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How to choose-wood staircase railing or glass staircase railing

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Wood staircase railing

Wooden staircase is a kind of wooden staircase, a common architectural structure in houses. Wooden material processing and installation of stairs, mostly decorative small stairs. Staircase handrails, body posts and railings and other components, the market are finished products for sale, the form of its shape and artistic style, can be coordinated with wooden siding, wood materials decorative ceiling, hard wood panels, decorative gates and wooden furniture.

Stairs can be divided into all-wood stairs, steel and wood stairs, iron and wood stairs, etc. from the material.

1.all-wood staircase is due to the wood itself has a sense of warmth, coupled with the floor material and color is easy to match, construction is also relatively convenient, so the market share is larger. Finished stairs material to beech, oak, walnut mostly, custom-made and on-site do to ash willow mainly. When choosing all-wood stairs, pay attention to the matching of the floor and stair treads, the matching of the material and style of the columns and handrails.

2.steel and wood stairs means that the handrail and treads are wood, and the keel and fence posts are steel. Steel and wood stairs give people a solid, stable feeling.

3.Iron wood staircase means that the treads of the staircase are generally wood products, the guardrail is iron products, and the handrail is wood or iron products. Compared with all-wood stairs, this staircase seems to have more interest. The wrought pattern in the staircase guardrail has a larger choice, there are columns, there are all kinds of patterns composed of patterns; the color is antique, there are also in the original color of copper and iron appear. These staircase handrails are tailor-made, complicated processing and higher prices. Cast iron stairs are relatively less in style, and generally manufacturers have fixed manufacturing styles from which customers can choose. And you can choose the color according to customer requirements. Compared with wrought stairs, cast iron stairs look slightly more stable, and the price of these stairs is a little cheaper than wrought ones.

Wood staircase railing

Glass staircase railing

Large commercial real estate projects there is a large profit margin, according to statistics shopping malls choose glass stainless steel railing, glass aluminum railing, frameless glass railing and other glass railing accounted for 70%, visible hotels, glass guardrails and glass staircase railing in shopping malls, star hotels is also increasingly heavy status. Although the glass staircase railing is just a subsidiary decoration project of the mall, the share of the whole decoration is not high, but it is absolutely can not be ignored. After all, the location of the glass staircase railing handrail in the mall is generally in the atrium space and the terrace walkway, is the most people pass through the place most easily touch the object, the location of the installation determines the importance of the glass railing. Glass staircase railing is using tempered glass as the panel. Tempered glass belongs to the safety glass, when the glass breaks, the film in the middle of the laminated glass has a bonding effect on the glass fragments, broken glass will not fall down and hurt people, the fragments formed in the process of breaking will not cause harm to the human body, the safety index is high. Mall glass railing is not only a barrier for safety protection, but also a part of the decorative mall. Shopping in the mall of each person’s eyes and body may be in contact with the glass railing, both of which can not be ignored, it is necessary to choose a practical and beautiful glass railing.

Price comparison

1, in the choice of staircase material, mainly depends on the home decorating style. If the home decorating style is Chinese, the choice of glass stairs will inevitably be somewhat incongruous; but if it is a modern fashion style, glass stairs is undoubtedly the best choice.

2, glass staircase shape beautiful, strong sense of line, rich in fashion. So compared with wooden stairs, it is more popular among young people. And, the long service life of glass stairs, easy to clean, do not worry about the rain mold, cracking and other phenomena. Even if the whole tempered glass is broken, it will not fall down and hurt people, the safety is very good.

3, wood stairs with a classical literary style, the overall more stable, so it is more suitable for a strong literary atmosphere, or older families use, stable, generous. But the installation of wooden stairs need follow-up maintenance, to avoid mold because of moisture.

Safety comparison

Wood staircase railing safety

In the understanding of the location of the railing, is often and water or other more dangerous parts of the relevant partition, so in the security of the railing is very high requirements. Wooden railing in the safety of the material has a very good guarantee, and according to the color and related treatment, and the real wood is basically the same, so as to avoid the wood corrosion problems, but also to ensure that the use of the process of the ideal use of results.

Glass staircase railing

1, in fact, for the safety of glass stairs do not need to worry, from many public places, especially hotels, shopping malls, etc. for the use of glass stairs, glass guardrails know that the safety of glass stairs is very excellent.

2, duplex stairs if it is completely in accordance with the formal design program, the thickness of the material and layers of glass to meet or exceed the specified specifications. Then the glass staircase is absolutely safe, and its safety, seismic, anti-slip and other properties are even better than other materials.

3, most of the glass stairs are used tempered laminated glass, which is made of 2 or more layers of ordinary float glass after tempering treatment, composite. The middle layer is mostly PVB film, after heating, high-pressure special process, the 2 or more layers of glass bonded together. Even if it is impacted, its fragments will stick together due to the role of the intermediate adhesive layer, so it is very safe.

Design comparison

Glass staircase balustrade design.

1. Rectangular glass.

Rectangular glass can be measured directly using a leather ruler to measure its length and width.

2. parallelogram glass.

Parallelogram glass in the measurement, you need to measure the following dimensions, that is, you can determine the shape of the glass as well as the size.

(1) If you know the slope of the stairs, then you can directly measure its long side and short side with a measuring tape, you can determine the shape size by triangulation.

(2) You can double the vertical distance between the long side, the short side or the long side. Simply put, it is to measure the distance between two parallel lines of a parallelogram. If you do not require high precision, you can directly use triangle ruler, cut board, straightedge and other equipment as an auxiliary measurement tool, and then use a leather ruler to measure.

Wooden staircase design tips.

1. Division of stairs

Small houses in the design of the staircase, the first thing to do is to divide the space, because the small space is not much, if not arranged the location of the stairs, may lead to a waste of living space. Stairs can be divided in accordance with the movement, the division of each area, to avoid mutual interference in each area.

2. staircase design

In addition to arranging the location of the staircase, you also need to design the staircase shape. Small staircase in the design of the staircase can not take up too much space, otherwise it will reduce the use of the lower staircase area, in order to achieve the purpose of saving space, you can design the staircase into L-shaped or rotating type.

3. stair safety

Safety is a part of home decoration can not be ignored, and in the small house decoration, saving space is important, but also can not ignore the function of the staircase itself, so the staircase sturdiness and fire resistance are to meet the standards, in addition to take into account the staircase handrail connection is solid and other matters.

4. staircase slope

The slope of the home staircase should not be designed too large, especially for families with children and the elderly, and the height of the staircase wear parts of the material used must be noted to its solidity. In addition, the width of the staircase railing should be consistent with the width of the stairs, because children like to look down on the stairs, in order to the safety of children, the width of the staircase railing can not be too large.

5. The choice of stair material

No matter which style you intend to design the stairs, it is best to choose cement concrete decoration stairs, followed by steel and wooden stairs, because the stairs made of cement concrete material are much less noisy in the process of our going up and down compared to steel and wooden stairs.

Indoor wooden staircase railings

Handrail height of wood railing

The height of indoor staircase handrail should not be less than 0.90m from the front edge line of the step, and its height should not be less than 1m when the horizontal handrail on the side of the stairwell is longer than 0.50m. The height of indoor staircase handrail should not be less than 0.90m from the front edge line of the step, and its height should not be less than 1.05m when the horizontal handrail on the side of the stairwell is longer than 0.50m. The step should take anti-slip measures.

The height of handrail should not be less than 0.90m. The height of handrail should not be less than 1.05m when the length of staircase horizontal railing is more than 0.50m. The headroom between vertical bars of staircase railing should not be more than 0.11m.

Handrail height of glass railing

Handrail height should not be less than 0.90m. When the length of the horizontal section of the staircase railing is greater than 0.50m, its handrail height should not be less than 1.05m. The net distance between the vertical bars of the staircase railing should not be greater than 0.11m. When the net width of the stairwell is greater than 0.11m, measures must be taken to prevent children from climbing and slipping.

Summarize-how to choose- wood staircase railing or glass staircase railing

Traditional home furnishings in the stair handrail is either stainless steel or solid wood, with the progress of social science, more and more stair handrail materials into the sight of everyone.

  1. solid wood

The advantages of solid wood stair handrail is thick and durable, good touch, will not have a cold feeling, and the environmental protection of solid wood is good, natural texture, can match a variety of decoration style. Of course, solid wood stair handrail for the later maintenance requirements are very high, whether in the early or use of the process of investment is huge.

    2. Glass

Glass is characterized by its good permeability, does not block the light, very suitable for small households, minimalist style of decoration is more suitable for the use of glass stair railings. Glass staircase railing first in the visual can increase its sense of openness, its shortcomings is poor durability, high price, the occurrence of broken easy to hurt people.

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