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Standard for windows, door, and balcony

Table of Contents

Office building is greater than or equal to 0.8M high, dormitory and residential is greater than or equal to 0.9M high, which is required by the specification. Dormitory windowsill 0.9M high is reasonable.

The following is, “Dormitory Building Design Code” provisions for external windows.

  1. Doors, windows and balconies
  2. The choice of dormitory doors and windows shall conform to the relevant national standards.
  3. The sill of the outer windows of the dormitory should not be lower than 0.90m, and safety protection measures should be taken when it is lower than 0.90m.
  4. The exterior windows of the dormitory rooms should not use glass curtain wall.
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  1. The height of the bottom of the windows opening to the public walkway should not be lower than 2m from the ground of this floor, and should not obstruct the traffic when it is lower than 2m, and avoid the interference of the sight line.
  2. The windows on the ground floor of the dormitory, balcony, and the windows on the lower edge of the window sills of other floors should be less than 2m from the ground level of the roof deck, large eaves, public corridors, etc. Safety precautions should be taken, and the requirements for escape and rescue should be met.
  3. The windows of the living room should be equipped with hanging curtain facilities. Bathroom, bathroom and toilet windows should have measures to block the line of sight.
  4. The door of the room should have safety precautions, and the door of the room in cold and cold areas should have heat preservation performance.
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  1. The width of the door opening of the living room and auxiliary rooms should not be less than 0.90m, the width of the door opening of the balcony should not be less than 0.80m, the width of the door opening of the bathroom attached to the living room should not be less than 0.70m, the height of the door opening with a bright window should not be less than 2.40m, the height of the door opening without a bright window should not be less than 2.10m.

    9.The dormitory should have a balcony, and the depth of the balcony should not be less than 1.20m. The balcony adjoining between each room or between the room and the public part should have a partition.

  1. The top balcony should be equipped with rain cover, and the balcony and rain cover of the high-rise and multi-story dormitory building should be organized for drainage, and the rain cover should be waterproof, and the balcony should be waterproof.

  11.The net height of balcony railing of low and multi-storey dormitory should not be lower than 1.05m; the net height of balcony railing of middle and high level dormitory should not be lower than 1.10m.

  1. The balcony of mid-rise and high-rise dormitories and dormitories in cold and severe cold areas should adopt solid railing.

The following is the interpretation of the provisions.

  1. The bay window of the dormitory is generally above 0.90m is considered for the safety and management of the dormitory for minors.
  2. Dormitory rooms such as the use of glass curtain walls, energy saving, privacy, comfort are affected, so it is not appropriate to use glass curtain walls in the dormitory rooms.
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  1. In the research, it is found that the exterior windows of the ground floor dormitory are generally made with safety bars, and advanced protective measures such as window magnets and door magnets can also be set. Considering the escape of indoor people in emergency, the protective bars should be able to open to the outside.
  2. To ensure the privacy of life is one of the important conditions of residential buildings, so in places like dormitories where the residents are more concentrated, this provision should be retained. Frosted or embossed glass can be provided in the windows of bathrooms, washrooms and toilets to block the view.
  3. In addition to strengthening the management of the dormitory, the safety and security performance of the doors of the dormitory should be improved; the heating design temperature of the general dormitory is different from that of the stairwell and the walkway, so from the perspective of energy saving, the doors of the dormitory in cold and cold areas should be used to meet the corresponding thermal performance of the insulation doors.
  1. The minimum size of the door hole in each part of the dormitory is proposed according to the minimum standard required for use, and the door should be left with a margin when the construction is too thick or has special requirements.
  2. Drying clothes and quilts is a problem that must be solved in single dormitories. Especially in the southern region, the climate is hot and humid, the daily change of clothes is more, generally drying on the balcony is more convenient. The minimum depth of the balcony is 1.2m to ensure the minimum activity and drying space. In addition, considering the safety protection of the dormitory and the privacy of the occupants, a partition should be set up between the balconies of separate rooms.
  3. Most of the dormitory balconies are outdoor spaces, so if the drainage is not well done, clothes drying and rain will make the balcony waterlogged, which will affect the normal use of the living room and the lower space.
  4. The height of balcony railing is to meet the stability of human center of gravity and psychological requirements developed.
  5. The balcony of middle and high rise, high rise dormitory and cold, cold area dormitory should use solid railing plate. First, to prevent the cold wind from the balcony into the interior in winter, the second is to prevent high-rise dormitory items from falling and injuring people, the third is to close the balcony for cold, cold areas reserved conditions.

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