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Glass clips are safe and sturdy, and easy to install. Glass clips are widely used in daily life, whether in companies, homes, or tourist attractions, glass clips can be found everywhere. Glass clips are available in a variety of specifications and can be customized according to specific situations.

They are hardware accessories used to hold glass doors with ground springs or ground shafts for normal door operation and are widely used in glass doors and windows, bathroom doors and shower rooms.

Bathroom glass clips

The classification of glass clips is also meticulous, and can be divided into: long glass clips and short glass clips according to the different functions. According to the use can be divided into: upper glass clip, lower glass clip, top glass clip, bending glass clip, lock clip and shaped glass clip.

According to the material can be divided into: aluminum clip, zinc clip, iron clip and stainless steel clip four kinds. According to the way of fixing can be divided into three fixed ways: three-stage nail, jamming, fastening screws.

Daily use of glass clips

Glass door clips are generally suitable for 12mm glass. It can be made suitable for 8mm, 10mm thick glass door by increasing the pad paper, also some door clips can clip 15mm thick glass. Long door clips are suitable for 12mm-15mm thick glass door use.

Factory Glass Clamp Inventory

Our EASIAHOME IMP&EXP CO. LTD glass clips are corrosion and rust-resistant, easy to install, and of high quality. There are more than a thousand types of glass clips and we only produce high-quality products.

Floor glass clamp

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