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Before you begin installing your glass clips,make sure that all of your posts and handrail are securely mounted. In this video,we will be showing you how to attach your glass clips you’re your posts,Keep in mind that both clips will need to be attached on both sides of the posts before you can install your glass. It is beneficial to keep the overall system of posts in mind when installing your clips .The first thing  you will need to do is open the face of the glass clip  using the the provided number 4 allen wrench remove both of the flathead socket cap screws from the face of the clip leaving the back half open

glass clip

Once separated locate the pre-drilled hole on the face of your post using a number5 Allen wrench, attach the back half of the glass clip with the provided button heed socket cap screw tension by hand until tight.

It may be necessary to rotate the allen wrench for the final few turns repeat these steps for both sets of clips on both of your posts.

Inside the glass clip

Now that the back half of the clips are installed grab the necessary glass panel and place it against the glass clip at this point grab a partner for assistance in holding the glass in place while the front half of the glass clip installed ensure that both of the black ruber gaskets are in place on both sides of the glass clips verify that the glass panel is level finally use a number four allen wrench to securely clamp the glass by tightening both of your flathead socket cap screws the rubber guaskets on the inside will hold the panel in place repeat these steps for each of the clips in your.

how to install glass clip

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