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Fence erection quality standards

Table of Contents

Fence alignment

1.Line setting

Set up translation stakes at each end of the line of the fence plot, from the beginning of the stakes period, every 30m set up a stake, until the whole line is completed, so that the stakes into a straight line.

2.Rolling lot line setting

In the desire to build a fence plot line at each end of the translation of the stakes, fixed orientation; the middle encounter hill or hollow, to be in the hill or hollow according to the complexity of the terrain to set up additional stakes, requiring observers to see three stakes at the same time, so that the stakes straight.

Home Fence

Line cleaning

To build a fence line of work to clear the mound, stones, etc., level the ground.

The fence middle column setting

In order to make the fence has enough tension, every certain distance need to set the middle column.

1, flat area of straight fence

①Fence length should be between 100m-200m, set 1 intermediate column.

②If the fence length exceeds 200m, use the middle column to separate the total length of the fence into a number of parts not exceeding 200m.

③ straight line fence of undulating terrain, to set the middle column at the top of the raised terrain and the bottom of the low terrain, the fence will be separated into several straight sections.

④Complex lot intermediate column setting, according to the terrain, according to local conditions buried intermediate column. (D), small column spacing and buried depth of the setting

The terrain is flat and the soil is loose lot, spacing 6m-8m, small column buried depth 0.5m-0.6m; soil tight lot, spacing 8 m -10 m, small column buried depth 0.5m-0.6 m; the terrain is flat and the soil is loose lot, spacing 6m-8m, small column buried depth 0.5m-0.6 m.

m-0.6 m; terrain undulation of the lot, spacing 3 m-5 m.

The intermediate column buried

Intermediate column (angle steel intermediate column or cement intermediate column) buried depth 0.8 m-0.9 m, the ground part and small column to take flush, and then in the direction of its force to add support rod or the opposite direction to play tie.

The cement small column buried

1.Digging pits

Require the pit after as small as possible, to be able to put into the cement column for the limit, pit depth 0.5 m-0.6 m.


Put the cement column into the pit, backfill the soil and tamped, the line of each small column to become straight.

Angle steel small column buried

First in the angle steel small column at the bottom 0.5 m to make a good burial depth mark, according to the specified spacing will be small column vertical smash into the ground, to the mark.

Corner column, anchor burial and support erection

Corner column buried 0.8 m-0.9 m deep, in the corner of the reverse force buried anchor and in the corner of the column plus support rod.

The special location fence force column buried

Knotted Mesh Fence

1, if the fence through the low concave, concave on both sides of the gentle slope, the slope change between adjacent small column ≥ 1: 8, should be in the lowest part of the concave additional extension column, and pile pit will be expanded, pouring concrete around the pile base fixed. If there is water flowing from under the fence in the rainy season, two lengthening columns as described above are used to be buried on both sides of the stream. Between the two posts

Add several steel wires between the two posts to improve protection.

2, if the fence through the low wetlands, can use hanging weighted small column, with concrete block weight, but also with steel for the column stakes, to stone weight.

3, fence across rivers, streams, if the river width does not exceed 5 m, can be buried in the river on both sides of the small column, so that the fence across the river; if the river width exceeds 5 m, should be buried in the river on both sides of the column, in order to prevent the water from destroying the fence, should not be buried in the middle of the river column, the application of wooden poles or bamboo pole hanging in the trench to play a blocking role.

The erection of the fence

Fence erection to the span between the two intermediate columns for the operating unit, fence line end should be fixed in the intermediate column.

Barbed wire fence

1.the erection of barbed wire fence

Barbed wire fence weft line erection to love one by one, put a line to install a good one. The procedure is as follows.

① First of all, we should erect a temporary operating column in the middle column in the direction of the extension of the force, the installation line tight stabbing wire, in order to avoid the erection of the stabbing wire slack, should be tightened from the bottom to the top one by one.

② will be stabbed wire line in the middle of the end of the column tied tightly, and then put the line.

③ with tensioner tensioning barbed wire line, tensioning to moderate, to prevent the weft line pull off or tensioner slip off injury.

④The stinging wire line is fixed in the middle and on the small stand. In order to prevent the barbed wire line swing loose, every 5m with hooks will barbed wire and net fence on the line connected.

2.The erection of knotted mesh fence

①Construction procedure

Fix the gate pillar, corner pillar and stressed middle pillar, unfold the net piece → fix the starting end → special tensioner fixing → clamping the weft line → implementing tensioning → tying the fixed net piece sub-pillar → moving to the next net piece construction.

②Lay knotted netting along the fence line starting from one end of the middle column. Lay the knotted net on the inside of the fence grassland, with the tighter end of the mesh facing the column, and the starting end 5cm -8cm knotted net.

③ knotted net end cut off a warp, the knotted net will be erected, each weft end in the beginning of the middle column tied firmly.

④Continue laying the fence until the next intermediate post, put up the knotted net and fix it initially. If you need to connect two parts of the knotted netting together; you can use the fence line twister joint.

⑤ Bury the temporary work column, install the tensioner to tension the fence, the tensioning force of each weft is 700n-900n, the whole fence should be evenly stressed.

⑥Remove a warp from the other end of the fence relative to the position of the middle column, and twist each weft around the middle column separately from the middle weft up and down.

⑦will be knotted network from the side of the weft line to the middle one by one tied on the line stakes.

The installation of the door

The fence door will be left in advance, the door is 2m-3m wide, 1.2m-1.3m high. the door pillar should be reinforced with support poles, with the door pillar buried in the ring and door connection, plus the net before the door pillar and the force column fixed.

Third, daily management and maintenance

Before acceptance of the fence facilities should be frequently checked, found loose or damaged fence to repair in a timely manner.

Acceptance principles

1, fence line should meet the user’s requirements, neat appearance.

2, fence tensioning force to be checked according to the JB/T7138.4-1993 detection method.

3, fence weft line and each column tie knot should be solid and reliable.

4, all columns should be solid and reliable, perpendicular to the ground plane, all fastening screws should be tightened.

5, the ground should not have broken steel wire, nails and other metal objects.

6, after the erection of the fence, such as does not meet the above requirements, should be immediately repaired, after inspection and qualified before delivery.

Enterprise safety production cost extraction and use management methods.

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