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Visual Feast – Sliding Glass Door

Table of Contents

Introduction of sliding glass doors

The glass sliding door is a new type of door and window made of tempered glass and aluminum alloy profiles. It has the characteristics of good transparency, corrosion resistance, and aging resistance. Its styles include single glass and double glass, which can be made into arc shapes and other styles, and the surface can be painted or tiled. When it is opened, the motor drives the fan blade to rotate to open and close the door and window; when it is closed, it relies on the handle to push the fan blade to seal.


Applications for sliding glass doors

1.Indoor sliding glass doors

1.1 Shower room sliding glass doors
Sliding doors are one of the most common ways to open bathroom doors. When installing a sliding door, pay attention to whether its track is straight and smooth, otherwise it will be very uncomfortable to use. At the same time, pay attention to whether the fit between the pulley and the slide rail is tight and smooth. If there is noise or unsmoothness, it needs to be replaced in time.
1.2 Kitchen sliding glass doors
The permeability of the glass door is very good. When cooking in the kitchen, you can see the scenery outside at a glance. And this kind of glass door can also make the space look more spacious and bright. However, although the glass door is beautiful and practical, it will be easily dirty and damaged after a long time of use. So we must buy good quality products when we choose, otherwise it is easy to have various problems that affect the use
1.3 Office sliding glass door
The sound insulation effect of glass doors is relatively good, and it is more common to use such doors in offices. However, it should be noted that when installing sliding doors in the office, the sealing must be done well, otherwise it is easy to cause air leakage. At the same time, we should also pay attention to choosing some good quality sliding glass doors for installation and use.
1.4 Hotel sliding glass door
In the hotels we stayed in, we can often see some sliding glass doors. Although they look very beautiful, there are certain hidden dangers in the process of use. Accidents can easily happen if there is an emergency. Because the airtightness of this kind of door is relatively poor, once a stranger breaks in, the air in the room will become very stale, and there will be a lack of oxygen. So we must be careful when using it.

2.Outdoor sliding glass door

Patio sliding glass doors
The patio sliding door is one of the common designs in villas, which can add a touch of fun to life while ensuring privacy. However, it should be noted that if there is no roof on the terrace of the villa, it is best not to use this design method.

Types of sliding glass door clamps

1. Ordinary sliding glass door clip. Ordinary sliding glass door clamp is the most common in the market, and it is also the most used one. Its main function is to fix two or more pieces of flat glass together and play a fixed role; this kind of sliding door and window lock has a structure Simple, easy to install, cheap features. 2. Magnetic sliding window locks. This product uses the principle of magnetic adsorption to control the switch state of doors and windows, and can complete the action without force when opening and closing; it has the characteristics of small size, light weight, long service life, etc., and is suitable for middle and high-end residential and office places, etc. place.


Sliding glass door clamps installation

Before use, first clean the connection between the glass clamp and the slide rail, wipe it clean with a dry towel, and then drop a small amount of grease or cooking oil on the clamp. Then adjust the appropriate size according to your needs. The glass can then be fixed to the door frame and the screws tightened. If you find that the screws are loose or fall off, you can re-tighten the screws or replace with new nuts.

Types of sliding glass door locks

1.Sliding door locks are divided into single handle, double handle and three handle. Among them, single-handle and double-handle sliding glass door locks are generally used in small rooms such as bedrooms or living rooms; while three-handle handles are mostly used in large-area spaces such as bathrooms or kitchens. When purchasing, pay attention to whether it has an automatic alarm function and whether it has an anti-pinch function. In addition, pay attention to check how the key is made. If the key is rough, it is easy to cause damage.
2. Combination lock is one of the more popular types of sliding glass door locks. It has two characteristics of safety and convenience, and the price is also cheaper. However, the security of this kind of sliding glass door is relatively poor, so it is recommended that you do not choose to use a combination lock as an anti-theft measure at home.

Sliding glass door locks installation

The installation method of the glass door lock is actually very simple. First, a screw hole device is installed at the bottom of the glass door, and then the door leaf and the door frame of the sliding glass door can be fixed together. Next, we can directly screw on the prepared lock, so that the door leaf and the door frame of the sliding glass door are connected.

Some questions about sliding glass door

1.How do you fix the latch on a sliding glass door?

First, we find the location of the lock. On the sliding glass door, we can see that there is a small hole, which is used to install the ⁇ lock. We put a plastic bag or something like plastic paper on it to protect it. Then we can insert our lock into this plastic bag. Next, we need to fix this plastic bag or plastic paper. The last step is to tear off our bag and that’s it.

2.How do you replace a sliding door latch?

If you find that the door lock is damaged, you can open the door and remove the old lock. If the new lock cannot be used directly, you can put a plastic bag or paper box on the original latch. Then fix the plastic bag or carton to the appropriate position of the door (generally about 1 meter above the ground). This prevents damage to the wall during installation. Finally tighten it with a screwdriver and you’re done!

3.How do you repair a sliding glass door latch?

First remove the locking piece on the pulley, then gently turn the door leaf by hand, and then loosen the locking piece when you feel resistance (note: do not use too much force), so that it can be opened easily.

4.How do you install sliding glass door handle clamp latch?

When installing, first fix the glass door handle to a suitable height (according to needs), and then install it according to the position shown in the picture.

5.What’s the best way to secure a sliding glass door?

When fixing sliding doors, we generally use the following two methods: the first is to use expansion nails. When installing the glass door, put a row of expansion nails between the glass and the wall, and then fix the expansion nails through the screw holes on the glass; the other is fixed by screws. When using screws for fixing, it is necessary to first tighten the screw cap and then tighten the screw. It should be noted that its firmness and safety must be guaranteed during the installation process!

Outdoor sliding glass door  

6.How much do sliding glass doors cost

The price of glass doors generally varies according to different materials, craftsmanship, etc. At present, there are three kinds of ordinary glass doors, tempered glass and laminated glass that are more common in the market. The price of ordinary glass doors is generally between 200~300 yuan/window; and the price of laminated glass is 500~1000 yuan/window. between.

7.The safety of sliding glass doors

Glass doors are relatively common decorations in home decoration, but many owners tend to ignore its safety when installing them. In fact, sliding glass doors also have potential safety hazards. Because if used improperly, it is easy to cause the glass to break. Therefore, when we choose, we must carefully consider it before deciding whether to install this type of door and window products.

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