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Everything You Need to Know About Glass Deck Railing

Table of Contents

Introduction to glass deck railing

For many deck installations, choosing a railing requires an inseparable amount of attention from the homeowner. Not only are railings a prominent architectural decoration, but they are also used to defend the deck perimeter, maintain visibility and in some cases deflect wind.

Then there are issues of cost, durability, appearance and maintenance. Wood still makes up the majority of residential deck railing, and market research shows it holds a market share of plastic and wood composite competitors, which can be more expensive. However, these non-Wood systems offer resistance to insects and decay while requiring relatively little maintenance. In addition, many of them are now sold as speed interchange kits, including systems that use stainless steel cables and some glass panel systems with pre-configured aluminum railing sleeves.

Stainless steel cables for residential railings are typically 1/8 in. Dia. The most common and sturdiest is the 1×19, which consists of 19 individual wires.

Prices vary widely, ranging from $65 to $150 per forest. This depends on the length of the cable and the cost of the post. Since the cost of fittings tends to push up the price, a railing that uses a large number of fittings for a relatively short period of time is significantly more expensive than one that is used for a longer period of time. Surface mount and straight through cable terminations are available; Turnbuckles allow the cable to be tightened as needed. Keeping railing turnbuckles to a minimum can reduce hardware and installation costs.

Introduction to frameless glass deck railing for the deck

Frameless glass balustrade system, including steel posts fixedly set and mounted on the ground, with connection bars arranged horizontally on both sides of the steel posts. Glass panel: connected to the connecting rod by bending claw and fixed head that fits with the bending claw. Handrail: connected to the frameless glass balustrade system through the connecting plate and steel column.

Frameless glass railing system eliminates the installation frame, so that the glass panel is directly connected with the steel column, making the frameless glass railing system simple in structure, easy to install and high in protection.

The design of frameless glass railing is safe and beautiful in every aspect. With the quality of qualified frameless glass railing, the normal installation will be very stable. The frameless glass railing is made of steel inset glass, so you don’t have to worry about hurting people when the glass is broken.

Glass deck railing pros and cons


Unobtrusive. Does not block the view.

Flexible. Can be built with a variety of wood or metal posts and track assemblies as well as tensioning hardware.

Cables can be run horizontally or vertically.

Glass panels are available for some aluminum rail systems.


More expensive than some other options.

Horizontal railings are prohibited in some areas because they pose a “climbing hazard”.

Incompatible with all architectural styles.

glass railing

Why are glass deck railings becoming a popular choice of home owners?

  1. Glass balustrades can provide maximum views, allowing the homeowner and family to enjoy the view below without feeling restricted.
  2. Glass railings can also add a sense of style and a soft, modern touch to a deck, making the space more welcoming and comfortable.
  3. Glass railings can also effectively protect homeowners and family members from falls and injuries, as well as prevent debris from falling down.
  4. Glass railings can also enhance security, preventing falling objects or increasing the risk of crime.
  5. Glass railings can also effectively block the wind, thus allowing homeowners and their families to enjoy the outdoor space.

Are glass deck railings expensive?

General glass guardrail railing price is not expensive, 100-200 yuan / ㎡, but because the glass itself is fragile, there is a self-destruct rate, so now many glass guardrail railing is gradually replaced. Stainless steel guardrail railing, before is a lot of rural self-built houses to choose more, also in 200-300 yuan / ㎡, just installed on or more crystal bright, not over time, easy to have problems, and there are some welding points are easy to rust, corrosion. Iron railing, heavier, installation is more trouble, rust, need welding, 300-400 yuan / ㎡, of course, some good price is also very expensive. Aluminum guardrail railing, 600-1200 yuan / ㎡, plasticity, can customize a variety of styles, is able to really show the beauty of Oriental art a product, is also gradually become the mainstream of the market balcony guardrail railing.

How do you install a glass deck railing?

  1. 1.pre-buried base plate. Installation of pre-buried parts (after adding buried parts) railing pre-buried parts installation can only be used after adding buried parts practice, the practice is to use expansion bolts and steel plate to make the post connection, first in the civil grass-roots placement, to determine the location of the fixed point of the column, and then in the ground with impact drilling, and then install expansion bolts, bolts to maintain sufficient length, after the bolt positioning, the bolt will be tightened at the same time between the nut and screw welding,. Prevent the nut from loosening with the steel plate. Handrail and wall surface connection

Also take the above method.

2.Line up. When adding the buried parts construction, may produce errors, so before the installation of the column, should be re-placed to determine the location of the buried plate and the accuracy of the welded rod, such as deviations, timely correction. Should ensure that all the stainless steel column is located on the steel plate, and the eye around to be able to weld.

3.Welding column. Installation of columns, welding columns, two people need to cooperate, one holding the steel pipe to keep it vertical, in welding can not shake, the other person welding, to weld around, and should comply with the welding specifications.

4.Welding surface pipe, glass connectors. Handrail and column before installation, put the line by drawing a long line, according to the angle of inclination of the site and the roundness of the handrail used to process a groove in its upper end. Then put the handrail directly into the groove of the column, and install the handrail from one end to the other in order of spot welding, with accurate docking of adjacent handrails and tight joints. After the adjacent steel pipe is docked, the seam is welded with stainless steel welding rod, and then set with plexiglass.

5.Polishing and polishing. After all the welding is done, use the portable sander to flatten and sand the weld until it does not show the weld. Polishing with a flannel wheel or felt polishing, while using the appropriate polishing paste, until the basic consistency with the adjacent base material, without showing the weld.

6.Installation of glass. With plexiglass, glass and other railings, railings glass type, thickness should meet the design requirements, and should use a thickness of not less than 12mm tempered glass; glass installation should be safe, no loose, glass installation position and installation method is required to meet the relevant provisions

Are glass deck railings hard to keep clean?

  1. glass balcony railing in the cleaning time first need to use in the neutral solvent soaked gauze first wipe the pollutants, etc., and then use a dry gauze to wipe it clean.
  2. In the cleaning of the glass balcony railing when the absolute ban on the use of acidic or alkaline detergent, so it is very easy to make the glass railing is corroded.
  3. Can not use metal cleaning tools, not to use the tools with sand, metal shavings to the glass balcony guardrail cleaning.
  4. If you find the glass balcony railing with mortar, tape residue, you can use bamboo shovel, synthetic resin shovel, etc. carefully scraped, must be more careful, so as not to scratch the railing. In addition, you can also use special glass cleaner to maintain the glass.
  5. The connection part of the glass is also a place we have to pay attention to, must be often clean to keep clean, to avoid accumulating too much dust and debris, affecting the permeability and beauty of the glass.
  6. If the bar is inlaid with uneven glass, it will be very troublesome to clean. You can first use a toothbrush to remove the dirt along the window and glass concave, and then use a rag or sponge to remove the dirt, and then dip some cleaning agent to wipe, when the glass and the rag issued a crisp sound between the glass, that the glass has been clean.

railing showcase

What is the benefit of installing a glass deck railing system?

Advantages of glass balustrade.

Both vision and light: in general, glass railings are installed on the balcony, so that the occupants can clearly see the scenery downstairs when resting on the balcony, but also will not have too much blockage of light, the original isolation of the outside world balcony seems to be in the glass railings with the help of the outside world into one, so that people feel a greater space.

Weather resistance: Glass acts as a barrier against wind, rain and cold, so you can use the space enclosed by glass in bad weather conditions and enjoy the outdoor scenery.

Resist climate change: Compared with the stainless steel railing with interval, the glass railing is more able to block the wind and rain due to the unity of the glass, and does not make the balcony too much water in rainy days.

Privacy and safety: glass railings generally use tempered glass as the panel, in the broken due to the characteristics of tempered glass, the formation of broken pieces will not cause injury to people, while high-rise users are using laminated glass, in the event of broken glass due to laminated glass middle of the film has a bonding effect on the glass fragments, broken glass does not fall down to hurt people. At the same time, laminated glass can also be customized frosted glass style, which also has a very good protection of user privacy.

Easy maintenance: no matter what kind of glass is used, the durability of the glass is very durable without external force, easy to clean and wipe daily, while corrosion-resistant, with 304 stainless steel can be used for more than 20 years.

Deck Glass Railing

How to maintain glass deck railing?

Clean and maintain the clear glass railing in the railing showcase, the first step, first wipe the glass with a damp cloth fingerprints and other stains; the second step, wipe dry with a dry cloth. Very simple cleaning steps, there is no complicated tools, daily cleaning at home when you can hand to the glass railing to do a clean.

But be careful, wet cloth, can not be impregnated with acidic or alkaline cleaning solution! Glass is susceptible to corrosion, in the first step of cleaning, with a damp cloth of water or neutral cleaning agent.

This is the regular clear glass cleaning. But what about unconventional situations? If you encounter glass with tape and other residues, it is difficult to get rid of with a cloth, you can use a small spatula of synthetic resin to finely shovel off. If the glass is uneven surface such as frosted, montan and so on, you can consider using a toothbrush sticky with non-fluorinated toothpaste or cleaner to remove the dirt instead of a wet cloth.

The cleaning of glass railings is mainly in the glass, of course the hardware used to fix the glass should not forget to clean. As long as avoid taboo points, in fact, the glass railing cleaning is still very simple! And properly maintained glass balustrade, wipe away the dust, a new look!

The right maintenance methods, stairs, railings and accessories, lasting for a long time.

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