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Fishing is a laid-back, fun sport and is a kind of physical exercise and intellectual activity. In today’s society, fishing is a good choice for us, whether it is exercising the body or recuperating the body and mind.

Basic equipment needed for fishing

1. Fishing gear, including fishing rods, line sets, floats, etc. Fishing friends should try their best to choose lightweight products when choosing. In terms of material, carbon material is the first choice, with better strength and toughness; followed by glass fiber material (such as Izu or Kevlar), which is harder and lighter than carbon material; the last is polyester fiber material fishing rod. In addition, we should also pay attention to the product differences and price differences between different brands. Generally speaking, the lower the quality of the product, the lower the price; while the higher quality product is relatively more expensive. 2. The choice of fishing bait is also a science. Different fish species require different bait materials to attract them to the bait. For example, crucian carp likes bait with strong fishy smell, carp prefers sweet taste, etc… So when buying, you must carefully observe the instructions on the product packaging or ask the merchant to choose the right bait!


Are fishing backpacks better than tackle boxes?

When choosing a fishing tackle bag, many people will struggle with which one to buy. In fact, for us, it is best to use a fishing bag when fishing outdoors, because it has many advantages. First of all, it is easy to carry and small in size; secondly, it can protect our catches from damage; finally, it can avoid accidents such as bumps. But we should also pay attention to the following points when buying! 1. Choose different fishing bags according to the fish situation: if you are fishing in a wild reservoir, then it is recommended that you use a large fish bag or backpack for fishing; If it is a black pit or a leisure wild pond, you can use a medium or small portable fish bag for fishing. 2. Look at the weight and size: Generally speaking, the bigger the bag, the heavier the price, the higher the price, so we should choose according to our actual needs when buying!

What is a good fishing backpack?

A good fishing bag should be able to adapt to various fish conditions, water conditions and terrains, with waterproof, breathable, windproof and warm-keeping properties. For example, in the process of fishing in deep water, it is necessary to ensure that there is no water leakage; when fishing in shallow water, it is necessary to ensure good air permeability and heat preservation, etc. In addition, the influence of different seasons and weather on fishing gear and equipment should also be considered. For example, when the temperature is low in winter, it is necessary to pay attention to cold protection and heat preservation, and when the temperature is high in summer, it is necessary to pay attention to ventilation and heat dissipation.

What to consider when buying a fishing rod?

The fishing rod is an essential tool for fishermen, and it is also the most expensive fishing gear. Be sure to pay attention to choosing a good quality fishing rod when purchasing. First look at the appearance, the wall thickness and hardness of high-quality fishing rods are good; secondly, look at the material, carbon steel fishing rods are generally made of high-purity carbon fiber materials, while fishing rods made of ordinary plastic or glass fiber reinforced plastics are not strong enough; finally look at Whether the craftsmanship and details are fine.

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What is the best way to store fishing rods?

The maintenance of fishing rods should not only pay attention to daily use, but also pay attention to preservation. Because the fishing rod is prone to rust, brittle and other aging phenomena when it is not used for a long time. Therefore, in order to prolong the service life of fishing rods, it is best to store unused fishing rods in a dry and ventilated place. If the conditions are limited, it can be stored in the freezer of the refrigerator; if it is a fishing rod that is not used for a long time, it should be taken out regularly to bask in the sun or put it in the sun for a period of time and then put it in the refrigerator for storage!

What to consider when buying a fishing rod holder?

1. First of all, we must look at the material of this fishing rod rack, because the prices of fishing rod racks made of different materials are also different. For example, cheap fishing rod holders such as plastic and carbon fiber are generally less than 50 yuan; and if this kind of fishing rod holder is made of aluminum alloy or pure steel, then its price is generally around 100 yuan; of course If it is some relatively high-grade wooden or fiberglass fishing rod brackets, the price will be even higher. 2. The second is to look at the brand and manufacturer. Now there are many brands of fishing rod holders on the market for us to choose from. Generally speaking, the quality produced by some large manufacturers is relatively guaranteed; although the products of small manufacturers are cheaper, the quality may not be so good. 3. The last thing is to look at the appearance and details of this product! After all, a good product not only depends on its overall performance, but also pays attention to whether its appearance is exquisite and beautiful!

fishing rod holder  

What degree rod holder is best?

When choosing a pole frame, the first thing to look at is your height. Because different heights require pole holders of different heights. If you are taller, you can choose a higher one; if you are shorter, you need a lower one. The second is to look at your own needs, such as whether you want to use it for fitness or running. The last thing is to look at your own budget. After all, everyone’s economic situation is different, so naturally the requirements for equipment are also different!

What to consider when buying a Fishing float?

1.Look at the tail of the float. Generally, the tail of a good float is sharp and hard. If it is a very soft tail, it means that the quality of the float is not very good, or it has been broken; if the tail is flat or blunt, it means that the fishing line may not be very strong.
2. Check whether the buoyancy is appropriate. When buying a float, you must check whether its buoyancy is appropriate. If the buoyancy is too large, it will affect your throwing speed and stability; if the buoyancy is not enough, it will easily lead to running.

How does fishing float work?

When we use the buoy, what kind of role can it play? Let us find out below. First of all, we need to use buoys in our fishing process. So what is a float is a small piece of wood or plastic that floats on the water. Its main function is to help fish locate the device. Secondly, we also need to use some other auxiliary tools to help us judge the fishing point and determine the position of the target fish school and so on during the fishing process.

How to setup the fishing float?

When fishing for the bottom, long tail floats are generally used. In terms of adjusting and fishing eyes, it can be lowered; while in fishing eyes, it should be adjusted higher. In the fishing process, if the fish has a relatively light mouth, the fishing eye can be appropriately lowered; if the fish has a strong mouth, the fishing eye should be appropriately raised. In addition, attention should also be paid to adjusting the tightness of the space beans on the lead leather seat to control the state of the double bait in the water (for example: when the double bait reaches the bottom, tighten the space beans a little).

Where to buy high quality fishing gear?

First of all, before buying fishing gear, you must first understand the quality of fishing rods, fishing lines, floats and other accessories. Because many businesses will use lower quality accessories instead of higher quality products in order to save costs. Therefore, we’d better choose fishing tackle products produced by some big manufacturers. The second is not to believe in some false advertisements and so-called “low price promotions” on the Internet, so as not to be deceived!

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