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Introduction to glass railings

What is a glass railing? Glass railings are made of glass as surface materials, usually toughened glass, with metal, wood and other material structure of the guardrail. The tempering process increases structural stiffness and prevents cracking and damage. Glass railing is beautiful and generous, stable and wind resistant as the main advantage. It is also relatively popular in modern housing. It is a modern guardrail product with good decorative performance, which is suitable for residential communities, villas, industrial parks, organs and units. Many modern home builders turn to glass railings for their customizable elegant design potential and low maintenance.

Components of glass railings

The basic structure of the glass railing is composed of three parts: handrail, glass railing plate and base. The main points of the base construction also include three parts.
1. Steel welded joint fixer: can use two Angle steel, can also use only one Angle steel and a steel plate form.
2. U-shaped slot clamping fixed glass: The base part is provided with two Angle steels, leaving a gap to install the fixed glass. The width of the gap is the thickness of the glass plus the spacing of 3-5mm caulking on each side.
3. Size of the iron parts for fixing the glass base: the height of the iron parts for fixing the glass should not be less than 100mm, and the middle distance between the iron parts should not be greater than 450mm.
Glass railing in the shape of beautiful, generous, visual increase space, space more bright atmosphere, rich fashion and many other advantages, but the installation of glass handrail base need to pay attention to the U-shaped card slot clamping fixed glass, to avoid the occurrence of glass falling off accidents.


Price comparison of railings made of different materials

Wood railings

While wood is a truly timeless material that makes for gorgeous rustic decor, it can be cumbersome to maintain. Wooden railings require constant maintenance to maintain their polished and shiny appearance. If you decide to invest in wood, you are not only investing money, but you are also investing a lot of time in maintenance.
If anything, you will have to apply varnish regularly. In addition to using different chemicals to treat your wooden railings and protect them from bacteria, fungi and mold. The material also comes with a hefty price tag. Be prepared to go over budget depending on the type of wood, quality of workmanship, and source.
As for installation, the wooden railings need to be assembled on site. As a result, this may interfere with your daily operations. That being said, if you want to maintain the traditional beauty of your home, then this is the ideal choice for you.

Stainless steel railings

Whether it’s a balcony railing or a stair railing, stainless steel is resistant to anything from dust and water seeping into the natural elements. This material is known for its durability and strength. It requires very little care and maintenance while still maintaining a smooth polished surface.
Apart from that, the stainless steel blends perfectly into the modern and industrial interior. And because the railings are made of off-the-shelf materials, they are much cheaper to manufacture. Not only that, stainless steel railings are very easy to assemble and install.
They don’t need complicated tools or complicated instructions. In fact, the whole process can be done on site. Stainless steel does not corrode, nor does it accumulate dust, dirt and grime. A spray of water, your choice of cleaner, and a dry cloth will do the job. Not to mention how it works perfectly with the glass railing system.

Glass railings

Tempered glass panel is a very strong and durable glass. Manufacturers expose standard glass sheets to heating and cooling conditions through a process called “tempering.” In a tempering furnace, glass is heated to 1,200 degrees and then cooled rapidly. This practice is also called quenching. As a result, the glass is five times stronger and tougher than ordinary glass. The process also makes it safer. So if the glass breaks, it breaks into small circles instead of pieces. Toughened glass is ideal for railing systems, whether used indoors or outdoors. The downside is that it can be very expensive (depending on size, shape and thickness).


The price of glass railings in different scenarios

Balcony glass railing cost

Glass railings may cost more to install, but it all depends on the area you are using. As a result, the cost of a glass railing system installed on a small balcony is much lower than the cost of a large outdoor deck or pool area.
That said, the cost of a glass balcony railing is divided into three parts: the cost of the actual glass panel, the hardware, and the installation (if you work with a professional).
On average, glass railing systems cost between $600 and $800 per linear foot. Specifically, glass panels can cost as much as $200 per foot, hardware running costs start at $80 per foot, and installation costs for contractors can be as high as $200 per foot.Glass railings may cost more to install, but it all depends on the area you are using. As a result, the cost of a glass railing system installed on a small balcony is much lower than the cost of a large outdoor deck or pool area.

Stair glass railing cost

The price of glass railing depends on what kind of glass railing system you choose. Most glass systems cost between $230- $430 per linear foot. The price estimates shown here include standard 1/2 inch tempered glass panels and mounting hardware.  Most costs will fluctuate depending on the type of glass railing system you choose. For example, choosing to use a surface mount faucet system will reduce your overall cost — while choosing 2205 stainless steel columns will make it more expensive.

Swimming pool glass railing cost

Many variables can affect how much you pay for a pool fence, including the height of the fence, the color, the specific work needs, and the elevation changes. Consider the impact of these factors when calculating the project budget.
Most homeowners spend $1,500 to $10,000 to buy and install a pool fence. That’s $15 to $25 per linear foot, on average. The type of materials you use determines the price. Chain links and mesh can cost between $1,000 and $5,000, while wrought iron, aluminum, vinyl or wood can cost twice that, between $2,000 and $12,000. At the high end, tempered glass ranges from $7,000 to $20,000.
The height of a pool fence can increase the cost of fencing materials by 20 percent. The minimum height of a pool fence is 48 inches, but some municipalities require fences to be at least 60 inches. A fence of about 48 inches costs far less per linear foot than a fence of 60 inches. Expect to pay 50% more for materials if you choose a custom fence height instead of the standard 48 or 60 inch fence in prefabricated panels.

Is it expensive to install it yourself or find a decoration company to install glass railings?

If you want to install stairs at home, you should pay attention to choosing the right material. Many families will choose glass stair handrails, which will look beautiful, but you should pay attention to the installation method when installing. A lot of people will be concerned about the price of the glass railing is expensive, in fact, their own decoration and the cost of looking for a contractor decoration, the difference is that the contractor can do everything, any problem, can be solved at any time.


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