Outdoor space  Gate/fence/fence | Road/floor | Retaining earth wall

◆ Municipal facilities  A flagpole/light pole | Dustbin/bucket

| Manhole cover/grate | Road traffic facilities | Car park facilities

| Outdoor furniture

◆ Outdoor lighting/landscape lighting

5- Intermediate category of raw materials for production and processing

◆ Raw materials/auxiliary materials/intermediate products

Building materials chemical raw materials | Intermediate products

|Production and processing of auxiliary materials/auxiliary materials

| Production processing block production equipment | Plate production equipment | Other building materials production equipment

Building materials

 Classification of civil materials

 Black and non-ferrous metals  

Reinforced | Steel wire | Wire rope

| Strand, wire bundle | Round steel | Square steel | Flat steel | Hexagonal Angle steel | Octagonal steel | I beam steel | Channel steel | Angle | H section steel | Z section steel | Other type steel | Rail and rail fittings | The steel plate | Steel belt | Silicon steel sheet | Copper sheet metal vCopper strip | Copper bar bar | Copper wire rod | Aluminum sheet (strip) material | Aluminium bar | Aluminium wire rod | Aluminium extrusion material | Lead material | Titanium

| Nickel material | Zinc material | Other metallic materials | Metal raw material processing workpiece

Cement, brick sand and concrete products 

Cement | Sand | The stone | Light weight aggregate | Stone | Bricklaying | Block | Watts

| Reinforced concrete prefabricated products | Ash, powder, soil and other filling materials | Concrete and mortar admixture | Cement and concrete prefabricated products

Forming members and processing parts  

Steel structure manufacturing parts | Cast iron and iron components | Pressure vessel member | Funnel | Flanged short pipe | The water tank | Mobile house | Joint of deformation | Workpiece for installation of mechanical equipment | Device equipment accessories | Other molded products | Wood finishing piece | Shock absorber | Prefabricated chimney, flue

Turnover of materials and instruments  

The template | Scaffolding and accessories | Enclosure, transport revolving materials | Turnover materials for fetal gear and mold

| Remaining revolving material | Hand tool | Civil engineering tool

| Hand lifting tool | Pliers tool | Water heating tool | Electrical tools

Abrasive | Pneumatic tool | Electric power tool | Tool of measurement | Weighing apparatus | Instrument type tools | Laboratory equipment | Engineering surveying and mapping instrument | Other tools and appliances | Template attachment

Project cost desk class  

Excavation Machinery | Piling and Drilling Machinery | Concrete and Mortar Machinery | Shovel and Horizontal Transport Machinery | Lifting and Vertical Transport Machinery | Motorized Industrial Vehicles | Compaction and Road Surface Machinery | Machinery | Processing Machinery | Woodworking Machinery | Cutting and Grinding Machinery | Welding Machinery | Cooling and Heat Treatment Machinery | Line machinery | Diving and water surface action machinery | Power machinery | Other construction machinery | Pump machinery

Seal, electrode and labor protection supplies and other materials

Sealing material | Electrode material | Fire work material | Consumables for nondestructive testing | Pen and paper | Labor protection articles | Spare construction materials | Hydropower, steam, coal

Concrete, mortar and other mix materials  

Cement mortar | Lime lime mortar | Mixed mortar | Special mortar | Other mortar | Mortar, cement slurry | Stone gravel slurry | Cement concrete | Light weight cement concrete | Asphalt concrete | Cushion of grey soil | Multiple soil bedding | Other bedding materials | Special type concrete | Mud, grease, oil

Cement concrete building material

Classification of decorative materials

Rubber, plastic and non-metal

Rubber rubber sheet | Rubber strip, belt | Rubber ring | Other rubber materials | Plastic film/cloth | Plastic sheet | Plastic tape

| Plastic rod | Organic glass

Other plastic materials | Rubber and plastic composite materials

| Graphite products | Glass steel and its products | Cotton and wool and their products | Silk, linen and its products | Chemical fiber and its products | Grass and its products | Other non-metallic materials

| Plastic section

Hardware products

Common nail class | The rivet | Screw | The gasket | Retaining ring

| Pin | Key | Grinding wheel  | Grinding head | Oil stone, sand tile

| Coated abrasives and abrasives | Steel joints and anchors | Net and yarn | Bearing | Small hardware | Other hardware | Bolt | Expansion bolt | Nut | Stud | Electrode | Welding wire | Flux, welding powder

| Solder and brazing agent | Iron | Wire | Low value consumable

Wood, bamboo and their products

Log | Sawn timber | Plywood sheet | Fibre board | Jointed wood board | Hollow plank | Particle board | Other artificial planks | Wood container class | Other wood products | Bamboo | Ferula | Bamboo products | Wooden tables and shelves

Glass, ceramics and face tiles

Flat glass | Tempered glass | Colored glass | Process decorative glass | Wired glass | Laser glass | Coated glass | Laminated glass | Insulating glass | Other glass | Glass tiles | Glass mosaic | Glass products | Ceramic interior wall tiles | Ceramic exterior wall tiles | Ceramic floor tiles | Ceramic mosaic | Stone plastic floor tiles | other tiles | Glass mirrors | Special glass

Decorative stone and floor

Natural stone slab | Artificial stone slab | Microcrystalline glass slab | Terrazzo slab | Other decorative stones | Stone decorative sporadic products | Auxiliary materials for stone decoration | Solid wood floor | Cork floor | Bamboo floor | Rubber floor | Composite floor | Raised floor | Other floors | Plastic floor | Cultural stone and hemp stone | Stone products | Floor support materials

Wall and ceiling decoration and roofing materials

Gypsum decorative board | Bamboo and wood decorative board | Metal decorative board | Mineral wool decorative board | Perlite decorative board | Plastic decorative board | Fiber cement decorative board | Composite decorative board | Calcium silicate decorative board | Keel accessories | Aluminum alloy keel | Other keels | Grid,grid/hanging piece | Partition and cylindrical ceiling | Light composite wallboard ,roof panel | Other decorative plates | Light steel keel | Aluminum plastic composite plate | Grid cloth/strip | Integrated ceiling

Door and window products and hardware

Aluminum alloy building profiles | Aluminum alloy doors and windows | Wooden doors and windows | Plastic (plastic steel) doors and windows | Stainless steel doors and windows | Color steel doors and windows | Glass fiber doors and windows | Steel doors and windows,steel windows,steel gates | Iron doors and windows | Screen doors and windows | Special doors and windows | Other doors and windows | Doors、curtains and their accessories | Door and window hardware | Door and window locks | Rolling shutters | Full glass doors,automatic doors | Curtain wall hardware accessories | Plastic door and window profiles

Decorative lines, ornaments, railings, handrails and others

Wooden decorative lines | ,etal decorative lines | Stone decorative lines | Gypsum decorative lines,decorative pieces | Plastic decorative lines | Composite decorative lines | Other decorative lines | Wallpaper | Wall covering |Aart decorative products | Flagpole | Decorative characters | Handrails | Other decorative materials | Railings、balustrades | Carpet,tapestries and door felt | Signboards,light boxes | Fiberglass decorative lines,decorative parts | Light cement fiber decorative line

Composite decorative lines

Coatings and anti-corrosion and waterproof materials 

Architectural coatings | Functional architectural coatings | Wood coatings | Road and bridge coatings | Industrial equipment coatings | General coatings | Other special coatings | Oils, resins | Pigments, fillers | Coating auxiliary materials | Acid resistant bricks and slabs | Asphalt | Waterproof coiled materials | Waterproof pastes, agents, powders, adhesives | Water stopping materials | Other anti-corrosion and waterproof materials | Metallic coatings

Functional building paint

Thermal insulation and refractory materials

 Clay refractory bricks | Silica refractory bricks | Aluminum refractory bricks | Diatomite and its products | Magnesia refractory bricks | Corundum bricks | Other refractory bricks | Unshaped refractory materials | Refractory fibers and its products | Refractory powder, aggregates | Refractory mud, sand ,stone | Other refractory materials | Asbestos and its products | Rock wool and its products | Slag wool and its products | Glass wool and its products | Expanded perlite and its products | Expanded vermiculite and its products | foam glass and its products | Composite silicate thermal insulation materials | Other thermal insulation materials | foam rubber (plastic) and its products | Electric tracing band/cable

This paper mainly describes the classification of building materials. First, the building materials are classified according to the serial number and name, and then the specific scope of the six types of building materials are described respectively. Finally, they are divided into two categories, including the fine classification of civil materials and decorative materials.

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