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The metal parts of the living room are decorative hardware. High-quality decorative hardware can not only be an excellent decoration, but also a prerequisite for the normal use of living room furnishings. Many householders think that as long as the quality of large decorative materials is excellent, the invisible small hardware almost does not matter, in fact, this view is wrong. Room decoration, a small hinge will become the key to whether each door can be opened flexibly for a long time, not to mention the decorative beautification effect inherent in high-quality small hardware.

Hardware is divided into general hardware and special hardware according to the use function.

Ordinary hardware is divided into the following categories according to the setting method:

  1. the hinge slide class. Name: luxury door leaf (wood door metal leaf), three steel ball slide (furniture special drawer slide), steel slide bad (sliding door, window special slots), stainless steel door clip (indoor door clip), titanium door clip (indoor door clip).
  2. decorative handles category. Name: metal wooden door handle (for wooden doors, non-locking type), wood grain wooden door handle (for wooden doors, non-locking type), senior long furniture handle (for furniture), senior round handle (for furniture).
  3. Decorative locks category. Name: small wave lock (door pull, lock in one), metal ball door lock (door pull, lock in one), stone ball door lock (door pull, lock in one)

Special hardware categories are divided into the following according to the setting method:

  1. bathroom hardware category. Name: bathroom ring handle, bathtub a little hanging, suction cup hand towel rod, suction cup washboard, paper towel holder, cup holder, cigarette holder, anti-fog mirror and mirror holder.
  2. Kitchen pendants category. Name: double “S” hook, hanging double spice rack, hanging corner rack, hanging double shelf, hanging pot lid rack, hanging chopping board knife rack, hanging paper towel rack; should be anti-corrosion, acid and alkali resistant and moisture-resistant stainless steel, full chrome or special plastic and other materials of the pendant.

A, the closed leaf slide class

Closing leaf

The importance of the hinge not only lies in anti-theft, to be strong, but also pay attention not to have noise. The key to selecting a noise-free hinge lies in its central axis, the process is not good, not smooth or metal hardness is not enough hinge will cause the ear-piercing grinding sound when opening and closing the door. The size and thickness of the selected leaf is proportional to the weight of the door, the heavier the door, the more gravity needs a leaf. For aesthetic purposes, the color of the metal used in the leaf is best with other metal products on the door (such as door locks, etc.) the same color. In addition, when painting do not paint to the leaf, paint penetration into the leaf will increase friction, hindering the normal opening and closing of the door.

It is worth mentioning that nowadays there is a new type of lifting type hinge, can make the door open or close since the action has a limited elevation, so as not to touch the carpet. The structure of this hinge is different from the ordinary hinge, the left and right two blades in the central axis of the interface has a certain slope. When the door is opened, the door is automatically raised, avoiding the obstruction of the carpet to the foot of the door.

Slide rail

Do not know the internal structure of the slide rail

In our naked eye can not see the slide inside, is its bearing structure, this part is directly related to its load-bearing capacity. Currently on the market both steel ball slide rail, also has a silicon wheel slide rail. The former through the steel ball rolling, automatic exclusion of the slide on the dust and dirt, so as to ensure the cleanliness of the slide, not because of dirt into the internal and affect its sliding function. At the same time, the steel ball can make the force spread around to ensure the stability of the drawer horizontal and vertical direction.

Silicon wheel slides in the long-term use, grinding process generated debris in the form of snow flakes, and by rolling can also be brought up, the same will not affect the drawer sliding freely.

Drawers with partial pull-out slides can hold items that are easy to see in full, or are not used very often.

Pull out the drawer completely, from the bottom you can clearly see its structure and its contact with the slide part of the specific structure, but also can observe the thickness of the drawer side panels.

Second, the handle

The optional handle must be based on the style, function and place of the furniture. Generally speaking, the relationship between the handle and the furniture has two general principles of processing, namely, eye-catching or hidden.

The entrance is often one of the key decorative parts of a set of living room, the entrance cabinet handle can emphasize its decorative nature, the installation of two luxurious and beautiful handle on the symmetrical decorative door. And shoe cabinets should be selected color and luster and plate close to the single-headed type of pull. These are mainly to use the function of the furniture, its handle should have a hidden, to prevent the owner to use as appropriate. Food decorative cabinet (commonly known as the wine cabinet) handle can be adapted to its own more eye-catching tone, the purchase of a glossy and slightly contrasting with the furniture color double-headed handle. TV cabinet handles can consider choosing those with electrical appliances or TV counter stone color, like black, gray, dark green or sub-gold exposed metal handles. Small living room, especially the furniture in the walkway area, you can choose the kind of closed pull handle that will pop up only after the next press. One is to take into account that the cabinet doors here open less frequently, and secondly, to ensure that people do not walk around to tug. Study or studio furniture can imitate the practice of office buildings, select simple and square pull. Bathroom cabinet doors are generally not much, suitable to select micro-shaped single-headed round ball type of ceramic or plexiglass handle, its color or material should be similar to the cabinet. Sometimes, seek to have the same shape or curve with the cabinet handle, will make the relationship between the furniture and the handle looks particularly coordinated.

The location of the handle installation is also very delicate. Like a group of large cabinets, the upper pull should be installed in the lower corner of the door, the lower pull should be installed in the upper corner of the door. This is not only to meet the requirements of ergonomic norms, but also for the visual beauty of the form. Now the installation of furniture handles in the market basically meet the requirements, but can often be seen in the people’s living room those on-site production of furniture handles installed on the top, very unattractive.

Due to the different production process, the style of the room door handle is also varied. Usually, the silver stainless steel material handle is suitable for use in office buildings, the family more choice of matte bronze and aluminum alloy process handle. Neutral or light cold mixed oil decorated homes can also choose matte stainless steel brushed door handles, and polished metal handles are more widely used in hotels. Door handles are also made in combination with door locks, all to meet the needs of people’s lives. Generally speaking, the master bedroom and bathroom handles should have the function of door locks, while the secondary bedroom and the walkway can be set at the windproof door locks.

door hardware

Third, decorative locks

Locks in the home decoration costs account for about 2-3%, although the proportion is small but can not be ignored.

The current market sales of locks by Guangdong products, Wenzhou products, imported products in three parts. Guangdong locks to ball-shaped locks, wood grain locks, security locks, accounting for about 60%; Wenzhou to handle ball locks, full brass handle locks, ordinary locks, accounting for about 20%; imported locks are mostly high-grade handle locks, ball locks.

Locks are rich in color, gold-plated, titanium-plated, silver-plated, plated giant light, plated matte, imitation wood grain, frosted, etc.. A wide variety of locks, there are installed on the door with the ball lock, for security doors security locks, to open the door handle lock, for the bathroom waterproof performance of stainless steel locks, family sliding door with sliding door lock, for the glass door glass lock, children with a touch that lock bumper lock, and with the door color matching the solid wood ball lock, etc., for consumers to choose family door control products to provide a vast world.

The purchase of hardware

The use of hardware and purchase method

Hardware is divided into general hardware and special hardware according to the use of function. The general hardware is divided into the category of leaf slide, decorative handle and decorative lock according to the setting method. Special hardware is divided into bathroom hardware and kitchen pendant according to the setting method.

Hardware selection tips:

  1. should select the sealing performance of the good hinge, slide, lock. When shopping, open and close, pull a few times to feel its flexibility and convenience.
  2. It is appropriate to select the flexibility of good performance locks. When shopping, you can key in and out a few times to see whether the smooth, switch screw up whether to save energy.
  3. Pick the kind of decorative hardware with good performance in appearance. The main thing to look at when choosing is whether there are defects in the appearance, how the plating luster, whether the feel is smooth, etc.

What are the requirements of aluminum alloy doors and windows accessories materials?

(1) doors and windows and accessories: must meet the design requirements, specifications and models should be in line with national standards.

(2) ground spring: door ground spring, should be stainless steel surface or copper surface, before the official use after installation, should be adjusted before and after the speed of opening and closing, in order to facilitate the use. The hydraulic part can not leak oil. Can also use the door setter.

(3) door lock: should be a double-sided open security lock.

(4) push handle: choose stainless steel, aluminum or copper.

(5) pulley, pulley frame: pulley can choose hard nylon wheel, pulley frame, generally galvanized steel products.

(6) sealing materials: sealing rubber strips should be selected in conjunction with the use of waterproof sealant.

How to choose curtain rails?

Whatever the style of curtain rails, to ensure the use of safe, open and close the convenience, the key is to look at the thickness of the production material.

How to choose a home lock?

The choice of locks should pay attention to the following three points.

(1) compare the weight of the lock with the feel, the heavier the lock core using materials thicker and more resistant to wear and tear. Conversely, the material is thin and easily damaged.

(2) look at the surface finish of the lock, whether fine and smooth, no spots.

(3) repeatedly open to see the degree of sensitivity of the lock cylinder spring.

How to choose a furniture handle?

Furniture handles, the appearance of furniture has a very strong aesthetic role. This is because the choice of furniture handle has an important relationship with the shape, color and parts of the furniture. Therefore, the choice of furniture pulls is very important. So, how to choose furniture handles?

1, choose, do not have to be very exotic.

2, the choice to pay attention to contrast, set off the beauty.

  1. When choosing, pay attention to the unity.

Home furnishing hardware accessories – the purchase of handles

A variety of new pulls add color to the home furnishing, from the shape of tubular, bar, spherical and various geometric shapes; from the style of the difference between single, double-headed, exposed, closed, etc.; both more avant-garde or casual, there are also ropes or hanging beads type of nostalgic pulls. Handle matching must pay attention to the style, function and place of furniture. Generally speaking, the relationship between the pull handle and the furniture has roughly two processing principles, either eye-catching, or concealed.


So, different parts of how to match the handle? The entrance is one of the key decorative parts of the living room, the entrance cabinet handle can emphasize its decorative nature. Generally speaking, the symmetrical decorative door is installed with two luxurious and beautiful pulls, while the shoe cabinet should pick the single-headed type pulls with color and luster close to the plate. These are mainly to use the function of furniture, its pull should have a hidden nature, in order not to prevent the owner to use as appropriate. Food decorative cabinet handle can be adapted to its own more eye-catching tone, the purchase of glossy and contrast with the furniture color double-headed handle. TV cabinet handle can be considered to choose and electrical appliances or TV counter stone color similar, such as black, gray, dark green, sub-gold exposed handle. The reason is that the cabinet doors in these places open less frequently, and then to ensure that people do not walk around to tug. Study or studio furniture can imitate the practice of office buildings, select simple and square pull. Bathroom cabinet door is not much, suitable for picking miniature single-headed round ball type of ceramic or plexiglass handle, its color or material should be similar to the cabinet.


The location of the handle installation also has to be careful. For example, a group of large cabinets, the upper handle should be installed in the lower corner of the door, while the lower handle is the opposite, should be installed in the upper corner of the door. This is not only to meet the requirements of ergonomic norms, but also for the visual beauty of the form. Due to the different processes of some production, the style of the room door handle is also varied. Generally speaking, the silver stainless steel material pull handle is suitable for use in office buildings, and more choice of matte antique brass or aluminum alloy process in the home. Neutral or light cold mixed oil decoration of the home can also choose matte stainless steel brushed door handles, while hotels, some more luxurious buildings are more polished metal handles. Door handles are also made in combination with door locks, for ease of use, the master bedroom and bathroom handles should have the function of a door lock, while the secondary bedroom and walkway can be set up with windproof door locks.

door hardware1

How to choose door handles

Door handles on the building materials market, a wide range of styles are similar, but the price is quite different. A small door handle, the price difference can be dozens, hundreds or even thousands of dollars, in the end where the difference? How to choose a new home to your liking, quality, price and relatively appropriate door handles?


When decorating a home, everyone wants to put their money to good use. How to buy a suitable and cost-effective door handles for your new home? In a word, according to local conditions. For example, the household door trivial must be strong, insurance, the best with the Ministry of Public Security certification, while the interior doors pay more attention to beauty, convenience. Bedroom door, living room door is not often closed, and not often locked, you can buy the number of switches to ensure less, generally 100,000 times is enough, 200,000 times is a bit “big material, small use”, and the bathroom door lock, switch and locking frequency is higher, to buy a better quality, the number of switches to ensure a higher number of door handles. In addition, the purchase of door handles can not ignore the health factors. For example, the bathroom is suitable for installation of copper handles. Because although the stainless steel door handle looks clean, but in fact, it will breed thousands of germs, including Gram’s bacteria, E. coli and streptococcus. The germs on brass doorknobs are much less than those on stainless steel doorknobs because copper has the effect of destroying bacteria. Therefore, it is recommended that you should preferably install brass door handles in the bathroom of your home for health benefits.

Merchants recommend door handles to you, are flying, talk a lot, you have to pay attention, it is worth so much money? See if you pay attention to these points: First, high-grade imported door handles have a full set of imported and imported parts of domestic assembly, the price is different, should pay attention to distinguish when buying. Further, if the businessman said it is imported, he should be able to issue a customs declaration. Second, not the more complex construction of the lock is more expensive. Double tongue lock is not necessarily more expensive than the single tongue. Generally speaking, modern door locks, its insurance factor and the complexity of the switch operating procedures have little to do with. Simple operation of the lock is not necessarily uninsurable, and open up a very complex lock is not necessarily secure. A reasonably designed door lock switch operating procedures should be clear at a glance and can be easily operated. Third, pure copper door handles are not necessarily more expensive than stainless steel, depending on the process. Then again, plastic door handles are beautiful and best not to buy, because it is not strong enough, once broken, even the door can not be opened. Fourth, generally at the same price point, Taiwan-made lock than the domestic lock spring flexibility is better. Fifth, the lock made in Zhejiang is generally more material-saving than the lock made in Guangdong, as shown in the lock head and key is thinner, the lock heart is smaller, so the price should be relatively cheap. Sixth, look at the lock not only to see the feel, but also pay attention to whether it has a quality warranty, which should generally be guaranteed for five years.  When you choose a door handle according to the situation at home, but also pay attention to the installation of the door handle is the same as the general, if different, the business will generally be special instructions when you buy, such as a lock is not installed from the front to the back, but from the back to the front of the installation. If you install at home, due to procedural errors that lead to damage to the lock, which does not belong to the quality of the lock, is not covered by the warranty, that is, the business will not be returned.

The main types of modern kitchen cabinet furniture hardware and application methods

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the level of technology and highly flexible use of kitchen cabinet furniture requirements are increasingly high, and constantly give kitchen cabinet products new functional connotations and multi-element taste. Modern kitchen cabinet furniture technical aesthetic level and comprehensive, functional, etc., and kitchen cabinet furniture series assembly hardware is inseparable. As a modern kitchen cabinet furniture hardware “four pieces” of handles, concealed hinges, drawer slides and structural connectors, undoubtedly listed as an important part of the kitchen cabinet furniture design and production to study and promote the application.

At present, the majority of domestic kitchen cabinets specializing in the quality of product quality there are many technical processing problems. One of the more prominent problems is the use of hardware accessories and matching and international similar products exist a large gap. In view of this, this paper will be introduced and analyzed separately for kitchen cabinet products special series of hardware accessories.

A, kitchen cabinet hinges

The basic function of the hinge and quality requirements

As we know, hinges are usually kitchen cabinets and door panels and repeatedly open and close the weak link in the technical process. Because the door panel needs to be repeatedly opened and closed many times a day, the quality of the hinge is particularly important. Generally speaking, the hinge is good or bad mainly depends on the effect of opening and closing the door plate and durability, natural, smooth, no sound is the basic performance requirements; secondly, when the door plate needs to be adjusted several times, eccentric depth adjustment function can easily but very accurate adjustment of the door position; then the spring off the opening force adjustment must make the door plate opening and closing effect is not affected by the shape and weight of the door plate, in addition to the plastic ring installed on the bolt, can Protect the interface of the door plate will not be damaged by frequent opening and closing.

door hardware

Second, kitchen cabinet drawer guide

Kitchen cabinet drawer guide is a modern kitchen cabinet furniture, office furniture manufacturing composition of one of the important hardware accessories, which should have the technical function and quality second only to the hinges. The quality of drawer slides is not from the appearance and use of the way to distinguish, the difference lies in the material, principle, structure, equipment, production process and other different quality differences. The slide is one of the important factors affecting the performance of the drawer, the better sliding function should be a natural combination of smoothness and weight effect, of which the hidden and ball type slide is more practical two. It is true that the assembly accuracy and quality of the drawer slides and positioning benchmark also often affect the smoothness and reciprocity of the slide movement. Therefore, in the selection of different types of drawer slides for installation, should carefully grasp the space distance positioning scale and correct assembly application method, several aspects of cooperation, in order to obtain the normal use of the drawer slides effect.

Third, hanging cabinet pendants

  1. Hanging cabinet pendant has not yet attracted sufficient attention and serious treatment of consumers. However, the choice of quality hanging cabinet pendant fixed hanging cabinet is the most reliable, the most beautiful, the most practical scientific method. Consumers in the purchase of kitchen cabinets, pull open the hanging cabinet door, you can see two fixed hanging cabinet method: one is hanging cabinet inside the upper left and right corners of the two ABS pieces, hanging cabinet back without other breakage; another is the back of the plate by the screws through the plate fixed in the wall. Hanging cabinet back plate is usually only 3mm thick, plus fixing screws, not only is not a reasonable method of kitchen cabinet combination, but also easy to the strength of the hanging cabinet impact, hanging cabinet load-bearing later, screw loosening, displacement, it is easy to lead to the consequences of separation off.
  2. Choose ABS metal combination pendant without the above worries. Its fixed method is, in the wall first determine the level, and then according to the expansion principle, will hang piece fixed, will hang code installed in the side panel of the hanging cabinet, hanging up, and then up and down, before and after the positioning adjustment, and finally, then add “cabinet body combination” can ensure the fixed quality and use effect. At the same time, this combination of fixed methods not only make the cabinet neat and beautiful, and reliable strength, when the cabinet body after bearing the weight of the tilt misalignment, but also can be fine-tuned recovery. Through the kitchen cabinet production practice in recent years, ABS metal combination pendant is Western Europe, Japan, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong and other developed countries and regions of the kitchen cabinet manufacturing industry commonly used methods.

Fourth, storage hardware

Most of the storage hardware components are made of stainless steel and other metal materials, it is a modern kitchen cabinet furniture connected to the kitchen space, transition space, make full use of the space of one of the special hardware. Kitchen space, whether it is seasoning rack, universal rack, wine rack, rag rack, or steaming rack, round paper towel rack, all the combination of tools needed for cooking, at a glance, arranged in an orderly manner, easy to use and beautiful environment.

Five, multi-functional pillar

Multifunctional column, also known as multifunctional pillar. In developed countries in Europe, the kitchen and hall corridor, bathroom and other space environment furnished and used, but in the domestic kitchen environment and living space in the application of less, domestic consumers do not know much about it. Multi-functional column can provide modern kitchen space and living room environment with rich and varied space design aesthetic decorative effect and comprehensive use function.


Multi-functional column generally consists of a central column and the surrounding bracket, and hang a variety of functional brackets on the central column, such as a variety of swing plate, with hook or without hook swing rod, glass cup holder, small wooden dining table, the bottom of the bracket and lighting, etc., the use of quite convenient. These functional brackets can also be used according to different aesthetic requirements and functions, as well as the combination of ergonomics to combine and adjust the height, hidden fixed support to make the installation easy. At the same time, the stability of the multifunctional column can also be guaranteed.

Sixth, PP molding box, knife and fork tray

PP molding box, knife and fork plate is the use of environmentally friendly standards of polypropylene plastic molded in a single molding of serving utensils, there are also metal materials molding manufacturing. This product is mainly used in combination with modern kitchen cabinet products, with precise design size, standardized, easy to clean, sanitary and non-toxic, not afraid of pollution, will not deform the characteristics of the modern kitchen cabinet drawer maintenance and use, has an irreplaceable role. PP material molding box (commonly known as molding drawer) knife and fork tray, has been widely used in Western Europe, the United States, Japan and other developed countries, professional kitchen cabinet manufacturing companies. China has also been gradually on this product processing technology and application research.

Seven, multi-element handle

Handle (handle) is the modern kitchen cabinet “face”, not only to beautiful, but also durable. Currently popular kitchen cabinet handle materials are metal, marble, solid wood, industrial plastic, etc., with different characteristics, colorful, with a strong sense of modern aesthetic meaning and fashion.

  1. The metal handle has the widest range of application, with bright lines, simple shape, precise die-casting characteristics, curved and striped design, based on the human hand shape, soft and noble lines
  2. colorful, lively marble is more suitable for decorative handles, strong and durable marble with a stainless steel base decorative aesthetic effect is better.
  3. Solid wood handle with its natural wood color and texture to win the favor of modern people, natural wood for human beings, with more affinity.
  4. A variety of stylistic style and colorful new synthetic plastic handles with anti-kitchen environmental pollution, has come into being and dedicated to the majority of consumers.

Eight, water retaining wall (aluminum back wall)

Kitchen counter tops after the water retaining wall process is also very important. Because, at present, the fire board countertop is still one of the common materials used in international and domestic design kitchen furniture. Therefore, the fire prevention board countertop and kitchen wall with parts of the interface processing has been one of the controversial technical difficulties of the kitchen cabinet industry. Through years of exploration proved that the best solution to the interface and water barrier between the fireproof board countertop and kitchen wall is to use the “aluminum back wall” processing method (Figure 10). Aluminum back wall yin and Yang corner elbow connector, can be along the right angle sealing tube treatment along the edge of the natural “head”.

Nine, skirting board, top line

Top line is decorated on the top of the hanging cabinet along the mouth of the decorative line, skirting board (with plug-in) is decorated on the bottom of the kitchen cabinet and the ground between the decorative plate. Top line and skirting board can play a decorative effect, but also can be reconciled with the color, playing the role of up and down echo, natural transition, giving a harmonious, beautiful aesthetic effect, is the common decorative kitchen furniture supporting materials.

Ten, cabinet adjustment feet

Adjustment foot is the necessary functional accessories for kitchen cabinets, open the kitchen refuses the skirting board, you can see the bottom of each cabinet, with four adjusting feet to support the cabinet, flexible adjustment of the height of the cabinet. A few years ago, the use of adjusting the foot is not for the domestic kitchen cabinet company attention, at present, has been commonly installed and used. However, there is a big difference in the quality of adjusting feet, broadly divided into three categories.

  1. Good quality adjustment foot, whether in the design of the shape, the use of raw materials, performance and internal strength and appearance of the surface treatment and other major elements, are impeccable.
  2. At present, the domestic mold design and production of ABS adjusting foot, as long as the judgment is ABS raw materials, its strength and applicability basically reached the kitchen cabinet required load-bearing capacity. The real material ABS adjusting foot has been widely used in the manufacture of kitchen cabinets.
  3. recycled materials or PVC as raw materials for the production of adjusting feet, in the market is quite widespread, according to industry surveys, the domestic market, about 80% of the kitchen cabinet brands using non-ABS adjusting feet. This adjustment foot lack of basic strength, is not conducive to the benign development of China’s kitchen cabinet industry.

Eleven, folding door slide

Folding door slide is used with the folding door, has been widely used in the international kitchen cabinets, many domestic manufacturers have also applied a large number of folding door series hardware. The application of this structure, fundamentally solve the problem of kitchen cabinet products dead-end process function, so that the kitchen cabinet function and style more flexible and changeable.

Folding door slide rail sliding light, open and pull a large range. Just a gentle pull, all the space inside the cabinet is open to the user. Folding door slide product series of order, change the rich function, can greatly save product cost.

Twelve, counter-board rack

The main function of the anti-panel shelf is to have a special function of the kitchen cabinet door plate support, in order to increase the functional diversity of the kitchen cabinet, so that the kitchen environment space can be fully utilized. At present, the anti-panel rack has been widely used in the kitchen cabinet production enterprises in developed countries in Europe. China’s kitchen cabinet specialized production enterprises in the introduction of foreign advanced technology of similar products at the same time, also began to design, produce and promote the application of this new kitchen cabinet special hardware decorative parts (Figure 13).

Germany Hettich company design counter-plate rack is made of nickel-plated steel materials, sophisticated design, good functionality, it absolutely will not damage the overall design of the furniture, without hinges can be opened 75 °, counter-plate weight 2-2.5kg, applicable system drill holes, this component is relatively easy to use and install, reliable technology, significant benefits.

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