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Different swimming pool size standards in 2023

Table of Contents

Artificial swimming pools are divided into the following types according to the requirements of use

Standard swimming pool

For competition with a spectator seat, for practice without a spectator seat. Pool size specifications and equipment should be in line with the competition standards. General pool size of 21m × 50m, the water depth of 1.8m.

Standard diving pool

With and without the audience of two. But the pool specifications and equipment requirements are in line with the competition standards. Plane size 21.5m × l5m, water depth: 3.5m ~ 5m, with diving platform and diving board.

Other types

(1) ordinary swimming pool plane shape size is not limited, water depth is not limited, the general water depth of 1.6m or so.

(2) pattern swimming pool flat size 30mX 20m, 12mXl2m, the water depth to ensure ≥3m. Other parts ≥2.5m.

(3) water polo pool plane size 33m × 21m, water depth ≥ 1.8m.

(4) diving pool plane size 3.6m × 5m, water depth 1.5m ~ 5m.

(5) wave pool plane size ≥ 25m long, width ≥ 5m. Water depth of 1.5m or so.

(6) play pool ( children’s pool, water slide ) plane shape size is not limited, the water depth of about lm.

Integrated pool

Comprehensive pool is to achieve the purpose of a pool, the pool area increased, the pool depth has changed, with deep water and shallow water area, to meet the requirements of different swimmers. In the scale specifications with greater than, equal to the standard pool specifications of the pool surface and water depth, to meet the requirements of the competition and practice. The water surface and depth to be separated ( with buoys or water blocking net, for different ages, different swimming skill levels, different swimming project requirements of the pool.

Basic construction of swimming pools

The basic construction of the swimming pool

  Determine and mark the preset location of the pool, excavate with excavators

  Connect and stand up the pool wall panels, in the appropriate location on the steel brace

  Pouring concrete at the joints

  Smoothing the bottom of the pool with cement

  Lay vinyl liner

  Vacuum pumping the bottom of the liner can be released

The main supporting equipment and common parts of the pool

Water quality monitor, dosing metering pump, pool bottom light, circulating water pump, escalator, main drain, water exchanger team, adjustable water distributor, pool line water injector, diving platform, high-speed filter sand tank.

The perfect combination of PU plastic and swimming pool  

The standard swimming pool design requirements

1, the international competition standard specifications

( 1 ) pool length is generally 50m, allowing error +0.03m. At the end of the pool can be installed in the touch panel regulator, (touch panel specifications: 2.4m × 0.9m × 0.01m, placed at both ends of the pool wall 30cm above the water surface. Immersed in water 60cm. (The surface of the board is brightly colored and scribed with the same marker line of the pool wall.) Pool total length of 50m, short pool length of 25m, short pool total length of 25m, allowable error +0.02m.

(2) pool width of 21m, the Olympic World Championship requirements 25m.

(3) water depth water depth requirements ≥ 1.8m. Both ends of the pool wall from the surface of the water 30cm to 80cm underwater. Can be no more than 1.2cm deep from the surface of the pool wall with a resting platform, 10-15cm wide platform.

(4) race lane each 2.5m wide, side lane plus 0.5m, two lanes between the dividing line, dividing line with buoy line hanging in the pool wall at both ends, the wall with hanging line hook, the bottom of the pool and the pool end wall should be set up lane centerline, for the dark mark line.

(5) the departure platform should be centered on the center line of each lane, the platform surface 50cm × 50cm. The front edge of the platform facing the water surface should be 50~70cm above the water surface. The table surface should not be more than 10 》, and to ensure that the athletes can grab the table surface in front and on both sides when starting, the departure platform should be set up not to protrude outside the pool wall backstroke grip, 30 ~ 60cm above the water surface, and there are horizontal and vertical two. The departure table should be marked around the number of lanes, and the number should be arranged from right to left from the departure direction.

General swimming pool

(6) swimming pools need to be installed on both sides of the wall overflow tank, in order to keep the pool water requirements to try and drain away the surface floating dirt. Swimming pool climbing ladder should be embedded in the pool, the number of general 4 ~ 6, its location should not affect the work of the referee.

(7) the pool wall must be vertical and flat, the bottom of the pool is non-slip, the pool surface layer is flat and smooth easy to clean. General pool wall paste white mosaic, the bottom of the pool paste white glazed tiles, lane marker line for black glazed tiles.

(8) pool pool bank width general departure platform end of the pool bank width ≥ 5m, the rest of the pool bank ≥ 3m. Formal competition pool, the departure platform pool bank width ≥ 10m, the other bank width ≥ 5m.

2, the pool detail design

The detailed design of the swimming lanes, starting platform and other facilities

(1) lanes Competition pool should be set at both ends of the horizontal surface of the hook embedded in the pool wall. Dividing line with white round cork, rubber tube or stick made of wood, diameter 50-70mm, the ends of the dividing line from the pool wall within 5m all painted red, so that athletes arrive at the end of the pool before easy to identify. International standards for lane markers.

Swimming pool detail design

(2) departure platform The size of the departure platform is 450mm × 450mm, tilted forward about 15 》, the front and pool edge alignment, the platform surface should be anti-slip treatment. The front of the departure platform is 300-750mm from the water surface, surrounded by the number indicating the lane order. Departure table can also be installed for the backstroke departure with the hand grip.

(3) overflow trough The overflow trough is located on the wall around the pool to clear the debris floating on the water surface, and the competition pool can be set only in two measurements. The bottom of the trough should have a sloping slope, so that the water flows to the drain. Overflow trough edge thickness is best in about 70mm.

(4) climbing ladders and steps climbing ladders located on both sides of the pool, should not protrude from the pool wall, the number of pools according to the length of the decision, every 25m can be set up a. Can also use steps instead of climbing ladders.

(5) underwater observation window in the pool for athlete training, the pool wall can be set up underwater observation window for coaches to observe the athletes underwater action and photography. Underwater observation window according to the conditions can be set up one or several.

(6) water overflow sub

(7) resting platform

(8) swimming pool profile form

3, the bottom of the pool, the pool wall structure

Swimming pool has two cases: one is directly excavated on the ground to form a pool; the other is the pool on the building floor. The former case of the pool wall by the lateral pressure of water and backfill lateral pressure. When the pool is deeper, and empty pool when the pool wall is actually a retaining wall, and the bottom of the pool under pressure. If it is overhead or in the floor, the pool wall needs to be designed structurally, solid masonry (non-overhead) pool wall should also be handled according to structural needs. Pool wall waterproof layer and surface layer should meet the requirements of the pool waterproof and easy to clean. After research and practice, the pool wall is generally with a stone pool wall, hair stone concrete wall or reinforced concrete pool wall for good. Pool wall and pool waterproof layer, it is appropriate to use the flexible layer and rigid layer at the same time. Swimming pools and diving pools and pool bottom construction method.

4, swimming pool expansion joint construction

Outdoor swimming pools due to the impact of temperature changes in the four seasons, so outdoor swimming pools should be set up expansion joints. The practice of expansion joints with rubber or purple steel sheet for the two kinds of water stops. Purple steel sheet durability is good, suitable for the competition pool, rubber water stops easy aging, suitable for practice pool.

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