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Top 10 Investment Casting Foundry in China

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Are you on the hunt for a trustworthy Chinese investment casting manufacturer? Due to this industrial development, China has seen numerous investment casting foundries coming up.

Choosing a professional precision investment casting company is an astute choice. Here we present to you the top 10 Chinese investment casting foundries that will be known as leading brands in 2024 and have a good presence and high popularity in the Chinese market! Stay tuned to discover the top manufacturers leading the pack in 2024.


investment casting foundry

Image Source:https://www.easiahome.com/

EASIAHOME is a professional precision investment casting foundry with a professional casting team. The company was established in 2007 and has passed ISO9001-2015 certification and ISO9001 certification. Services range from precision casting, metal investment casting parts, and prototyping to CNC machining.

The company’s main products include construction materials, including shower door hardware, glass railing hardware, and wooden door hardware; Pump and valve products, Impellers, Food and meat processing machinery, and aerospace precision castings. Casting materials include stainless steel castings, aluminum castings, carbon steel castings, brass castings and other metal castings.

EASIAHOME has a professional precision casting team that can provide full-service casting capabilities, providing one-stop solutions from drawing design, mold manufacturing to product surface treatment. Strict product tolerances, competitive prices, and fast delivery times are all reasons why you choose EASIAHOME.

Source: Easiahome Imp&Exp Co., Ltd

2. Simis

Investment Casting Foundry

Image Source: https://www.simiscasting.com

Simis Investment Casting Company was established in 2003. It is a comprehensive foundry focusing on the development and production of various types of investment castings and sand castings. Their main casting products include lost wax casting (silica sol process, water glass process), sand casting, lost foam casting, shell mold casting, die casting, and hydraulic valves.

These castings are widely used in the automotive industry, railway vehicles, engineering machinery, municipal engineering, pipelines, petrochemical industry, mining, power industry, etc.

The company’s advantage lies in its professional production technology and casting capacity from 0.01kg to 50kg. It is equipped with advanced casting equipment.It has three investment casting plants, namely silica sol stainless steel investment casting foundry; water glass stainless steel investment casting foundry; and vacuum investment casting foundry. Three different foundries offer custom solutions tailored to specific manufacturing processes.

Reference source:



3. RMC

investment casting manufacturers

Image Source: https://casting-foundry.com/

Founded in 1999, RMC Foundry is a global investment casting manufacturer that provides high-precision castings for different end markets.

Their capabilities mainly cover investment casting,sand casting, shell mold casting, vacuum casting, lost foam casting, vacuum casting and CNC machining. Industries that can be served include valve and pump castings, automotive castings, agricultural castings, railway train castings and hydraulic system castings.

The advantage of RMC foundry is that it can meet your casting design requirements for manufacturing single prototype parts, small batch orders or high-volume production, custom castings and metal parts of a few grams or hundreds of kilograms, simple or complex.

Source: https://casting-foundry.com/

4. CFS

investment casting manufacturers

Image Source: https://www.investmentcastchina.com/

Established in 1998, CFS Foundry is a leading investment casting foundry of a wide range of metal components. The main products produced include steel castings, iron castings, aluminum castings, and nickel-based alloy castings. Industries served include Agricultural Wear Parts, Glass Spider Fittings, Railway Castings, and Container Castings.

The strength of CFS is to provide investment castings with excellent tolerances, following strict tolerance standards, strict quality control, including material testing, hardness testing, X-ray inspection. They can provide investment casting solutions for a variety of different steel, iron, aluminum and other parts.

Source: CFS 

5.Redstone Manufacturing

investment casting suppliers

Image Source: https://redstonemanufacturing.com/

Redstone is an American company with a foundry in China and can receive guaranteed delivery services from an American company. Their services include die casting, investment casting, sand casting, sheet metal processing services, CNC machining services, metal injection molding services, and plastic injection molding services.

Their strength lies in combining Redstone Manufacturing’s global supply chain, tariff consulting and diverse production capabilities, with the end result being significant cost savings and reduced risk throughout your manufacturing process.

Source: Redstone


investment casting suppliers

Image Source: https://nbsjcast.com

SJ MACHINERY was established in 2022 and is headquartered in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province. It is an Investment Casting Company specializing in the production of various investment castings and machining parts.

The products they produce include machined parts, valves and pumps, pipe fittings, auto parts, marine accessories, and construction accessories. The main casting methods used are lost wax casting, investment casting, water glass casting, and precision casting.


7. Seger

lost wax casting supplier

Image Source: https://www.segerindustrial.com/

Founded in 2022, Segar is a leading manufacturer of castings and forgings. Major product lines include sand casting, investment casting, die casting, forging and welding stamping. Materials include grey iron, ductile iron, stainless steel, steel, aluminum, bronze, etc. Products are widely used in auto parts, mining, construction, machinery, agriculture and other industries.

Segar not only has a professional technical team but also has advanced equipment and facilities, which are diverse and highly flexible and can provide customers with product solutions in various forms and sizes.

Source: Segar 


investment casting manufacturers

Image Source:https://www.qd-xinghe.com/

XINGEHE MACHINERY, established in 2005, is a Chinese investment casting manufacturer for metal parts castings. The main technologies include: die casting, investment casting, sand casting, gravity casting, forging and CNC machining.

Their strength lies in having a strong and efficient R&D team that strictly adheres to the ISO 9001:2008 standard. They can design and manufacture products according to customers’ ideas and samples. It is also equipped with three-dimensional coordinate detection, a spectrometer, MT detection equipment, and X-ray detection equipment. Check product quality.


9. OLYM Metal

Investment Casting Foundry

Image Source: http://www.olymcast.com/en/

Founded in 2001, OLYM Metal is a professional investment casting manufacturer and one of the most powerful manufacturers in China’s investment casting industry. Their professional engineers are able to provide customers with one-stop solutions for optimized product design, casting, machining, heat treatment and finishing of parts.

OLYM Metal uses silica sol technology to process and produce various castings, covering various major products including machinery, musical instruments, transport, and hardware.

Source: OLYM Metal

10. Cheonseng

lost wax casting supplier

Image Source: http://www.cs-cast.com/

Cheonseng, Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Shandong Province, China, is an precision investment casting foundry. The investment casting method of lost wax process is mainly used. It can provide customers with investment casting, alloy pouring, mold and tool manufacturing, precision machining and metal surface treatment.

Their products mainly include stainless steel castings, carbon steel castings, cobalt-based castings, nickel-based castings, and tool steel castings. It can produce construction hardware, ship hardware, kitchen hardware, pipe fittings, auto parts, railway parts and other mechanical parts. Their strength lies in providing high-quality products at the most competitive prices.

Source: Cheonseng



This article mainly introduces ten investment casting companies in China. Overall, this is a detailed survey of China’s investment casting industry. By sorting out this information, readers can fully understand the current situation and potential of China’s investment and foundry industry.

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