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How to Replace the CNC Spindle Bearing

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Introduction of CNC spindle bearing

CNC spindle bearings are specially used for CNC machine tools, mainly used to install CNC spindle. The spindle bearing consists of an inner ring, an outer ring and a rolling body. The outer ring is made of steel plate, the inner ring is made of cast iron or cast steel, and the rolling body is made of precision precision steel ball. CNC spindle bearings are characterized by their high accuracy, long life, good balance, and skid resistance, able to resist air corrosion and humid temperature changes.

The advantages of CNC spindle bearings are their high accuracy and durability, which can provide better rotation accuracy and higher work efficiency. In addition, they reduce machine noise, reduce maintenance and repair costs, and improve the operating environment of machine tools.


What causes CNC spindle bearing failure?

The main reasons may be:
1. Lubricating oil quality is not good, or the oil quality is unstable.
2. Insufficient coolant or too high temperature, resulting in thin oil film and damage to the bearing.
3 bearing installation is not firm, can not prevent external force caused by bearing damage.
4. The ambient temperature is too high, leading to the bearing temperature is too high and the bearing is damaged.
5. Bearing wear, so that the bearing rolling body and the inner wall is damaged, resulting in failure.

How to Replace Damaged Bearings on a Precision CNC Spindle?

Step1: Preparation tools

Before carrying out bearing replacement, please take some time to do some preparatory work. In addition to the basic tools, we recommend that you have the following on hand: clean well-lit areas, lint-free paper towels, clean plastic parts boxes, the right lubricant, graduated syringes, decent digital cameras, etc.

Step2: Replacement of spindle bearings

Prepare the position and preparation before removing the spindle, match marking most components before removal, put the gasket group together, do not mix them up, carefully measure the clearance and handle the sensor
End up taking lots of pictures.

CNC Spindle
CNC Spindle

Over the years, we’ve learned that certain brands are better suited to specific applications. Because of our experience, we avoid some well-known brands. Whatever brand you choose, be careful of counterfeit bearings. Pay attention to avoid transferring installation force through rolling elements during installation. For example, do not mount the bearing to the shaft by pushing on the outer ring. Instead, do not install the bearing into the housing by pushing the inner ring. Excessive force on the static rolling element of the raceway will result in Brinell indentation.

In addition, we often use thermal difference to install bearings. This includes heating and cooling the shaft and bearing seat to make bearing installation easier. At HST, we use induction heaters to extend the bearing housing ring for easy mounting on the shaft. You can try a heat gun. Look at your temperature. When we install the preloaded bearing pack, we use a heat gun to expand the housing.

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