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How to Choose: CNC Machining vs Manual Machining Process

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What is CNC Machining?

CNC machining refers to the use of numerical control machining machine to metal or other materials for high precision processing technology. Nc machining machine tool can control the movement of machining tools (such as cutting tools, drills, etc.) by computer to realize accurate control of the process of machining technology. CNC machining can achieve accurate parts processing, reduce the possibility of manual error, greatly improve the processing accuracy and efficiency.


What is manual machining?

Manual processing refers to the use of tools, machinery or technology to change the shape, structure or performance of an object. It can include cutting, drawing, stamping, forging, casting, welding, cutting, forming, etc. Manual processing techniques can change the shape, structure and properties of objects to create precise parts, equipment and products.

Is CNC machining safer than manual machining?

CNC machining is safer than manual machining, because the operation of CNC machining machines is more accurate and effective, which can avoid injuries and losses caused by operational errors. In addition, CNC machining machines also have automatic safety protection function, can prevent the machine from accidents, so as to better protect the safety of operators.

Advantages of CNC Machining

1.High precision: the precision of CNC machining can reach 0.01mm, higher than the traditional processing, to meet the high precision requirements of customers.
2.High efficiency: CNC machining can be high-speed machining, so you can reduce processing time, improve processing efficiency.
3.Energy saving: CNC machining can reduce processing energy consumption, under the same precision requirements can save energy.
Disadvantages of CNC Machining
1.CNC machining equipment itself is expensive, ordinary processing manufacturers are difficult to own, and the maintenance cost is high.
2. CNC machining can only handle a small number of types because they are specific to a certain material.

Advantages of Manual Machining

1. Manual processing can meet individual needs and is more flexible in design, which can be accurately customized according to customer requirements.
2. Manual processing can better ensure the quality, can better control each link, so as to ensure the quality of products.

Disadvantages of Manual Machining

1. Long processing time, low efficiency and low production efficiency.
2. Insufficient safety measures, prone to accidents.


CNC Machining vs Manual Machining Process: How to Choose?

1. Expense: CNC machining has a higher investment cost, but generally can provide higher efficiency and accuracy. The cost of manual processing is much lower, but the processing accuracy and efficiency are much lower.
2. Machining requirements: If machining accuracy requirements are high, priority should be given to CNC machining. If the workpiece requires a lot of assembly, manual processing is more appropriate.
3. Product specifications: If the product specifications are stable, CNC machining is more appropriate. If the product specifications change greatly, manual processing is more appropriate.
4. Processing batch: if the processing batch is larger, CNC machining is more appropriate; If the processing batch is smaller, manual processing is more appropriate.
In short, in the choice of CNC machining and manual machining, should be based on the actual situation, reasonable consideration of the above factors, so as to choose the most appropriate processing technology.

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