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Drilling machine is a kind of mechanical equipment that does drilling, drill holes, drilling underground caves, leaking water and sampling and mining underground minerals and other works, for people to complete various geological works including drilling, surveying, sampling and mineral extraction. The function of the machinery is to rotate the drill bit or mechanism in order to dig out, bore or core at the surface or beneath it as well as inlay diverse gears into rocks. At the same time rig can be used for landslide control, rock loss control and ground subsidence prevention.


What is Drilling Machine

A boring machine is a power tool used to make cylindrical holes in a work piece. The tool head rotates at high speed and presses into the workpiece to create a cylindrical hole that passes partially through (blind hole) or completely through (through hole) the part. The speed of the drilling machine is adjustable, and the feed rate of the workpiece can be manual or automatic. Drilling machines can be mounted directly on concrete floors, worktables, or even portable. Drilling machines are designed to cut precise cylindrical holes in almost any material.

Parts of Drilling Machine

A drilling machine has several key components that work together to drill precise, consistent holes. The main components of the drilling machine are as follows:
The base of the drilling machine supports the machine and can be fixed to the shop floor or mounted on the workbench of a small machine.
2. Column
The column is usually a hollow cylindrical structure connecting the base, table and head of the drilling machine.
On larger drillers, the arm is attached to the post and is used to support the spindle and drill chuck.
5.Work Table
The table provides a stable surface for the workpiece. It can be raised or lowered to adjust the distance between the bit and the workpiece.
6.Feed mechanism
The feed mechanism is designed to control the rate at which the bit runs the material.
7. Spindle
The spindle is the shaft assembly with bearings that connects the motor to the chuck.
8. Chuck
A chuck is a mechanism used to grip a tool tightly to prevent it from slipping during a drilling operation.
9. Motor
The motor drives the spindle directly through a gearbox or a series of belts and pulley. The motor can be mounted at the bottom of the machine or on top of the column.

Drilling Machine
Drilling Machine

Types of Drilling Machine

There are many types of drilling machines, each of which has a different role. Below we will list several common types:
1. CNC drilling machine
CNC (Computer Numerical control) drilling presses are mechanically similar to standard drilling presses.
2. Sensitive drilling machine
Sensitive drilling machines are designed for small batch drilling of small diameter holes.
3. Radial drilling machine
The spindle of the radial drill is mounted on an arm that rotates around the post, while also allowing the bit, spindle, and feed mechanism to move radially along the arm.
4. Vertical drilling machine
Vertical drilling machines are similar in structure to sensitive drilling machines, but more robust.
5. Row the rig
The combination drill has multiple separate columns, each with its own driver and spindle mounted on a shared base.

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