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Fasteners – What is it?

Fasteners are mechanical devices that securely join or affix two or more objects together. They come in various shapes and sizes and are commonly used in construction, manufacturing, automotive, and many other industries.
Common fasteners include screws, bolts, nuts, washers, rivets, and clips. Each type of fastener has its unique design and purpose, but they all serve the same primary function of holding two or more objects together.

Fasteners are made from various materials, including brass, steel, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, and plastic. The choice of material depends on the specific application and the requirements for strength, corrosion resistance, and other factors.

Fasteners are essential to many everyday products, from furniture to electronics to automobiles. They play a critical role in ensuring the safety and durability of these products and are a vital part of the manufacturing process.

Types of fasteners


●   Threaded fasteners: They are designed to be screwed into a pre-drilled hole. They are used to join two or more objects together or to attach objects to a surface.

●   Nuts: They are used with bolts to create a secure joint. They are threaded and designed to fit onto the end of a bolt and can be tightened or loosened using a wrench.

●    Washers: They are thin, flat discs placed between the head of a bolt or screw and the surface it is being fastened to. They help distribute the load and prevent damage to the surface.

●   Rivets: These are cylindrical fasteners used to join two or more materials permanently. They are inserted into a pre-drilled hole and then deformed on the opposite side to hold the materials together.

●   Bolts: They are similar to screws but are typically larger and have a flat or rounded head. They are used with a nut to create a strong, secure joint.

●   Machine Screws: They are used in machinery, appliances, and electronic devices. They are threaded to fit into pre-tapped holes and come in various sizes and lengths.

●   Wood Screws: These types of screws are designed for use in wood and other soft materials. They have a tapered shank and coarse threads that provide a secure grip in wood.

●   Self-Tapping Screws: They are designed to create their threads as they are driven into a material. They are commonly used in sheet metal and plastics.

●   Threaded Rods: They are long, straight rods threaded along their entire length. They are used in construction and manufacturing to create structural connections.


What are US Bolts?


US bolts refer to bolts that are either manufactured in the United States or adhere to the American standards for bolting, which are set by organizations like the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).

These standards specify various characteristics of bolts, including their dimensions, thread types, and material composition.

US bolts can be made of different materials, such as steel, stainless steel, bronze, or carbon steel.

They can also come in various shapes and sizes, with features like hex heads, shoulder eyes, button heads, or split bolts.

  · Types of US bolts

There are various types of bolts that are commonly used in the United States, including:

  • Hex bolts:They are bolts with a hexagonal head tightened with a wrench. They are commonly used in construction and machinery.
  • Carriage bolts:They have a smooth, dome-shaped head and a square neck that prevents them from turning as they are tightened. They are often used in wood-to-metal connections.
  • Lag bolts:They are large, heavy-duty screws that are used to attach wood to other materials like concrete or masonry. They have a hex head and are driven in with a wrench.
  • Eye bolts:They have a loop or eye at one end and a threaded shank at the other. They are often used to attach cables or ropes to objects.
  • U-bolts:They have a U-shaped design with threads on each end. They are commonly used to attach pipes or tubes to other objects.
  • Anchor bolts:They are used to attach structural elements to concrete, such as in the construction of buildings or bridges.
  • Stud bolts:These bolts have threads on both ends and fasten objects together without nuts. They are often used in applications where a nut cannot be easily accessed.


  · US Bolts – Tensile Strength and Proof Loads

A critical aspect of bolt standards is the minimum tensile strength and proof load a bolt must meet.

Tensile strength refers to the maximum amount of stress a bolt can withstand before breaking, while the proof load is the maximum amount of force a bolt can withstand without permanently deforming.

These values are typically specified for different bolt grades, identified by markings on the bolt head. For example, grade 5 bolts have a higher tensile strength and proof load than grade 2 bolts.

  ·  Bolt Stretching and Tensile Stress

When a bolt is tightened, it stretches and experiences tensile stress proportional to the tightening torque.

To ensure the bolt is tightened correctly, it is vital to use a torque wrench and follow the manufacturer’s specifications for the specific bolt and application.

If a bolt is under-tightened, it may come loose, while over-tightening can cause the bolt to break or strip the threads.

  ·  Premium Assortments – US Bolt Kits

Premium assortments, also known as US bolt kits, are a convenient way to have a selection of bolts and nuts for various applications.

These kits typically include a range of sizes and types of bolts and nuts, as well as washers and other hardware.

They are often organized in a storage case to keep the contents organized and easily accessible.

Premium assortments can be particularly useful for DIYers or small businesses that need a variety of fasteners but may need more resources to keep a large inventory of different sizes and types of bolts on hand.

Industries Where Fasteners are used


   ·  Aerospace

The aerospace industry relies heavily on fasteners for assembling aircraft and spacecraft. Fasteners used in aerospace applications must be lightweight and withstand extreme temperatures, high speeds, and intense vibrations.

   ·  Automobile

Fasteners are essential for assembling automobiles and other vehicles. They are used in everything from the engine and transmission to the body and interior. Fasteners used in the automobile industry must withstand high levels of stress and strain and exposure to various environmental conditions.

   ·  Maintenance and Construction

This industry relies on fasteners to build and repair structures, equipment, and machinery. Fasteners in this industry must withstand various environmental conditions, including exposure to moisture, heat, and corrosive substances.

   ·  Electronics

Fasteners are used in the electronics industry for assembling and securing components and equipment. Fasteners used in the electronics industry must be able to withstand exposure to electromagnetic interference and be lightweight and low profile.

Why Choose Easiahome as Fastener Supplier?

If you need fasteners for your business or personal projects, Easiahome.com is a top choice for fastener suppliers.

   ·  Industries We Serve

At Easiahome.com, we serve a variety of industries, including aerospace, construction, automotive, and electronics. We are ISO 9001-2015 and IAFT16949 ISO9001 certified, and our team of experts has extensive experience working with fasteners and can help you find the right solution for your specific application.

   ·  Our Fasteners

We offer a wide range of fasteners to meet the needs of different industries and applications. Our inventory includes metal fasteners, structural fasteners, anchor systems, drill bits, and cutting tools. Whether you need standard or custom fasteners, we can help you find the right solution.

   ·  Metal Fasteners

Our metal fasteners are made from high-quality materials and meet industry standards for strength and durability. We offer a range of sizes and finishes to meet the needs of different applications.

   ·  Structural Fasteners and Anchor Systems

For applications that require extra strength and support, we offer a variety of structural fasteners and anchor systems. These products are designed to provide reliable and long-lasting performance, even in demanding environments.

   ·  Drill Bits and Cutting Tools

In addition to fasteners, we also offer a range of drill bits and cutting tools. These products are designed to provide precise and efficient cutting performance, making them ideal for use in various industries and applications.

   ·  Bolts and Nuts Supply

At Easiahome ,we provide bolts and nuts supply for different applications. We offer various bolts and nuts in different materials, sizes, and finishes.

   ·  Custom US Bolts

We understand that some applications require custom bolts, and we are equipped to provide customized bolts to meet your specific requirements and comply with US standards. Our team of experts can work with you to design and manufacture bolts that meet your needs and specifications.

In conclusion,

Easiahome is a reliable and experienced supplier of fasteners for various industries. With our extensive inventory, specialized expertise, and ability to provide customized solutions, we are confident that we can meet the fastener needs of your business or personal projects.

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