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The thing you most want to know about glass railings for stairs

It is about the design of a staircase glass balustrade.

  1. Made of stainless steel and glass material, it has good corrosion resistance and anti-aging.
  2. The pillars of the glass balustrade are precision welded, with solid installation, compact structure and beautiful and generous appearance.
  3. The staircase glass balustrade can be fixed by chuck, which is quick to install and can be adjusted, convenient for maintenance and repair.
  4. The surface of the glass railing is polished, with high finish, easy to clean and maintain, and not easy to oxidation and discoloration.
  5. The glass railing adopts special treatment technology, so that the glass surface has good anti-drop performance, safe and reliable.

Stainless steel stairs glass railing design

Domestic indoor glass railing height is generally between 900mm-1000mm, outdoor railing height is generally between 1000mm-1100mm; according to stipulates: the actual balcony railing of low-rise and multi-storey houses is not less than 1050mm; the net height of balcony railing of high-rise and high-rise houses should not be less than 1100mm; the height of staircase handrail should not be less than 900mm, and the handrail height of staircase horizontal section railing length is more than 500mm should not be less than 1050mm. Should not be less than 1100mm; staircase handrail height should not be less than 900mm, staircase horizontal section railing length greater than 500mm, its handrail height should not be less than 1050mm, the net distance between the vertical bars of the staircase railing should not be greater than 110mm. balcony railing design should prevent children from climbing, the vertical bars of the railing between the headroom should not be greater than 110mm, place the flower pot must take measures to prevent falling. The height of foreign balustrade is usually higher than the domestic, foreign indoor balustrade height in 1000mm-1100mm, outdoor balustrade height in 1100mm-1200mm. glass balustrade column and column between the design of the standard distance is about 1200-1300mm. If the spacing is too small, will increase the number of columns, thus leading to increased costs; if the spacing is greater than this number, will cause there is an insecurity factor.

The cost of glass railings for stairs

  1. Zinc steel staircase guardrail, Zinc steel staircase guardrail purchase price range: 120-180 yuan / m
  2. Aluminum alloy staircase guardrail-Aluminum alloy staircase guardrail purchase price range: 140-220 yuan / m
  1. stainless steel staircase guardrail, Stainless steel staircase guardrail procurement price range: 120-180 yuan / m
  2. Iron staircase guardrail-Iron staircase guardrail procurement price range: 110-180 yuan / m
  3. solid wood staircase guardrail, Solid wood staircase guardrail procurement price range: 150-300 yuan /
  4. Glass staircase guardrail, Glass staircase guardrail procurement price range: 50-120 yuan / m (excluding glass)

railing of the stairs

What is the difference between Cable railing System and glass railing system?

Cable railing system is a railing system that uses stainless steel poles and rigging to enclose a safe area, usually for outdoor applications. It can be used to protect cliffs, hillsides, platforms, bridges, parks, etc. Cable railing systems are well designed, aesthetically pleasing and able to withstand high winds and high loads, but the downside is that they can block the view.

Glass railing system is a railing system that uses stainless steel brackets and tempered safety glass to enclose a safe area, usually for indoor applications. It can be used to protect cliffs, hillsides, platforms, bridges, parks, etc. The glass railing system is well designed to withstand high winds and high loads and does not block the view, but its disadvantage is that it is more expensive than cable railing systems.

Are glass railings for stairs safe?

Glass staircase railing is using tempered glass as the panel. Tempered glass belongs to safety glass, when the glass breaks, the film in the middle of the laminated glass has a bonding effect on the glass fragments, the broken glass will not fall down and hurt people, the fragments formed during the breaking process will not cause harm to the human body, the safety index is high. Mall glass railing is not only a barrier for safety protection, but also a part of the decorative mall.

How to clean the glass railing of the stairs?

  1. Scrub stainless steel stair railings do not use steel wool, steel wool scrubbing may make metal particles adhering to the wall of the basin, easy to produce rust spots over time, affecting the service life of the basin.
  2. Clean the railing handrail to avoid using steel brushes or rough texture of the brush, so as not to scratch the surface of the stainless steel stair handrail.
  3. Clean stainless steel railing handrail please use sponge or cloth, such as cleaning agent cleaning, choose a neutral detergent, gently scrub.
  4. Stainless steel stair railings try not to use rubber pads, because the dirt under the rubber pad is difficult to clean.
  5. Stainless steel stair rail surface can not contact the water containing heavy metal components (heavy water), because the water containing heavy metals will cause stainless steel stair rail discoloration or rust spots, such as the occurrence of this phenomenon, please immediately dry stainless steel stair rail with a towel.
  6. Stainless steel stair railings should try to avoid contact with strong bleaching powder, household chemicals and soap, such as the above, you need to clean with water and immediately dry stainless steel stair railings with a towel.

Custom rimless railings

How to design the glass railing handrail for stairs?

  1. Design concept: glass balustrade handrail should have safety, simple and generous shape, strong sense of hierarchy, and can complement other parts of the stairs.
  2. Structure design: the structure of glass balustrade handrail can choose to use the whole aluminum alloy assembly frame, internal support using steel structure, external is aluminum alloy assembly frame, and combined with the internal support structure, with glass as the surface layer, so that the overall structure is more solid and stable.
  3. Modeling design: the shape of the glass balustrade handrail can be simple and generous design, so that the overall lines are smooth, so that the staircase space is more open, giving people a relaxed, comfortable feeling.
  4. Safety: glass balustrade handrail should be considered in the design of safety, so make sure the structure of the balustrade is solid, with enough tensile strength and bending stress to ensure safety.

What is the height of glass railings for stairs?

Taircase railing height standard: indoor staircase railing height

Indoor floor railing height standard is usually 90 cm, but this height can be changed according to the actual indoor space size, if the length of the indoor stairs in more than 5 meters, you can properly raise the height of the staircase railing, if the family has the elderly or children, in order to their safety, it is best to set the indoor staircase railing to 100 cm is better.

Glass Railings for Stairs

What material stairs are suitable for glass railings?

Common staircase railing materials are metal class, glass class, wood class, plastic class, concrete baffle class, stone class, etc.. Zinc steel, iron, stainless steel, aluminum, raw wood, plastic, concrete column, marble and other materials can be made stair railing.

In the large buildings, residential housing is now a large-scale use of zinc steel staircase railing, zinc steel guardrail as the rapid development of new guardrail in recent years, it contains a wide range of products, staircase railing is one of them. Zinc steel staircase railing its material strength, because of its zinc and anti-corrosion and rust function is superior, easy to achieve strong, durable, safe, fire requirements, and assembly design, rich colors make it easy to install, suitable for a variety of styles of architecture.

Zinc steel staircase railing takes into account the safety and aesthetics, and its procurement cost is also very advantageous, so it is highly respected by the builders, real estate developers love, and has been widely used.

Do you install the glass stair railing yourself or  a decoration company to install it?

Generally speaking, the installation of glass staircase balustrade is done by a professional decoration company, because its installation requires a certain level of skill, and if you install it by yourself, there may be some unpredictable problems, and it may even affect its use effect. Therefore, it is recommended to find a decoration company to install the glass staircase railing to ensure the quality and safety of the installation.

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