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CNC milling with strong machining function, which occupies an important position in CNC machining.CNC milling can process the workpiece’s plane, internal and external contours, holes, threads and other processes. It can also process the plane contour of the part through a 2-axis linkage to achieve the processing of precision parts.

CNC Milling Service

Advantages of CNC milling

There are many advantages of CNC milling machine, here are some of them:

1. High precision

CNC milling machine has high machining precision, which can reach ±0.005mm, which helps to produce high-quality products.

2. Wide range of machining

CNC milling machine can process a variety of different shapes and sizes of parts, including curved surfaces, beveled surfaces, grooves, etc., which makes it widely used in many industries.

3. High efficiency

CNC milling machine has fast machining speed and short machining time, which can improve productivity and reduce production costs.

4. High programmability

CNC milling machines can control the machining process by writing programs, which can easily realize automated machining and improve productivity and precision.

5. Easy to operate and maintain

the operation and maintenance of a CNC milling machine is relatively simple and only requires a small number of specialized personnel to complete.

6. High reliability

CNC milling machine has a simple mechanical structure, low failure rate and high reliability, which can ensure long-term stable operation.

7. Good environmental protection

CNC milling machine’s processing noise is small, less dust, and less impact on the environment.

Application of CNC milling

CNC milling has the advantages of high efficiency, accuracy, flexibility, etc. It is widely used in machinery manufacturing, aerospace, mold making, automobile manufacturing and other fields.

Machinery Manufacturing

CNC milling can be used to produce a variety of mechanical parts, such as bearing housings, flanges, gears, keyways and so on. By setting appropriate machining parameters, high precision size and shape requirements can be realized, and the accuracy and quality of parts processing can be improved.



The aerospace field has very high requirements for parts machining, which need to realize high precision and complex shapes. CNC milling can precisely control the movement trajectory of the milling cutter on the workpiece through the computer control system to realize the machining of complex curved surfaces, thin-walled structures and other shapes to improve the performance and safety of parts.


Mold Manufacturing

Moulds usually require highly accurate processing, CNC milling has a wide range of applications in mold manufacturing. For example, in plastic injection mold manufacturing, CNC milling can achieve complex cavity structure, and high surface quality requirements of the mold manufacturing; in the multi-axis composite stamping mold processing, CNC milling can achieve complex curves and high-precision processing requirements.


Automobile Manufacturing

Modern automobiles usually use lightweight design, and need to process complex curved parts. CNC milling can realize the processing of complex curved surfaces and lightweight designs by processing lightweight materials such as aluminium alloys and titanium alloys to improve the performance and reliability of automotive parts.

EASIAHOME Helps You Get Great Parts

EASIAHOME offers customized CNC machining services from prototype to production needs, ideal for manufacturing metal and plastic machined parts. We offer machining services for metals including stainless steel, aluminum and aluminum alloys, titanium alloys, copper alloys and more. Fast quoting system with tight tolerances and excellent after-sales service.

Below are some of the CNC milled parts we produce but are not limited to.

Centering Machine Shafts

CNC milling parts

Product name:Centering Machine Shafts

CNC machining: CNC milling

Material: Brass

Tolerance: ±0.01mm

Finishing: Clear burr, chrome plating, nickel plating, zinc plating, titanium plating, anodizing

Customized: According to the drawing

Application: Mechanical, industrial, electronic, medical, aerospace

Precision Parts for Medical Equipment

CNC milled parts

Product name:Precision parts for medical equipment

CNC machining: CNC milling

Material: Stainless Steel

Tolerance: ±0.01mm

Finishing: Clear burr, chrome plating, nickel plating, zinc plating, titanium plating, anodizing

Customized: According to the drawing

Application: Medical

Drone Hardware Parts

cnc milling machining parts

Product name: Drone Industrial Robot Aviation Hardware Parts

Material: Aluminum alloy/stainless steel

CNC machining: CNC milling, CNC turning

Tolerance: ±0.01mm

Finishing: Clear burr, anodizing

Application: Drones, industrial robots, aviation

Mechanical hardware non-standard parts

cnc milling parts manufacturers

Product name: CNC milled parts-Mechanical hardware

Material: Aluminum alloy/stainless steel

CNC machining: CNC milling, CNC turning

Tolerance: ±0.01mm

Finishing: Polishing, anodizing,

Application: Hardware Accessories

CNC Precision Aluminum Parts

cnc machining orders

Product name: CNC Precision Aluminum Parts

Material: Aluminum alloy

CNC machining: CNC milling, CNC turning

Tolerance: ±0.01mm

Finishing: Polishing

Application: Hardware Accessories


CNC machining is a widely accepted process in the manufacture of parts and products because of its accuracy, precision and tolerances. Are you looking for high quality CNC machined parts? EASIAHOME offers quality service at competitive prices.

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