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Custom Precision Titanium Alloy Parts

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What is precision titanium alloy machining?

Precision titanium alloy processing is a high-precision processing technology involving titanium alloy materials. Titanium alloys are widely used in aerospace, biomedicine, high-end manufacturing and other fields because of their high strength, low density, excellent corrosion resistance and high-temperature resistance. However, titanium alloys are complex to machine due to their physical properties, rapid tool wear, and heat treatment issues during processing.

Physical properties

Titanium alloy has high hardness and good plasticity, but its elastic modulus is low, which leads to easy elastic deformation during processing and affects processing accuracy.

Tool wear

Conventional cutting tools are prone to wear quickly during titanium alloy processing due to the material’s high strength and chemical activity, so special high-performance cutting tools must be used.

Heat treatment issues

During processing, the high chemical activity and sensitivity to heat of titanium alloys may cause reactions with oxygen, nitrogen and other elements at high temperatures, affecting material properties.

Classification grades and applications of titanium alloys

Titanium alloy is an alloy material based on titanium and added with other elements. Titanium alloys are known for their high strength, low density, excellent corrosion, and high-temperature resistance.

α type titanium alloy

This type of alloy only contains α phase and no β phase. For example, TA5, TA7, TA9, TA10. α-type titanium alloy has good corrosion resistance and weldability, but its strength is relatively low, and its high-temperature resistance is average. It is mainly used in the chemical industry, aviation and other fields, such as aircraft fuselage and engine parts.

β type titanium alloy

Titanium alloys containing beta phase. The characteristic of this type of alloy is that its strength can be greatly improved through heat treatment. For example, Ti-10V-2Fe-3Al (Ti-10-2-3), Ti-15V-3Cr-3Sn-3Al. β-type titanium alloy has excellent strength and plasticity and is often used in fields that require high strength, such as aerospace, medical equipment, etc.

α+β type titanium alloy

This type of alloy contains both α phase and β phase, which combines the characteristics of α and β type alloys. It has good strength, good plasticity and toughness. For example, Ti-6Al-4V (TC4), Ti-6Al-6V-2Sn. They are widely used in aerospace, military, biomedicine and other fields.

Near alpha titanium alloy

This alloy mainly comprises α phase with a small amount of β phase. They have good high-temperature strength and creep resistance and are often used in parts in high-temperature environments, such as blades and disks of aerospace engines.

Metastable beta titanium alloy

This alloy is mainly in the beta phase at room temperature and has high strength and good formability. They are suitable for high-performance aerospace parts.

Other notable types of titanium alloys

Such as titanium-aluminium alloy, titanium-nickel memory alloy, etc. These alloys have unique applications in specific fields, such as aviation, medical equipment, intelligent materials, etc.

Custom Precision Titanium Alloy Parts

Titanium Bolt

titanium bolt

Titanium Target

titanium target

Product name: Titanium Target

Features: High-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength


  • Semiconductor Manufacturing: In semiconductor manufacturing, titanium targets deposit conductive and barrier layers, such as thin films of titanium or titanium compounds.
  • Thin film solar cells: Titanium targets are used to produce photovoltaic films and improve the efficiency of solar cells.
  • Decorative and functional coatings: In automotive, construction and consumer electronics, titanium targets deposit decorative and functional films such as anti-wear, anti-corrosion and colour coatings.
  • Optical and glass industry: In the optical and glass industry, titanium targets are used to deposit various optical films to improve light transmission and wear resistance.

Titanium Electrolyzer

Titanium electrolyzer

Product name: Titanium Electrolyzer

A titanium electrolyzer is a device used in the electrolysis process, the main components of which are titanium or titanium alloys.



  • Chlor-alkali industry

In the chlor-alkali industry, titanium electrolysers are used to produce chlorine and caustic soda (sodium hydroxide). The process involves the brine (salt water) electrolysis in a titanium electrolyzer that is highly resistant to chlorine and other corrosive substances.


  • Precious metal purification

Titanium electrolytic cells are used to purify precious metals (such as gold, silver, and platinum). Since the electrolytes used in precious metal purification processes are often highly corrosive, using corrosion-resistant titanium electrolysers is ideal.


  • Metal plating

In the electroplating industry, titanium electrolytic cells are used in the electroplating process of various metals and alloys, including copper, nickel, zinc, etc. Titanium tanks can provide a stable and safe working environment during these processes.


  • Water treatment and purification

In industrial and wastewater treatment, titanium electrolyzers are used in electrochemical treatment processes, which can effectively remove harmful substances in water, such as heavy metal ions and organic pollutants.


  • Battery manufacturing

In certain types of battery manufacturing, especially in lithium and other high-performance batteries, titanium electrolyzers can be used for electrolyte processing and battery material preparation.


  • Chemical production

In the chemical industry, titanium electrolyzers manufacture various chemicals, such as dyes, pharmaceutical intermediates, etc.

Titanium Elbow

titanium elbow

Product name: Titanium elbow

Casting method: Seamless, welded

Type: 45°, 90°

Specifications: Can be customised according to drawings

Surface treatment: Sandblasting, pickling, polishing

Processing: Casting, welding, extrusion


  • Chemical and petrochemical industry: Titanium elbows transport various corrosive liquids and gases, such as acids, alkalis, salt solutions, etc.
  • Aerospace field: It is widely used in the fuel and hydraulic systems of aircraft and spacecraft, helping to reduce the overall weight and improve the system’s reliability.
  • Marine engineering: In marine equipment such as offshore platforms and submarines, titanium elbows are used to resist seawater corrosion and ensure the stable operation of the pipeline system.
  • Electric power industry: Titanium elbows transport coolants and other chemicals in electric power facilities such as nuclear power plants.
  • Medical device and pharmaceutical industry: Titanium elbows are used in these fields to transport various medical liquids and chemical reagents.
  • Automotive industry: Titanium elbows are used in exhaust systems to reduce weight and improve heat resistance.

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